Gundam 00 Episode 02 (Gundam Meister)


And You Think All Your Problems Are Solved Now Don’t You.  Foolish Hoomans

So the Celestial Beings really shook up the 3 Kingdoms stalemate style setting of the world (it’s weird because I’m watching Yu Yu Hakusho right now and it’s using the same setup for the final arc), and have caused quite a stir with their message of “Peace At The End Of A Gun Barrel.  Who’s to say what will happen next, one can only assume……..Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Paddy’s Counterattack……….


The Final Frontier?


Nope The World Hasn’t Changed Much In 3 Centuries Other Than Power Becoming More Centralized

Summary:  Actually no, first we are given a much appreciated history lesson about the geographical and political setup of the 24th century.  In order to consolidate the building of the orbital elevator platform, the world was divided into 3 nations essentially split down the middle of each of the major oceans that separate the 2 major landmasses of the earth (The Pacific and The Altantic). 


Mirror Universe Federation Flag


Swiss Cheese Anvil


Ninja Star Crosshair


Angel Matter?

The America’s became the World Economic Union (think USN in Front Mission if people have played it), Asia became the Human Reformation League/Association (Think OCU in Front Mission) and the EU evolved into the Advanced European Union (EC, Front Mission, Play The Games Readers, You Won’t Be Disappointed….I Hope).  These three supernations vied for control of the orbital platform, which meant access to resources, quick transportation and ultimately prosperity (Front Mission Gunhazard, and no I’m not making this up, the plot outline in this history lesson is identical to this game)….that is until now, as the 4th power, the Celestial Beings have made their appearance.  Now the “Celestial Beings will be the wind that changes the world”…. or will they.


Blonde Is Still Apparently Associated With Dumb And Naive In The Future

The episode proper begins with a rebroadcasting of the highly impressional Celestial Being bosses speech across the Tokyo Financial District.  The two students seen briefly from last episode seem surprised to see it being played again.  The girl is named Louise and is obviously an airhead as when the dude points out that the Celestial Beings seem to good to be true (is their really such an organization that would act for no personal gain), she replies they must just be really good volunteers (yeaaaaaaaah….right).  Unimpressed the dude walks off and Louise follows him saying she was being serious (I think I like the guy, he has a realistic perspective of the world).


HRA Capital

The HRA President seems unimpressed as well and has requested more information on Virtue from his staff.


The Jetsons Capital

In the AEU, a joint chiefs of staff meeting is being held, where the members run through the possibilities of the Union or the HRA being responsible for the mobile suit that disrupted the Enact’s unveiling.  They determine that A) A large financial backer must be responsible and most importantly B) The Celestial Beings are operating mobile suits that far outclass their brand new Enact series (They also do all this without any high pitched yelping and meltdowns and eyes bugging out of their skulls like politicians in seed.  You’d almost think the leaders are actually……you know……comptent).  What to do next, what to do…..


The White House?

In the Union, the president is talking with his advisor David, and seems to regret the appearance of the CB that will disrupt the Union’s newly recovered economy (There was a discussion thread on Animesuki a while back about whether a Gundam series ever tried to deal with economics.  Looks like those people finally got their wish).


Meanwhile In The Middle Of Nowhere


High Mighty God Empress Wang Liu Ming’s Royalness Is Being Transported.  By Next Episode Buddy Is Going To Be Breathing, Eating And Talking For Her Because It’s Too Much Work Unless It’s Something To Make Her Look Good.  How Vain Can You Get.  Somebody Needs To Give This Girl A Spanking

Meanwhile, Lockon and Setsuna along with the Exia and Dynames are hiding out on an uncharted island and Lockon fills Setsuna in on the constant news reports about them, and that the people aren’t convinced that the CB’s motives are genuine.  Liu Ming says (and I swear to god this girl thinks she’s Cleopatra or somethings) they’ll just have to make them believe through their actions.  She suggests they begin the second mission (ohhhhh secretive as ever).

Graham and Billy are in one of those mobile communications vans in the middle of nowhere talking about….well I’m sure the readers can guess.  Graham is apparently interested in taking on the Gundam Exia and it’s “light” (GN Particles), and Billy is merely interested in the science behind them.  Suddenly a dispatch van pulls up and a page informs Graham that he’s been recalled for active duty.


Prepare To Launch Dorothy….Wait Wrong Production

Meanwhile aboard the Ahgama…I mean the Ptolemaios (sorry, it’s just those conver handles and Zero G corridors remind me of U.C battleships.  Those have been missing since the 90’s I think, every other AU series seems to have Gravity in the extremely wide corridors), Allejuah and Tieria are getting ready for the second mission as they pass by Sumeragi, exchanging praise and telling each other to keep up the good work.  Neither seem to like the idea of testing the Gundams in active missions, but they are confident they can handle the pressure.  The chirpy operators make sure everything is equipped, looks good…..


