Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 13 : Minagoroshi-hen 8, Shuumatsu

[Disclaimer]: NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED). DO NOT read this summary until you DO WANT to be spoiled. This is the end of Minagoroshi-hen, and it is extremely HEAVY. The impact of this episode will be horribly lessened if you proceed ! If you still dare to do so, Good reading!

As their planning to defend themselves, Rika and her friends are surrounded by the mastermind’s forces.
Will they make it? It is doubtful. However, will it be a plain massacre much like in the previous worlds? That has to be determined.
Their fight still goes on, and they are facing their enemy, for their happiness.
This is the final part of 皆殺し編 – Minagoroshi-hen – Massacre Chapter: 終末 – Shuumatsu – Finale.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part8 : Shuumatsu

Rika and her friends just have finished eating. It is roughly 10:35PM and Ooishi still didn’t come yet.
Satoko is concerned about the two policemen, who are guarding the entrance ever since this afternoon. Rena wonders if something happened to him. Shion comments since it is Ooishi, he should be okay, but you never know.

The yamainu men, dispatched around the radio tower are erasing the evidences of Ooishi and Kuma deaths.
Okonogi reports to Takano that two officiers will soon switch the guard for Rika’s house. Takano doesn’t care about it and asks him to keep going in their plans. Okonogi wonders if it is alright to kill them, and Takano confirms as Today, anyone around the shrine will be “onikakushi-ed”.

Keiichi and the rest ask the policemen what is happening with Ooishi. They don’t know at al. Then they ask to the club members to go home, as it is already late. Keiichi is still concerned, but the policemen assure they will take care of here, and their parents will probably be worried at this rate. Everyone is leaving reluctantly. Rena is a bit hesitant but then keeps going.
In the shadows of the trees, some yamainu are already dispatched.

Satoko had fun today and said everyone will come back tomorrow. As she is wondering what they will do for lunch and dinner, Rika is worried if they will see tomorrow…
Satoko snaps her out of her worries and said they should sleep with their clothes. Rika is surprised by this and Satoko says they can run away if something happen. She even set some traps before around the shrine.
Rika is gaining back some hope, as nothing is certain for now.

Rika and Satoko go to bed. Hanyuu then appears and Rika wonders what she wants.

Hanyuu tells her it is about time. Rika has a sudden overwhelming despair, but she fights it as she is forcing herself to believe. Hanyuu is cocnerned about her, but Rika assures her that she will fight, and even if she will die tomorrow, she will at least fight against her fate today. Hanyuu doesn’t say anything and turns her head, with a sad and regretful face.

Suddenly, two yamainu men barge in the house, taking the policement off guard. As they have barely the time to realize what is going on, the assaulters use stun guns on them, incapacitating them immediately.
They don’t waste any time and go upstairs. Once in Rika’s room, they don’t see anyone and notice they run away by the window with a ladder. One of them uses the radio to report the situation to Okonogi, while the other one uses the ladder to go after them. However, the ladder was rigged by Satoko.

Okonogi wonders what’s happening and they report they fall for the ladder trap. Okonogi then switches to two other soldiers and orders them to track their targets as they are fleeing around the montains. The unit 6 and 7 are heading this way but they also fell on another trap of Satoko: some firecrackers, which stall them greatly.
Okonogi is displeaded while Takano is amused. She guesses it was Satoko, and praised her skills. Okonogi is pissed and orders them to catch them before they leave the village otherwise it is over. Unit 9 reports he localized them on the north side. Takano says that the kids are used with the terrain and if they are too slow, they will lose sight of them.

Rika and Satoko are still running. Satoko wonders who they are, and if they are not from “Tokyo”. Rika thinks so and says they have to run, otherwise they will be caught and killed. Satoko asks if she knows where they can flee. Rika thinks about Mion’s house, in the hidden basement. Suddenly, Rika trips and fall on the ground. Satoko stops running but Rika asks her to flee. Satoko doesn’t and hurls a pepper bomb on the soldier face, incapacitating him.

