Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 7 : Minagoroshi-hen 2, Unmei no Kaekata

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

Keiichi became a beacon of hope last week, and Fate doesn’t seem to be so immovable. Though, is everything alright anyway? Despite what Keiichi demonstrates, that doesn’t mean other tragedies won’t occur in the future. That said, even if they prevented “Onikakushi/Watanagashi/Meakashi”, there is still a dangerous “RULE X” piece… or even 2…
Well then, things are turning, and Minagoroshi-hen will show how Rika can change from “sinking in endless hopeless” into “Confident hope”.
Today is… 運命の変え方, Unmei no Kaekata, Method to change fate !


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part2 : Unmei no Kaekata


The usual group (aside that Shion took Mion place) are cleaning some second hand items for an auction. Keiichi begins to rant about why he must participate at this Auction, forced to sell the junk. Shion and Satoko assures he will do it, since Mion trusts him.

Speaking of the devil, the sonozaki heir makes her entrance, announcing to everyone that more stuff are to be taken care of, which obviously doesn’t please keiichi at all. Therefore, Mion brought some Ohagi that her grandma has done.

Rena offers an Ohagi to Keiichi, but the later freezes a bit, then comments that Rena’s ohagi would be probably delicious. However, Rena didn’t ever make any ohagi in the past. Keiichi is a bit puzzled, while Rika noticed his reactions. Rena gets backs with the other girls, eating and chatting happily, while Keiichi is still staring at his Ohagi. Rika then approaches him.

Keiichi feels it is something like déjà vu. Rika then mentions him that anything he can remember had happened, since no false memory exists. If it isn’t in the past, then it is in another world. Keiichi believes it is a dream, but Rika doesn’t mind what it is and would like to listen to it. Keiichi begins to tell what he has in mind: He was at home, having a day off from school. Then Rena and Mion payed him a visit at night, bringing some ohagi.
Keiichi pauses his tale, thinking it is a delusion, but Rika still wants to listen to it. Keiichi then tells that he ate an ohagi after both girls left but…
Keiichi wants to stop, thinking it is really a dream, but Rika raises her voice. Keiichi then finishes his sentence: he found a needle in the ohagi.

Mion approaches Keiichi, wondering if he dislikes ohagi. If it is so, she then tells him to not force himself. Shion then wonders if keiichi isn’t just being cautious, because Mion might put a trap in his ohagi. Keiichi, still serious, comments there is no way Mion would put a needle in it. Mion reacts instantly, wondering what he is talking about. Keiichi settles things by eating the ohagi, and assuring it is delicious.

The gang is now cleaning some more stuff. Then, Rena turns into her Omochikaeri mode, assaulting a table. Shion is amused, and comments Rena was looking for furniture recently, and wonders if Rena is trying to live on her own. However, Rena explains that her father finally found a job, and she was thinking of some furniture so they can do a fresh start. Everyone becomes silent after hearing this.

Keiichi and Satoko wonder how it was before this. Rena explains that ever since the divorce, her father was completely idle and inactive. Even after they moved to Hinamizawa, her father was sinking and even lurked in strange etablishments (no need for further explanations huh?). He spent a good chunk of money from the compensation of her mother, and supplied an unknown woman with it (read:Rina). Rena was shocked by this, and as a result, she begun to have weird dreams. Rika is surprised and asks what type of dream. Rena answers she killed that woman. Shion mutters to herself that Rena did these too. Keiichi wonders what she is talking about, but Shion tries to get the topic back on Rena’s dream. Keiichi mentions it is just a dream, but Rena says that dream was extremely realist. At this rate, Rena was going to exactly mimic this dream, so she talked about it with Mion.