Launch Preperations


Awwwww If The Exia Model Doesn’t Glow In The Dark Bandai’s Gonna Be In Troublesnapshot20071015010120.jpgsnapshot20071015010155.jpgsnapshot20071015010308.jpgsnapshot20071015010350.jpgsnapshot20071015010705.jpg

More Preperations And Launch

Back on the island, Lockon and Setsuna are in some sort of facility urgently rushing to their Gundam’s.  Lockon seems a bit late, but Haro proclaims things are just on schedule.  Everybody’s eyes are scanned for pilot recognition (Damn good idea I think), and Allejuah does his Betterman thing again, everybody get’s equipped and they are off (Allejuah and Tieria are still in space with Lockon and Setsuna on earth).  Despite the opening positions of the units, Kyrios and Virtue head for earth and spread GN Particles to guard there descent and although Allejuah isn’t sure about how they’ll work, Tieria says to just go with it now as the mission is already underway (These things are starting to seem like Tachyons or something.  Hope Billy get’s around to explaining what they are soon).


Damnit! Where’s Bruce Willis When You Need Him


Make Preperations To Fire The Super Laser…..Wait The Satellite Doesn’t Have One Of Those…..Fuck!  Let Em Pass

On the HRA satellite (The one from the terrorist attack), the staff witnesses the Gundams atmospheric penetration, and calculate that their destination is Caylon Island in Southern India.  The colonel wonders if they are planning an armed intervention (Geeeeeee…… I don’t know)

The four Gundams regroup upon Virtue and Kyrios entry and all the major powers have noticed the Gundams resurfacing and note that they are heading for the “Former” Sri Lanka in the HRA’s territory.  The HRA president orders defence scrambled, and thinks that they may even be able to capture one of the Gundam’s (wishful thinking, if Setsuna is anything like the Heero people think he is, the Exia is going sky high, same for the other Meisters).


Going Morning Mister Phelps


If Allejuah Manages To Locate 8 Sri Lankan Provinces In Under 45 Second And Capture Carmen Sandiego, He Wins A Free Trip To Anywhere In North America

Flashback to the initial briefing for all this, and Sumeragi is discussing the Sinhalese/Tamil ethnic conflict, which has been raging since the 20th century (makes you think about the future a bit doesn’t it).  The Gundam’s will of course be intervening in the conflict to hopefully bring about an end to it.  This mission appears to hold special signicance for Setsuna, given his Kurdish FF days.  Graham and Billy appear to be on their way to the site too, and Billy notes that the HRA has been giving support to the Tamil minority over the course of the past 10 years.  Graham goes further describing how this was a deliberate move on the HRA’s part to excacerbate the conflict and keep Ceylon island behind in the race for Solar Energy supremacy (Iran-Contra pop into anyones head.  The whole short sighted self serving political maneuvers of Super Powers never seems to change).


Begin The Mission




It Slices It Dices




War Haro

On the island, a Front Missionesque Mobile Suit Ground Conflict rages and judging by the uniforms on some of the pilots, HRA regulars appear to be fighting amongst the conflict (either agitators, or another Vietnam style of direct interfence by a super power).  Setsuna experiences some brief flashbacks to his childhood as he watches the conflict unfold (with some good mood setting music) and invokes the symbol of that Gundam that saved him all those years ago unto himself.  Exia is far more maneuverable than the Tieran and is easily able to chop up its targets, but barely manages to get it’s shield up to block an attack from one of the fair off Cannon Tierans.  In the ensuing confusion Dynames is then able to pick off some targets from the air while doing some fancy acrobatic dodging as well.  Noting Setsuna going berserk on the ground, Lockon thinks to himself that he puts way too much into this (hey, it’s basically the guys whole life).


Uh Oh

Meanwhile Kyrios is doing a bombing run on the HRA’s main outpost…..and seems to be lamenting the mass murder he’s just committed (awwwwww…. he seemed like such a cold blooded psycho last time too).



Virtue just sits there with it’s huge armor taking potshots from a battleship before firing it’s huge cannon and wiping out the opposition (This things literally a tank.  Maybe they’ll try using heavy weapons next time… time).


Is Victory When You’ve Defeated All Your Enemies…..Whatever, Yogurt Sauce, Keep It Real


Make It Stop *sobs*

The HRA is convinced that they are outclassed and order a retreat from the battlefield (something you never saw in all of Seed Destiny I think.  Look if your obviously going to die, a tactical retreat makes sense right.  Cut your loses in a battle, it’s tactics 101).  Lockon seems worried about Setsuna possibly pursuing, but those worries go unfounded….intentially.