Rika turns herself and recognizes the yamainu uniforms and concludes Takano is certainly the mastermind. Rika thinks if she knows this information, even if she is killed today, she will be able to take actions in the next world. Rika doesn’t want to die and will transfer these memories for the next time.
Another soldier arrives, while the incapacitated one isn’t affected by the pepper anymore. Satoko decides to stands between them and Rika, claiming she will take of this.
Rika doesn’t want her to die… but if she dies now, her memories will vanish and this life would be wasted as her memories won’t remain. Rika concludes she has to survive even if she has to abandon Satoko.
Rika stands up and decides she won’t as she simply can’t.

She becomes cynic as she finally know their identities but she doesn’t run away. She then corrects herself and claims she won’t. She then repeats what Keiichi said: “you can beat the crap out of fate by your own hands”.
The soldier is ready to use the stun gun, but he is suddenly smashed in the head by keiichi with his bat. The second doesn’t have the time to react and is hit in the stomach by Rena with her cleaver. Rika is surprised to see both of them.
The two other soldiers are taken by surprised by Mion and Shion. Shion uses her tazer to knock one of them out, while Mion manages to seize the other one. Shion electrocutes the seized one as well.

Satoko and Rika wonder what they are doing here. Shion is using her tazer on both soldiers knocked down by keiichi and Rena. Shion then explains Rena had a bad feeling, and the later comments she felt they were observed once they left the house. Keiichi praises her for this, and Mion adds they pick some weapons before coming back.

Rika is surprised that she is saved by everyone. Mion comments how it was shocking to see the policemen on the grounds when they came back. Keiichi asks if they have a plan, and Satoko says they planned to go to Mion’s house, in the basement. Shion deduces it is the ritual chambers and Mion agrees with this idea, as there are many secrets passages in it. Keiichi is alright with this and hurries everyone.

Okonogi asks reports from unit 6 and 9, but it is silent. Okonogi is pissed that they couldn’t defend themselves against a brat. Takano comments this isn’t an ordinary child, as Rika was considered as the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. Okonogi doesn’t get it, and Takano corrects herself as the true oyashiro-sama will born soon. She is then laughing, delightly.

Everyone is making their way in the forest, but they notice the enemy van. Shion wonders what they will do. if they use this path, they will be caught. Keiichi suggest they should beat them up, so they can use this escape route. Mion is fine with this, and they will get the car in the same process. Rika concerns about if Mion has a license, but Mion replies it is an emergency and they don’t have time about this. Satoko thinks it is a good idea, and Keiichi then concludes the plan. Everyone spreads in the woods.

Rika is spotted by a soldier. The later reports it and orders to seize her. One of them is almost catching Rika, but he is then caught off guard by Rena. She knocks one of them and is happy with this but…

…she is also taken off guard by a second yamainu guy. She is attacked, but the man is knocked down by Keiichi. He complains she should take care of her back, but Rena leaves it to him. Keiichi wonders jokingly if she killed the soldier, but Rena assures him she used the back end of her cleaver.

A third yamainu man is caught by a simple trap of Satoko. Trying to untie the rope, he is knocked down by Shion’s tazer.
Rika plays again the bait and another pursuer falls for it. As he is rushing to her, Mion lands on the ground and hits him with a violent kick.

Everyone celebrate they victory, and Keiichi comments how it was easy. Rena further adds it was a 6 VS 6 and if someone was missing they would have problems. Rika confirms this and this is because they unite their strength they can beat fate.

Everyone are observing the van, seeing the 2 remaining soldiers. Considering their vigilance, Keiichi thinks they are pro, and wonders if the others are already regaining consciousness. Mion doesn’t care about it, as they have the advantage. Rika tells them if they are together, there us no reason to be scared.
She then wonders if Hanyuu has already given up as usual. She asks her to watch their struggle. Hanyuu is silent but again bears a sorrowful expression.

Keiichi then begins the assault and everyone is following him. Rika runs and believes Fate will be changed.




Keiichi is hit directly. Rika just realizes what is happening. As Keiichi was running, he slowly loses the grip of his bat, dropping it.

The bat drops on the ground. Keiichi’s body as well. Everyone is stunned, speechless, unable to comprehend the cruel situation before them. Rika then sees it is takano.