Both were in the junkyard, and Rena explains where was the corpse, and how she felt: she feared that whenever she leaves, someone might discover the corpse, etc. Then, after this, she explains her mind begun to be affected by this negative thoughts, and she were even thinking by herself that she would attack Rina. This fact scares completely Rena, afraid of performing that sin. Mion stops her in her torments, claiming she should tell this to her father. After all, she wouldn’t know either if Rena didn’t make the first step to her. Rena is back in her full sanity, and cries on Mion’s shoulder.

Rena explains she then tells that to his father, who became angry, of course. But he understood nevertherless, and everything was settled down. Rena comments it was close though, since her father was about to buy an appartement for that woman so…
Satoko is concerned about this, since it could realize the dream into the reality. Rena is thankful to Mion for this.
Everyone learns that they shouldn’t keep things for themselves.

As they are about to leave, Rika then asks if in this case, Shion was having a strange dream as well. Shion tries to deny it, but Rika asks her to be frank. She bears a serious expression, then Mion explains the idiotic dream: Shion killed Mion and Satoko. This completely shocks Satoko, Keiichi and Rena.
Mion and Satoko obviously don’t believe at this, and Shion, very touched about what Satoko said, rushes at her and hug her tenderly.

At night, Rika asks what hanyuu thinks of the sudden rememberance of everyone. Hanyuu is mentioning this case of everyone being able to get back their memories is indeed peculiar. Rika then says that the memories give them the ability to prevent these tragedies. Rika bears a confident smirk, and wonders if this time, she will be able to get over that fate of june 1983. Hanyuu still says that if she hopes too much, the reversed side will be worse. But Rika argues that this kind of good start might be her only chance. Thus, Rika says she has no reason to give up this time.
However, Hanyuu then reminds her that the problem is why is she always killed. (RULE Y, while they sealed RULE X here). Rika wonders about it as well : who andwhat are the motive(s). Rika know the culprits shouldn’t be in the village: instead of having enemies, she should have many allies (as being the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama), especially Irie and the rest, since she and satoko are their precious experiments. So, the organization has rather the intention and the power to protect her. Thus, Hanyuu and Rika conclude that to kill Rika, “they” have to remove the “shield”, so Takano and Tomitake. Without them, Rika is defenseless, and thus she is done for. However, if both of them survive, she will survive as well. Therefore, Rika knows what to do.

Rika pays a visit to Irie, who is kinda surprised that she does outside of the usual sunday. Rika wants to talk with Takano, and Irie tells her that both her and Tomitake left for a trip in the village.
Rika immediately understands they were heading to the Ritual Equipment Chamber, as scouting before sneaking during the Watanagashi festival. Rika then thinks the prohibition of the said chamber is an excuse for the culprit to kill them. Hanyuu believes they shouldn’t go there in the first place, but Rika wasn’t able to prevent them to do so in earlier world(s), despite warning them beforehand. Therefore, she decided to reverse fate, and so… if they don’t visit during the watanagashi festival, fate would probably changes as well (much like the trivial others points for the rest of the characters).
Takano and Tomitake are indeed checking the lockpad, and it is kinda simple. Takano is pleased, and awaits for a good timing to sneak in it… (which turns to be obviously the festival)
Rika suddenly barges, scaring them with a prank. Takano complains she was a bit mischevious with this, but Rika replies that people who try to force their way through the forbidden ritual chamber are worse.

Tomitake cannot deny it, and Takano tries to negociate with Rika, telling her that it is for science until Rika shows her a key.

Rika says she doesn’t mind to let them have a peek in the storage room. As result… “Tanakano Miyo” becomes someone… I mean someTHING you couldn’t really expect. Hanyuu comments her image of Takano is completey twisted with this, Rika agrees about that. Tomitake asks her if it is really okay, Rika assures him it is the case, though she would like them to listen to her seriously afterwards. Takano is at 200% okay with that condition.

