CLANNAD, Episode 21

[note]: usual drill: bullet summary is available. Much like last week, the raw is kinda slow to get, so screencaps will take some time to be uploaded.

CLANNAD, Episode 21:

Towards the School Festival

  • The drama club members are practising tongue twisters/expressions exercises given by koumura. Most people have hard time with it, but Tomoya notices Nagisa’s determination.
  • The drama club is then doing some stretching exercises, while Tomoya and Youhei are taking care of the stuff.
  • However, they don’t have any costume, but Tomoya figures that Sanae might do it well and of course she accepts the task right away, despite Nagisa’s complains that her mom is probably busy.
    Akio pops out and offers them a drama tape. At the end of it, Nagisa is very touched and cry out, while Tomoya discusses a bit with her. He then leaves out the room and bumps on Akio.
  • Both are trying to find “that” in the storage shed, but nothing so Tomoya wonders if the “illusionary world and the lone girl” is really a drama play or so.
    After some fruitless research (well, Nagisa’s bedpan ), they give up.
  • Nagisa still talk about the tape she saw and is very fired up with the song, though Tomoya wonders if she is really fitting for that. Nevertherless, Tomoya cheers her
    Later at school, Kyou reads out loud the story and Rie is trying to figure a good BGM for the play. She asks how the girl would feel in such story and Nagisa agrees it is quite sad.
    Rie then has an idea and pulls out tons of CD from her bag. Her choice is “La mère L’oye” by Maurice Ravel. It seems it is fitting perfectly for Nagisa and will pick it.
    As soon as they chosed it, Tomoyo arrives…
  • but wearing some glasses. Everyone is quite surprised by that though Tomoyo argues she has a bad sight to begin with. Ryou suggests her contact lenses but Tomoyo says it is scary. Girls don’t exactly get her worry, and Tomoyo brushes it off while blushing.
    She then asks how their progress is and promise with nagisa that both of them will do their best. Nagisa agrees and do the pinky promise. Tomoyo then pats her head and comments how she is a good girl, and is relieved it is “her”, which has some impact on the other girls.
  • Nagisa is doing her best in her practice while everyone else is supporting her. Meanwhile, other students are preparing their own club activities for the school festival.
    Sanae gives Nagisa her costume (which is Kanon uniform with a different color pattern ^^)
  • Nagisa and Tomoya are going school, preparing the last few details for the festival tomorrow. Nagisa is reading her script with a steel concentration while Tomoya comments how they still have time. However, nagisa merely pays attention to what he says. Tomoya then tries to make her react, saying “you are quite cute!”, but it is absolutely ineffective as Nagisa answers bluntly “i’m sorry, can you tell me that later?”
    Nagisa still reads her script without any awareness of her surrounding and almost bump on a pole, thanks to tomoya who changed her direction.
  • in the gymnasium, people are preparing stage stuff. Lightning, sounds etc.
  • As the satyre/comic club is performing on stage, nagisa is very flustered and stressed, while Kyou and the rest try to calm her down. Youhei tries to relax her with HIS version of the play which makes her even more panicking. Tomoyo arrives, telling them it is soon their turn.
    This announce makes Nagisa more stressed than before. It is finally the drama club turn, and Kyou suggests them to mimickk what she saw at the tv: joining their hand, yelling “let’s go!”. Everyone wants to try that. nagisa is fired up, while everyone rushes to their respective post.
    Nagisa walks slowly on stage and see the audience, but then prepares herself with determination.
  • The couple is back home. Sanae and Akio asks how it went. Nagisa is unsure, but Tomoya says there wasn’t any problem, so her parents are looking forward. More antics between Tomoya and akio, though Nagisa begins to comment how both are exactly alike, which deal a huge shock to akio
  • At night, Nagisa enters in Tomoya’s room. She is still uneasy for tomorrow, though Tomoya is sure optimist, saying her parents will come. However this mention worries her and talks back about her lingering feeling about her childhood with them.
    Tomoya then remembers about what Akio said, and begins to cheer up, as her performance is for tomorrow so she should focalise on it. Nagisa then leaves, thanking him.
  • Nagisa is packing her costume, towel etc. She then remembers she needs a flashlight and check in the kitchen but the batteries are dead. She then check the storage shed and found another flashlight. As she is leaving out, she bumps on a box and everything is spilled on the ground, and nagisa is packing things up
  • Tomoya suddenly wakes up at night and goes to the restroom. As he is walks back to his room, he notices some light and as he checks, he sees Nagisa in a room with many pictures and a diary. Nagisa says her parents gave up on their dreams, and she is struck with guilt.
  • Tomoya realizes that Nagisa found out her parents past and packs all of these. Tomoya asks her to go to sleep.
    She does, but walking slowly, lifeless.Tomoya then reads the diary, which was written by Sanae, about how she cared of Nagisa.
    Then Akio arrives, grieved to see that her daughter found out their past at the worst timing possible


6 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 21”

  1. 1 Ambarita March 17, 2008 at 10:16 am

    My goodness! Can’t wait what will happen next…. 😦

  2. 2 mithfalath March 19, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Really I can’t wait. Is it true that the next episode will be released tomorrow? Is it true, is it true???

  3. 3 klashikari March 19, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Yes, Clannad main plot will be done with Episode 2 (the preview says “Final Episode= 2 shadows”)

    Episode 23 will be an extra, “summer break event”, which will be unrelated to the main plot (the episode doesn’t have the “episode 23” in its title).
    Episode 24, meanwhile, will be a DVD only episode.

  4. 4 mithfalath March 26, 2008 at 10:15 am

    oh yeah, i believe ep 24 is an OVA. I’m really looking forward to that.^^

  5. 5 Kitsanapon Hempo May 13, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down

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