Gurren Lagann! Episode 26 – Illusion or Reality?

Phew phew, after what happened last week I am sure everyone is just dying to know what happens next. With Kittan also out of the picture Simon can no longer hold in his rage for the anti spirals. They have crossed the red line and now its time for payback. Get ready for another exhausting episode filled with the usual epix drama!

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In a Nutshell: Now that Simon is powered up he quickly shows off his new found powers by destroying an enemy face. The fire back but it seems to have no affect against the shield produced by Chouginga Gurren Lagann. Simon Fights back by using his signature boomerang move, only this time it is extra large. The enemy faces fires back but Simon tells them it is no use. However, the missiles manage to penetrate the shield and therefore landing a direct hit onto the giant mecha. Lord Genome tells them that the attack this time cannot be shielded against.

Then a bright light appears in front of the crew and we hear the voice of the anti spirals. The voice asks them if they will continue to sacrifice for this cause. The voice then explains that spiral power is only about evolution and this will eventually lead to the destruction of the universe. Sooner or later evolution will go out of control which will result in the destruction as the universe shrinks back into a black hole. So the spiral nemesis is the spiral creatures themselves.

Simon is shocked and paralysed by this fact and yes Lord Genome doesn’t deny the truth. However, he then tells Simon that Nia is waiting for him. Simon is encouraged by his words and snaps out of his depressed state. Regaining his fighting spirit he is ready to kick more anti spiral ass. The voice asks if he would destroy the universe for the sake of love and Simon replies that he will protect both. Simon then fires a drill like beam at the enemy face but it warps into another dimension. However, Chouginga Gurren lagann is able to fire into the warped space itself! Knowing this the team then fires and succeeds in flushing out the pest. He then finishes the face off with the classic giga drill breaker. The vision of Nia smiles and then disappears. Lore Genome then says that the interference is destroyed so they can directly warp to where the real Nia is being held.

Nia shows hope but the anti spirals then react again. This time the anti spiral voice decides to make them pursue the same fate as the spiral warriors of the past. A blinding light. Simon then wakes up to find himself drilling a hole upwards with Kamina encouraging him behind. In this universe Simon and Kamina are thieves as the split the loot and enjoy a big meal. Yoko is also in another universe where she is acting as a famous bounty hunter saving her students. Back at Chouginga Lord Genome is confused as to what has happened. The whole crew is in an illusion besides him and boota. The anti spiral then walks out from behind Lord Genome in the form of a black figure. The voice tells lord Genome that they are trapped in an alternate universe where they cannot escape. The figure then proceeds to shoot Lord Genome.

However, before the anti spiral fires, Boota jumps in front of the beam and releases his spiral energy. With the attack being blocked the anti spiral notices that this is the power they noted before as being strange. Boota then changes into a humanoid and Lord Genome says that this is the power of evolution. However, such a thing couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Lord Genome’s power. Boota then destroys the image but another one appears again behind them. The figure then proceeds to send Boota and Lord Genome into the “dream universe” and says that their analysis is now complete.

Meanwhile, back in Simon’s dream we see Kamina begging for forgiveness. Behind a silent Simon we see the chest which held Nia. Simon then feels the hole and an attempt to grab his core drill but to find that it is no longer around his neck. Another Kamina then appears on top of the chest who tells Simon which Kamina he prefers. He then tells Simon to remember what the drill inside of him is for and to remember its purpose. The other Kamina then tries to get Simon to apologize as well by holding his head down. But then Simon regains his purpose and tells the fake Kamina that his drill is that which will pierce the heavens and proceeds to lay a smack down on the fake’s ass.

Simon then materializes his core drill and opens the chest. A beam of light appears from the chest. Kamina then tells Simon not to be confused but feelings on “if”. He then tells Simon that he mustn’t forget that his universe is inside of him as well. Not just that all of his fallen comrades are as well. Simon regains his sureness back and decides that it is time to go. Kamina tells him that this will really be the last time they will meet but Simon replies by saying that it isn’t true as everyone is still inside of him. After this Simon transforms into Gurren Lagann and files into the sky.

Back in Yoko’s world, she is in distress as everything seems so fake to her. She sees a TV where she is being praised across the world and even a marriage scene between her and Kittan. Kamina then turns off the TV and Yoko realizes what she must do. She thanks him and grabs her own core drill. She then materializes into spiral energy and files off to join Gurren Lagann.

Across the various other universes the same thing happens. The whole crew soon joins Simon in his flight. The last member of join him was Viral where we see something interesting. Viral is with his wife and kid in a field. However, when he notices the flying lights across the sky he realizes that this is nothing more but a sweet dream. He then leaves his dream universe.

Back to Nia, she is still being questioned by the anti spirals about her betrayal. Nia continues to believe that Simon will come to save her but the anti spirals have had enough of it. The black figure attempts to finish off draining Nia which causes her to scream out in pain. However, Nia’s ring begins to glow with an all too familiar sound. She points her hand forward and out comes Gurren Lagann right in front of the black figure. Simon is once again reunited!

“Do the impossible, see the invisible, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA!”
“Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA!”

And it is another speechless, gobsmacking and totally jaw dropping episode. I am so impressed by this series it currently ranks in my top 10 favourite animes of all time. To see all the events unfold like this is a big treat and the storytelling is just fantastic.
Simon has always been the unsure type and this episode finally sets his true feelings into stone. After being faced with impossible odds he is finally able to make the important decision himself. What will he do? I just loved the dream sequence as it displays a deeper reality inside of Simon. I would say that the dreams manifested were not created by the anti spirals but the feelings within each character. For Simon it could very well be his dream to have a normal life with Kamina but this turns out to be a nightmare to see such an idol figure change into a wimp.

I have always been waiting for Kamina to show up to offer encouragement to the team (I guess I have always hoped for a “lion king” sort of thing with a spiritual visit). The episode has done well in conveying those feelings into something more as not only is there Kamina, but also the lives of those who have passed away.

The highlight of the episode for me has to be Viral’s dream. My god I hope he doesn’t die but looking at the preview. I will have to prepare a bucket for my tears to fall into.

4 Responses to “Gurren Lagann! Episode 26 – Illusion or Reality?”

  1. 1 Arakan7 September 23, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    Best to stock up on man-tear catchers then. XD

    GO BOOTA! Always so kickass. Best series mascot EVAH!
    With this, it may be possible for Viral to obtain Spiral power for himself. C’mon Viral~!

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama September 23, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Yeah Boota’s right up there with Haro. The part where Simon was making the statues of Kamina and Boota was just off in the corner snoring with the “Bweh” while Simon and Nia were talking sold him completely for me. Not only does Boota look cool, but it’s the noises it makes that really make it awesome.

  3. 3 Peterc1 November 5, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    yea this was a great anime, i love the part with boota in it and he now my favorite character with the rest of the main chars, i just hate how he was only in one Ep and near the end 😦 and i will never see any more fights with boota =(

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