Rika is dumbstruck and silent. everyone else kneel around him, checking his condition. Keiichi is… in bad shape, he is coughing blood. As he sounds like he is full of regrets, Keiichi apologizes and says he won’t be able to go on. He asks them to quickly run away. Mion is bursting in tears, refusing what he says. She doesn’t want it, she doesn’t accept this situation. He will die at this rate. As she was grabbing his arm, keiichi joins his other hand and tries to say something. However, his condition doesn’t allow him to speaks correctly…

Rena is killing her feelings and orders everyone to run away now. Rena explains they have to only focus on their survival, and Keiichi doesn’t want them to stay here with him. Keiichi is silent and tries to smile and nod, confirming what Rena said. Rena repeats it in a yell.

Rika, Satoko, Shion, Rena and Mion run away. As he is watching them, Keiichi asks them to live on..
Then, keiichi passed away…
In their escape, Rena can’t hold anymore and let tears flowing…

Takano let her men proceeding, and bears an amused look. In their desperate escape, Rena knows they are increasing in their numbers and they have to hurry. Mion then stops and says she will be the bait, dealing some distraction while everyone else will run away. Shion is concerned, but Mion doesn’t allow any further discussion and reminds her she has to protect Satoko. Shion can’t say anything, and Mion asks Rena to take care of Rika.
Rena understands and picks Rika’s hand, forcefully resuming their escape. Rika is taken away, while she is screaming Mii… Mion watches them running, waving at them.
The quatuor is exhausted and they make a short break. Shion complains about Mion’s foolishness.
A noise is heard, and Rena takes a hostile stance, asking who is there.

It is Mion, and everyone is relived she is okay but…
It is her corpse, and Takano just brought it there. Takano laughs evily and apologizes that Mion is already dead. The yamainu are approaching with some flashlights

Rena asks Shion to take care of the chibiko. They leave, but Takano does the same, ordering her goons to proceed the pursue while she deals with Rena. The later concludes all the incidents were takano’s doing. She then asks if Takano tries to be the avatar of Oyashiro-sama.

Takano is amused and corrects Rena, saying she isn’t an avatar but she realizes the curse by herself. The curse is hers, and this will be the proof she will transcend the humanity, becoming a god: Oyashiro-sama herself.
Rena thinks it is funny and says it isn’t possible because whatever Takano does, it is just an attempt to make some beliefs. As Rena claims she won’t be able to become Oyashiro-sama, Takano shows an annoyed face, as Rena becomes an eyesore for her. She argues she will. Rena laughs out loud and repeats it is impossible, because Oyashiro-sama exists.
After these words, a gunfire is heard.

The trio heard it, and Satoko sulks in despair. She cannot hold it anymore and wants to be killed quickly. Shion slaps her and doesn’t allow her to have such mindset. Even if it is for only one more minute, she has to live on. Shion reaffirms she will protect her.
However, the yamainu found them…

The last three survivors are tied and put back with the corpses of their three fallen friends.
Takano is playful and wonders who she will start with.

Shion begs her to not kill Satoko. She claims it is alright to kill her, but she desperately asks her to spare Satoko’s life. Takano is amused and says she will think about it. She then executes Shion.
Some blood splashed on Satoko… Then Takano wonders what she will do with Satoko, as Shion still begged her to not kill her. Takano then suggests a little quiz, and asks Satoko whichever between broccoli or cauliflower is green. Satoko is hesitant and nearly says cauliflower, but she quickly corrects herself saying Broccoli.

Takano smiles at her, greeting it is correct and then terminates her as well…

Takano then approaches Rika. She knows she will be killed and Takano confirms it as the queen carrier corpse is required for this operation. She then explains that somewhere, Rika is used as tool to create a scandalous political dispute. Takano concludes that Rika will also the stop of the legends of Onigafuchi. Rika comments how it is suiting Takano. The later then greets her good night, as a yamainu prepared some chloroform to make her sleep. Rika asks them to hold it and as result, Takano wonders if she will beg for her life. Rika corrects her and claims that if she will be killed, then she wants to be awake. Takano doesn’t get it and tells her this will be painful as she will have her organs spreads outside while she will be alive. Rika adamently says she won’t forget it, and she will imprint this deed in her very soul, and thus, she will be able to tell that takano will be her opponent next time.

Rika is tied and puts in the van. Hanyuu appears and sobs the tragedy wasn’t prevented once again. As Hanyuu is crying, Rika assures her it is alright since they did their best efforts to fight. Hanyuu is very worried and sad, but Rika claims she won’t lose her heart. Even if she loses her memories, she will fight even if the next time will have only mere days left.

