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Lets do it together! <3 ~ Doujin Work Ep 5

Late! The Raw came out too late *rolleyes* and it seems to be a major problem for this series (perhaps it’s too underrated so people aren’t putting a high profile on it *sighs*). Well here is episode 5, though nearly a week late.

In a Nutshell: In the first scene we see Tsuyuri and Justice on the train to you know where. Tsuyuri asks him why he looks depressed. Justice says that nothing is wrong but she probes him again. Obviously he wanted someone to talk too and soon opened up with his story on what happened earlier:

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“goshujin sama” Nekomimi modo! ~ Doujin Work Episode 4

Gah for some reason this week’s RAW torrent was nowhere to be found so I had to compromise using youtube *sighs*. Well in any case it doesn’t affect my enjoyment for the series, so let the good times roll 😀

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In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with our friends on a train where Najimi is sitting away from the rest, fast asleep. Justice asks Tsuyuri what they are doing and she replies that they are stalking Najimi. A flashback then reveals that Najimi was actually keeping the location of her job a secret from Tsuyuri which annoyed her and so she now wants to know the truth. Justice understands but is unsure. Continue reading ‘“goshujin sama” Nekomimi modo! ~ Doujin Work Episode 4’

Otaku lesson 2: Selling! ~ Doujin work Episode 3

Finally! Najimi is ready to present her first personal doujin to the world! 😀 let’s see how she goes about shifting the stock then ~ and remember, “doki doki…doki doki” ^__^.

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Devil or Angel?

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Otaku lesson 1: Eroge! ~ Doujin work Episode 2

Lateness on my part due to my forgetful brain hehe ~ well let’s get the show on the road for episode 2 of this highly overlooked series ~ shall we ^_^

“doki doki…doki doki…”

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Doujin Work Episode 1 Examination


Sometimes From The Get Go You Get Hints That Something Is Going To Blow Your Mind.  In This Case It’s The Psychedelic Convention Attendees

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