Once inside, Takano is litteraly delighted, in a huge bliss, commenting the torture tools, and the fact Oyashiro-sama is a human-made god, from the fear generated by the rituals and folklore. And then, the said God, Oyashiro-sama. Hanyuu isn’t pleased by this at all, and makes a “silent” tantrum, claiming she hates Takano.
Suddenly, Rika closes the door, and bears a gloomy look. She warns them it was a promise, so they will have to take seriously what she is about to tell them. At the night of the watanagashi festival, both of them will…

The scene switches back to Irie, discussing with Tomitake and Takano in the clinic. Rika will be killed, and to achieve this, Takano and Tomitake will be killed during the the watanagashi festival. Irie suspect it is a type of paranoia, which can go further (much like what he thought for Keiichi in Tatarigoroshi-hen). However, Takano gives Rika more credits, since Rika was serious and honest while saying this. Tomitake is a bit neutral, thinking they must judge this with their own discretion, but wonders what to do then. Takano then says Rika requested more bodyguards, but Tomitake and Irie aren’t exactly fond of this, because it might be a problem with their chief in Tokyo. Takano doesn’t worry about it, and suggest the Yamainu (Lit. Mountain Dogs) as reinforcements for Rika.
Meanwhile, Rika and Hanyuu are talking in front of the Shrine at night. Hanyuu wonders if Tomitake and Takano will really fulfill their promise. Rika isn’t confident, and says it is only 50/50. However, Rika believes she must trust them, much like how Keiichi trusts his friends. Rika doesn’t stop with this, and wishes even more power to shatter this fate.

In the toy store, the full gang is lurking around, picking some goods for the auction. Over there, they met with Ooishi, who is off duty today. However, Mion isn’t exactly “thrilled” with Ooishi around, and Hanyuu comments how she is always unfriendly with him.
Keiichi and Rena comment about the left over. Amused, Ooishi offers them a little gamble: a Chinchirorin game. If they win, Ooishi will reward them with a rare item, which shocks the store owner. While all of them are wondering what are these dice, Ooishi explains these are extremely high grade ebony dice, rather unique.

Keiichi is excited, but the store owner reminds him that Ooishi can decide which score they have to get, which instantly makes the game drastically more challenging. Ooishi deliberately challenges Mion, asking that if they can roll a pinzoro (triple 1) 3 times a row, they will win. He then will explain how to roll this. Mion is firmly interested, and accepts the challenge.

Mion succeeds on a second pinzoro. Only one left. She is about to roll the last try, then Ooishi praises her for her talent, and might be famous if she begins a career as a gambling parlor. Mion is very puzzled about Ooishi’s genuine friendly behaviour but still concentrates, and rolls again.

Mion manages to get another pinzoro, therefore, she won the game, and thus the dice. Ooishi heartwarmly congratulates her, and Mion is extremely touched by this. Both Rika and Hanyuu are really surprised that even Ooishi befriends with the gang. Suddenly, a familiar face shows up…

It is no one else than Akasaka Mamoru, 5 years after Himatasubushi (with a rather much more muscular figure), paying a visit to Ooishi. Rika is dumbstruck by his presence, and asks if it is really him. The young policeman confirms, and is glad to see her after all these years, mentioning she has grown up. The rest of the group and Ooishi are surprised that Rika is acquainted with that stranger.

Then, She asks why he is in Hinamizawa. Akasaka explains that he is on a trip with his wife, Yukie, the one whose life she saved which puzzles Rika even more.
Akasaka tells her that after hearing her eerie words back in 1978 (an alternate past indeed), He was really disturbed by them, and gets back to Tokyo instead of staying in his mission. He then meets with Yukie, who was about to go on the rooftop as usual. He then says that a short moment later, a janitor had an accident on the stairs. Thus, Yukie was able to deliver the baby without any problem, and they consider Rika as their savior. Rika is glad to hear it.