Rika is undressed and put in front of the Furude Shrine. Rika is resolute and won’t forget this death.
Then Hanyuu gently puts her hand on hers, promising she won’t either. Even if Rika forgets about this life, she will make sure to tell her. As she is sobbing, Hanyuu says she wishes everyone to live in happiness as well.

As Hanyuu is crying, a familiar hand appears and hold them as well.
It is keiichi, but Mion, Shion, Rena and Satoko as well.
Even in death, they don’t yield against fate and support Rika in her struggle.

Keiichi regrets this as they were really near of beating this fate. Hanyuu says everyone put their hearts in this and made their best efforts to fight against it, confirming it that she was watching it all this time. Keiichi disagrees, saying it wasn’t enough, and adds if their will were a bit stronger, they would definitely beat it.
Mion comments everyone believed in it, and Shion says they missed it from a little bit. Satoko apologizes that she couldn’t save Rika.
Rika assures her it is okay, and wholeheartedly thanks her dear friends.

Takano then arrives slowly, accomplishing the “ritual”. She is slowly putting her scalpel on Rika. Then, with a swift and delighted movement, she cuts Rika, splashing blood on the Shrine Altar.

In the space where the worlds are flowing, “Rika” claims she will give up this time since they weren’t able to create a miracle despite everyone’s efforts. However, Rena disagrees and claims she knows why it didn’t happen. She then turns herself and asks Hanyuu if she believed in it as well. Hanyuu is caught off guard and says she can’t do anything and she is useless. Hanyuu believes that the miracle won’t happen even if she believes in it because she is a mere observer. However, Keiichi claims it is wrong and the miracle will happen. Mion agrees and says if Hanyuu was with them, they could surely win. Rena gently says hanyuu just needs the courage to fight against fate, and Hanyuu is ALSO a companion to them!
Keiichi then offers his hand, suggesting to go. Hanyuu is hesitant, and Rena raises her hand as well, asking everyone to go. Mion, Shion, Satoko and Rika do the same. Hanyuu is speechless and lost, but finally join her hand as well with everyone else.
With hope and resolution, Rika asks everyone to go, in the next world.

Meanwhile, far away from Hinamizawa, politicians are dumbstruck about the plan to obliterate 2000 people. It appears the origanization of Tokyo explained already the reasons behind this. The Hinamizawa Syndrome is a dangerous disease and they can’t afford to let it go wild, as the aftermath can be much worse than 2000.
Thus, they have to keep the damage to a minimu.

Back in Hinamizawa, many villagers are gathered in the school building. As they are wondering what is happening, the soldiers are in isolation suits and seal every exits and windows. Then, they throw a deadly gas can in the room. Struggling in their impending death, the villagers are suffocating and dying.
Some of them were able to break some windows and make their way out, but they are shot to death.

Okonogi is monitoring the extermination, and receive reports of many locations of some targets are feeling, but the squads are preventing them to do so.

Takano then speaks another of her delirium speech.
If there isn’t any curse, there isn’t any god. A curse will lead to fear. Being feared will lead to being revered.
Takano then delightly laugh out loud, claiming god has made his descent, and she is Oyashiro-sama.



What kind of world lies outside of the well?
Is it something that is worth struggling for?

What kind of world lies outside of the well?
Is it something so attractive enough to fall and try over and over again?

What kind of world lies outside of the well?
Let’s enjoy taking the pains of finding that out.

If I reach the world that yearn for, it must be a spectacular world.
Even if that world was another pit inside a well.

The key to the new world is the resolve to get out of the well.
Being able to get out or not,
A new world awaits…

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: kj1980 from Animesuki Forums)




Thoughts :

Here is finally the end of Minagoroshi-hen. The “Massacre Chapter” gives many revelations, and finally revealed its true meaning.
Did you expected such scale of tragedy? I’m curious…
Though this is nothing, as our heroes don’t yield yet and there is still time. However, will Hanyuu act appropriately? you will see.

Let’s see. in a more fourth wall note, this episode has many things to discuss about and the execution was very satisfying. Being one of the best chapters of the series, the adaptation of this end was really something to be done with care. I won’t talk about the comparison as it will be a matter of discussion in my analysis. Just to let you know: this episode has some ups and downs.