Well….It’s Their Own Fault

The first stupid military tactic happens here however (perhaps the Sinhalese are unfamiliar with how the CB works, I could see that, but it’s still not smart) as the Sinhalese units pursue the retreating HRA.  The moment they pass by Setsuna, assuming he’s an ally, he dices them.  Too bad for them.

Turn Them On Dead Man, Turn Them On Dead Man, Turn Them On Dead Man

Meanwhile at the JNN, the news team has found the CB’s leaders identity.  Aeolia Schenberg….only he’s been dead for over 200 years (he also appears to have been a prominent businessman as a note of curiosity I observed).  More imporantly they have just received word of the CB appearance.



A neat little playoff of lines comes now as the HRA Colonel says one intervention won’t solve the 300 year old ethnic conflict, too which Liu Ming seems to reply from her island location that there wil be more.  Meanwhile Exia has gone on ahead of the rest of the group, and Tieria seems unsure of his fitness for being part of the CB team.


Challenge A New Rival

Suddenly Setsuna picks up a Union transport ship and Graham Acre launches his Union Flag with a zeal for battle.


Cliffhanger ending eh.  Well this episode continues it’s method of building the setting, to the point where we possibly have more in depth information about the world than any other Gundam series to date by this point in a series.  The CB not to rest on it’s laurels with what just happened last episode is intervening in another battle after what appears to be a mere few weeks, and things seem to be going well enough for them.  I like that this episode took a huge politically charge approach to the situation.  With each of the nations now clearly aware of the CB’s power they all seem to be thinking the same thing, something needs to be done about the Gundam’s.  Here’s the problem though, what the CB are doing is almost certain to cause a huge military buildup.  The 3 nations know they are clearly outclassed by the Gundam’s and will either need more troops on the ground to defeat them, or better weapons.  And they will do this not out of some lust for war, but for protection from the completely unprovoked attacks on each of them by the CB.  It’s not their business to be intervening in the affairs of sovereign nations unless asked to, and so one really has to wonder if Aeolia’s true intention was to prevent all wars.  Before there was a stalemate and deaths were kept to a minimum by the Zero Sum game nature of the conflict.  Now even more blood is certain to be spilled.  The nations will be suspiscious of each other, they will be building more weapons, and they will be at Defcon 1 for the forseeable future and somebodies going to eventually make the move that sparks a massive all out war.  Let’s see the CB try to deal with that.  So that’s what I have on the situation for now.  This episode was solid like the first one and I look forward to the cliffhanger resolving next week.  Oh and one last thing, I like how the easy victories of the Gundams continue to make tactical sense.  Intelligence and technology can make the difference when facing superior numbers.  However, now with Graham (It’s awesome and a bit unnerving to type this because that’s my actual real life name) back on the field, there’s going to be some good leadership for the WEU.  I think that won’t close the difference between the CB and AEU entirely, but it will certainly go a long way.  Again looking forward to it.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


8 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 02 (Gundam Meister)”

  1. 1 Adrian October 15, 2007 at 9:38 am

    I give it an 8/10 too. I hope Graham kicks Setsuna’s ass.

  2. 2 qx123 October 15, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you will continue doing more for the rest of the series 🙂 cheers

  3. 3 Jakinbandw October 15, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Anybody else thinking of CB as a smarter version of logos?

    I mean one even says ‘We will keep doing this until everyone hates us’, or something like that. Honestly, a clone of a big business man? I see people trying to make a profit here!

  4. 4 random passerby October 16, 2007 at 12:11 am

    A fine episode of Gundam 00. I’ll be rooting for Graham next episode, with the hope that we’ll be seeing that Gundams aren’t always all-powerful.

    By the way, Kaioshin-sama, wouldn’t Graham be considered a Union officer seeing as how he’s piloting a Union Flag?

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama October 16, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Yes, he is actually a Union officer. The fact that two nations have the words Union in their name mixed me up a little. I think I’m going to start calling the Union the WEU from here on out to make sure there isn’t too much confusion.

  6. 6 rah2 October 16, 2007 at 5:51 am

    “Meanwhile in the middle of nowhere”

    You may as well just call it Huffman Island :p

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama October 16, 2007 at 6:03 am

    Arg Why Didn’t I Think Of That?! Alright you can have this one. Very very nice.

  8. 8 PanSola October 21, 2007 at 9:20 pm

    Hi not sure if you are interested, but I’m working on a Gundam Wiki, specifically on the Gundam 00 section. We are basing some of the stuff from Wikipedia, but going more indepth and getting information faster than Wikipedia in general. If you are interested, it’s at


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