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This One Is For Haesslich (Ashford Academy May Be In Shambles But The Show Is Doing Well)

Looks Like The Side Facing The Explosion Took A Hit After All

We were wrong Haesslich, Ashford’s going to need some renovations. :p I guess we saw the other side of the school in episode 19.  Also apparently the dorms are gone in the blast as well.  Isn’t it just a little depressing, that whole reference to episode 7.  Happiness might be glass, pretty and idealistic, but glass is fragile and it just got shattered by the bomb.  I think some people might be right that the only people who are going to be standing on this ground watching fireworks come the end of the series are the people who weren’t there in the original picture.  Of course that would mean Nunally has to be alive and I’m still sticking to me theory that she got away on an alternate ship and the series homepage just covers characters assumed to be dead at the moment of the latest episode. Continue reading ‘This One Is For Haesslich (Ashford Academy May Be In Shambles But The Show Is Doing Well)’


Blast from the past ~ G Gundam ~ Shining finger!

Well I’ll be damned…

Here is another blast from the past but one which I can’t believe that I’ve just finished watching. Not really being a fan of Gundams (though I remember that it used to be one of my childhood dreams to be piloting one thanks to Gundam Wing corrupting me during the black hole of my life when I didn’t even know what anime was), I took a look at this series out of impulse and…damn…it makes me realise that I should do things like this more often.

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