Tell me the truth! ~ Gurren Lagann Episode 18

A bit late again but this time I have a good excuse, relatives coming to visit hehe. So where we left off last episode was that the anti spiral program within Nia has activated and that she has just announced plans to destroy humanity causing panic of course.

In a Nutshell: There is panic all around, in rossiu’s surveillance centre he asks for the broadcast signal to be tracked down but it is impossible. Simon questions if it is really Nia who has been saying all those threats but he is cut short as everything soon shuts down. Later we see phones ringing nonstop from concerned citizens. Meanwhile we see Rossiu in his bio room where he orders his followers to leave after the complete the task of reviving the helix king.

Next we see Simon flying to Nia’s house her he only finds Coco there looking depressed. He attempts to call her but we hear the usual answer message. We then see Gimmy appearing who came to take Simon home. Simon then argues with Gimmy, telling him to get move aside but we see some stubborn resistance. Darry then jumps in and talks reason with Simon. She tells him that the civilians will panic more if they see the legendary gurren lagann flying around the place. Simon agrees and so takes off with lagann to go search undetected. Gimmy comments on how stubborn Simon is to Darry.

Simon goes to Reite and Makken’s workshop in hopes for finding Nia but it was just too farfetched. They tell him that she isn’t hear and asks in he is alright. Simon notices a depressed look on their kid’s faces and then proudly announces that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Simon flies off and we see him moping around on a river bank. We then see nia appearing next to Simon.
Moving back to Rossiu and the head of the helix king, we hear Rossiu telling him that it has already been 7 years since the fall of Teppelin. He then asks the king to spill the beans on the full truth. Moving back to Simon we hear Nia tell Simon that they can never coexist. She they says that it is the anti spirals job to prevent the spiral beings from destroying the universe. Back to Rossiu and the king, we hear about how the spiral is the matter which brings life and evolution. However, the king then explains that anti spirals beings soon developed due to their fear of the spirals going out of control. The king was a former warrior who fought a war against the anti spirals. All of the ganmens including Simon’s lagann where used to combat the anti spirals. Unfortunately, the king then reveals that they lost the war. The anti spirals also installed programs onto planets with spiral beings. When the surface reached a population of 1 million spiral beings then the anti spiral program will activate. Rossiu questions why the king had to use force instead talking things over. He the reply that they best method was to use fear to keep humanity underground. This is also because of the spiral’s gene to seek life on the surface. He then curses at his own weakness for not being cold hearted enough.

Moving back to Nia she continues to tell Simon how the king failed to keep the spiral beings underground. Simon refuses to believe that his fight was meaningless. Nia then recites the prophecy again and say that when the population reaches 1 million, evolution will soon break into a threat for the anti spirals. Simon then desperately tries to get Nia back by saying that he will defeat the enemy and everything will be alright. Nia then tells him that it is impossible as she is now a messenger for the anti spirals. Simon doesn’t understand why but continues to try and snap Nia out of this “trance”. She tells him that this is her true self. Then simultaneously Simon and Rossiu both effectively ask the same question, “How are you going to wipe out humans?” the answer was most shocking as it is revealed that three weeks later the moon with smash into the earth.

Suddenly we see 2 more mechas appearing and blows up the satellite before teleporting to earth. Kittan and Dayakka then burst into the room to tell Rossui what happened. Kittan puts onto the screen a broadcast being sent out by Nia, so even if Rossiu tried to hide the truth about the moon falling, it is already too late as big panic is sure to befall on them.
Moving back to Nia, she then tells Simon that she will return back to the command centre and begins to transform. She says that, once her anti spiral gene kicks in she can no longer become human again. Just then a dimension rip appears behind her and 2 mechas comes flying out while she disappears back.
The Grapal squad is released and we see that the new enemies are given the code name: Mugen. Simon combines with gurren and off we go. Back at the command center Leeron explains how the enemy has a strong energy field but when the shield is destroyed the body scatters and turns into explosives.

Meanwhile we see Simon charging ahead but is shot back. He nearly falls onto some civilians and the angry mob yells at Simon for destroying the city. Simon breaks one of the mechas and finds a way to counter those exploding particles. It is to blow them up before they reach the floor. The same tactic works for the other mecha and we see the guys in the command center impressed at his quick thinking, except for Rossui.

Outside we see a riot happening. Rossiu shows up trying to calm them down but they refuse to obey people who have guns. A rock hits Rossiu which causes him to bleed. He moves back inside and says that the riot will get worse unless someone is made responsible.

Thoughts: And the turn tables continue to befall on Simon. Now that we know the full truth about the anti spirals and also the motive for the helix king to be using fear to trap humanity underground, there is only one way forward. That is to defeat the enemy in sight but the question of “how” remains. And also the motives for Rossiu to imprison Simon can clearly be seen so therefore it rules him out as being as bad guy. At the end of the day we see Rossiu as someone who wants to maintain order and peace as much as Simon but using his own methods (which isn’t at favourable). I can’t wait to see what there is to come! 😀


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