Lets do it together! <3 ~ Doujin Work Ep 5

Late! The Raw came out too late *rolleyes* and it seems to be a major problem for this series (perhaps it’s too underrated so people aren’t putting a high profile on it *sighs*). Well here is episode 5, though nearly a week late.

In a Nutshell: In the first scene we see Tsuyuri and Justice on the train to you know where. Tsuyuri asks him why he looks depressed. Justice says that nothing is wrong but she probes him again. Obviously he wanted someone to talk too and soon opened up with his story on what happened earlier:

*manga representation*

It seems that Justice saw Najimi and Hoshi out in the streets earlier. He follows them and from a distance sees them entering a hotel. Justice is crazy with his fantasy and goes into “NOOOOOO!!” mode.

Tsuyuri asks why he doesn’t voice his opinion. Justice quickly regains his composure and says that Najimi is old enough to think for herself. Tsuyuri agrees but the tone of her voice causes Justice to dig his own hole deeper and deeper. Tsuyuri tells Justice that he doesn’t have the courage but he tries to fight his urges back with all his might. She then comments on how many different jobs a hotel can offer “like this and that and this”. Justice freaks out.

In the next scene we see Najimi thanking Tsuyuri and Justice for the help while drawing for her manga. It seems that Justice wants to keep a close eye on her. Tsuyuri continues to make suggestive comments which cause Justice to become nervous. Tsuyuri wants Justice to tell Najimi what he wanted to say earlier but he dodges it completely. Coincidentally Najimi’s story will be about a hotel which furthers Justice’s breakdown. He runs out and calls Najimi ecchi!
Justice schemes about how he can get back at the guy and decides that drawing a manga depicting his evil is the best course of action. We then see him pumping out pages like no tomorrow.

Back in the room Najimi confesses that she didn’t know what a hotel looks like so went with Hoishi to check out the inside seen as she was not allowed in by herself. She didn’t want to call Justice because she knows that he will misunderstand tsuyuri agrees. She also says that she wouldn’t do that kind of stuff even when alone (which confuses Sora a great deal). Tsuyuri gets the picture and tells Najimi to hurry up and complete the manga.

We then get yet another manga interpretation. Set in a futuristic backdrop justice asks Najimi if her manga is finished. Suddenly najimi is kidnapped by Hoishi and Justice wakes up screaming for her name. He fell asleep though not surprising seen as he hasn’t slept for 5 days (WTF! XD).

The door bell rings and Justice opens the door to see Najimi and Tsuyuri in shock looking at his appearance. It seems that in his obsessed state he called the girls over to help him finish his manga, though he forgot himself. Even Sora is scared at the state Justice has become.

The tell him to get some but he refuses, too bad his legs then gives out on him and he falls back onto the sofa. They ask how many pages he drew and he replies “500”. The word “baka” fills the air.
The girls tell justice to sleep and that they will take care of everything, he thanks them and falls asleep. However, we then hear various slip-ups from Najimi which seems to be giving Justice a nightmare. Justice wakes up hearing that his manga is going to be ruined and kicks everyone out.

The next day at another comic convention Najimi bumps into her rival girl again. They exchange each other’s manga but start to laugh, but in their inner thoughts they decide not to say it out loud. They both tell each other good luck which has a negative effect (seeing that they are like minded).
Hoishi is then looking for Najimi’s booth. He sees Justice who gives a wave. Fearing for his life Hoishi runs away. Justice then gets a call from Sora. She tells Justice that Najimi and Hoishi went to the hotel to take some pictures. Justice misunderstood and crushes his phone. Tsuyuri then tells Sora that she missed out the whole “in order for her to draw her manga” part.

Hoishi is then seen in the toilet. Justice goes behind him and puts his oversized hand on his shoulder. Outside Najimi and her rival girl are having the same problem. They both bet on who sells the first manga wins and we see Justice about to kill Hoishi.


Thoughts: And still I continue to praise this series for making me laugh. Some may argue that they don’t see much of a plot but in my opinion I will ask if that is really needed. This is a bright little short series which is doing amazingly well considering the amount of hidden and suggestive material in all of the speeches. While I do not mind it not having too much of a plot to hold onto, I just love the way it brightens up my day every time I watch an episode. Justice really is a cool dude XD


1 Response to “Lets do it together! <3 ~ Doujin Work Ep 5”

  1. 1 orz September 5, 2007 at 10:47 am

    And yet again the anime had to skip yet another chapter -__-
    No wonder the anime is 12 minutes long if they skip anything that is ‘too perverted’ -__-

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