Once outside, Rika comments the fact Akasaka believed in her warning, and therefore, was able to prevent Yukie’s death. That change triggers his presence as well. He might be another ally. However, Hanyuu is still worried about Takano and Tomitake and their promise of a better protection. If Rika is going high about this, once deceived, it might be a giant blow on her. But Rika is confident, and challengers Hanyuu, with a “so, wanna try?”. Rika then rushes at some bikes around and begins to kick it. Hanyuu is in disarray, and soon, the punks barge, not happy about what Rika is doing.
However, Rika bears a pleased smirk, and… some men from the Yamainu (previously the Janitor Henchmen) stop the punks, and threaten them. The result absolutely satisfies Rika.

On her way home, Rika asks what Hanyuu thinks about this. Rika is simply fully confident, or even “overconfident”. Sad irony isn’t it? Hanyuu looks back and sees the van driver giving his report to Tomitake by radio. Rika is set, and believes she is prepared to beat fate. However, Hanyuu isn’t convinced at all, bears a sorrowful expression : she is certain that this world will end in a failure.
Rika ignores it, claims she isn’t afraid anymore, and with a very determined expression, declares she will break fate!


Thoughts :

Deen confirmed once again they are able to handle the true content of the novel.
I must admit, there are still some missing parts which were somewhat important:

  1. -They didn’t really show how Keiichi was chosen by everyone as the auction parlor, nor how he was truely excited about this afterwards. (here, it looks like dumb pain, and Mion just forced it on him)

  2. -They didn’t tell Keiichi’s past for the Ohagi. To be short, and if I’m not mistaken, Keiichi had a very bad experience with a frightening story when he was a child. As result, he feared that food was filled of harmful objects especially needles. You might guess that in Onikakushi-hen, the spicy feeling of the tabasco in the first Ohagi (as a game) triggered a delusion of “pain”, and his childhood fear kicks in.

  3. -Rika “joy” when Akasaka came. In fact, the emotional effect would be much more strengethened, and as Rias said on AS, their meeting should be rather heartwarming, which wasn’t really the case.

On the other hand, my hat off for:

  1. -The excellent execution for Rena’s torments

  2. -The ultimate heartwarming moment between Shion and Satoko (I was litterally saying : awwww)

  3. -Miyo-tan MOE. Yes it is from the game (it was MUCH more absurd and “scary”, but it is very well done nevetherless. i will show you this in the analysis as a random thing ^^)

  4. -Genuine friendly bound between the gang and Ooishi. (it was supposed to be Mah-jong game, especially with Akasaka IIRC, but it is fine, because Mah-jong isn’t really a easy game to understand…)

  5. -The gradual confidence for Rika, while Hanyuu is really pessimist

The quality appears to be even higher recently (much less problem with the “thin limbs”, and back around episode 1-2 quality), and much like last week, news tracks are very well fitted for some eerie parts and discussions. (especially Rena’s torments scene)

Seiyuu are still doing an awesome job, but huge kudo for both Itou Miki (Takano) and Horie Yui (Hanyuu). Takano was simply completely insane during her moe moe, while Hocchan was really convincing for hanyuu pessimism and sorrow.

After watching the preview, I can tell you : batshit will arise, and this won’t simply go downhill. The situation will be upsided down, to much Rika’s despair.
Should I recall you this is called “Massacre Chapter” ? Oh well, you will see by yourself.

I hope you will be prepared : the Analysis will show up very soon ^^

“Klash’s Overload Babbling of Higurashi” /OFF !



3 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 7 : Minagoroshi-hen 2, Unmei no Kaekata”

  1. 1 Charades August 17, 2007 at 6:05 am

    The episode looks plain but starting off a great series.

    I suppose I will wait until Monday and hopefully see it subbed by then because none of the less it looks like a great episode.


  2. 2 MLA-Kun August 18, 2007 at 2:30 am

    Sorry for have taken all the time and attention that was needed to write this, but it’s so much fun to talk about this series, even with only some missing pieces of the puzzle… ^^

  3. 3 crazyinsaneanimefangirl October 15, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    Perhaps Oishi also retained some memories of past worlds and felt he should make an effort to change things.

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