The visual quality was something that irritated me. Basically, the episode is TOP NOCHT… only for most major sequences. However, in some parts, it became as cheap as last week, which is not exactly great considering the importance of this episode.
In various instances, the limbs of the chibiko and sometimes Rena/Sonozaki twins were really ugly, almost like the first season. See it by yourself : [1], [2], [3]
I believe they were really in a rush. nothing to note about censorship or anything, but they really didn’t do a constant job, which hurts as the first and third shots are a bit long (several whole seconds, that’s it)
Fortunately, the general design was good enough and the most important scenes are great (keiichi’s scene so to speak). The animation didn’t suffer much, except maybe when we saw Rika and Satoko fleeing alone from a vertical point of views.

As for the sound, again, i will complain they only focused on the “dreadful” and “bittersweet hope” type of tracks. The drama points weren’t much fleshed up, though Keiichi’s scene was powerful already. I’m quite displeased they weren’t able to do something which can do as much as impact as “you”, used when everyone is supporting Rika when they are already dead. That was really an overkill, but they didn’t do a big mood with the used track. But i guess i can’t hope anything since we are already at the half of the second season right?

The seiyuu were doing their best jobs, and they obviously owned any of their previous performances in the series. Itou Miki was outstanding with another of her sadistic, chanting and psychotic lines of Takano.

The pace was good, though kinda rushed, which might conflict with the string of death.
The last complain would be the fact they cut short Takano’s delirium speech, but i will cover it in the analysis, don’t worry.

Heh… though the changes give me mixed feelings, this episode was awesome and dealt what it had to do: sadness, regrets, unfairness, but also hope and fighting spirit.
I won’t hide it, I had shed “manly tears” during this episode, especially for keiichi, our fallen hero.
I guess it would be worse if it had only “good changes” but i won’t complain, they succeed it.

I shall soon write the analysis, as usual. Stay tuned with Higurashi ^^


7 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 13 : Minagoroshi-hen 8, Shuumatsu”

  1. 1 NetNN October 2, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    It was an excellent episode. Best of all the series perhaps, but it was so sad to after all their struggled they’re still lose.

    For Takano, I know her motive from various source but for me I can’t forgive her for what she had done. No matter how painful your life are you have no rights to destroys other’s life.

    Now, to the final chapter.

  2. 2 crazyinsaneanimefangirl October 2, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    I also know Takano’s motives and even though her actions are beyond cruel (tricking them into thinking Mion was alive, tying them up and putting them so close their friends’ bodies, telling Shion she’d think about sparing Satoko, then asking such a question of Satoko, then killing her when she got it right) and unforgivable, I cannot bring myself to hate her. Actually, when Rika was giving her little speech to her, I swear I saw her frown for a moment.

    I just watched this episode on YouTube. Since the fansub isn’t out I had to watch it raw and rely on your summary to know what was being sapd. I knew my favorite character would die and even though someone at AnimeSuki hinted that it would make people cry “manly tears”, your summary confirmed that Keiichi’s death is really that powerful. I’m glad, because even though I’m sad that he dies yet again, his death has that much of an impact. My eyes became wet. I didn’t cry, but had it gone on for much longer I probably would have. When Keiichi and everyone appeared before Rika before she died, a single tear slowly rolled down my cheek.

    I do agree that they should have used something like “you” in that scene.

    With this episode, I am now totally in love with Hoshi Souichirou and Itou Miki.

  3. 3 deathkillz October 2, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    Though Takano probably had some reason for doing this…she is one nasty son of a bit*h!

    Watching her friend getting shot in the face at point blank…poor satoko ;__;

  4. 4 Hecman October 3, 2007 at 5:47 pm

    Frederica’s peom really hit the spot with this episode.
    I’m really enjoying the pain and struggle to reach a happier world.

    Truely, a major breakthought has occured, dispite the lost of this world, which makes me greatly look forward to the next arc. As always, I look forward to your thoughts, Klashikari.

    I wonder if you did find out who Takino truely was, did you smile? To struggle on in face of so much pain! Hehehe… Hahaha!

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  1. 1 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 13 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments « When Anime Past Meets Present Trackback on October 4, 2007 at 10:26 am

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