Myself;Yourself – Episode 5 – DereDere Pout and flaming walls!?!

Delays after delays damn! Ahh well I might have episode 4 up later this week but for now it is time for episode 5 (just ignore the time jump if you will XD). Well it was a little different from what I expected looking at the preview as we don’t see Nanaka yelping in fear ghosts, though we do see her yelping for a different reason ^^


In a Nutshell: The episode starts off focusing on Nanaka practicing her shrine dance in her room. An old man calls out to her from outside, who happens to be her uncle. He asks her if she is practicing and she confirms him. In an awkward situation Nanaka quickly dismisses him, telling him that she wants to practice more.

After school the group decides to go to a karaoke box. Shuri asks Nanaka if she wants to tag along but she passes the offer saying that she needs to practice. Sana question so Shuri tells him that she is doing the sakura dance again. It seems Sana has forgotten all about it seen as Aoi then reminds him that they watched her doing the ceremony when they were kids as well. She then says that this is the first since the last 10 years that there has been a dance which makes it extra special. Nanaka tells them that she had no choice being under the care of her uncle. Sana asks why Nanaka is staying with her uncle but we don’t receive a proper answer.

Later that day we see Sana bumping into Asami in the streets. Asami asks Sana if he would accompany her for a while and in the next scene we see them both in a pet shop. Asami tells Sana that she works in an old folks home and that they found a stray cat so she is now buying a collar for him to show that he belongs to the “home”. Asami then asks Sana if he wants to come to the home for a visit. He kindly accepts the offer.

Just then we see Nanaka walking past the shop window and noticing Sana with Asami inside. She gives a glance and jogs forward a bit but is soon caught out as they both walk out of the shop. In hesitation, Nanaka asks if they are shopping together. Sana tells her the truth and Nanaka feels relieved. Sana than asks Nanaka if she would like to join them this Saturday but he then cuts himself off saying that he forgot that she had practice. Nanaka shakes it off and insists on going as well.
The following Saturday we seen them being introduced to the home’s caretaker. Asami gives Poe (the cat) the collar and he “nyas” in happiness.

They ate taken to the lounge where we hear a very familiar voice calling them slow. It was shuri! Sana is shocked that Shuri is here as well but then asami tells him that she was the one who invited her in the first place (who would have guessed *rolleyes*).

Just then an old man calls out to them for a partner to play fighting games with, Sana is inevitably dragged off to entertain the old fellow. While Sana is busy with his new best friend, Asami notices that their bird has gone. The caretaker explains that maybe it flew away seen as the door was left open. Asami accuses Pao, who gives a quick reply.

Asami walks to the kitchen and asks the caretaker where grandma kaji has gone. She replies that she is “sick” and then goes on to explain that she has been acting strangely ever since she lost her grandchild. She suggests Asami to pay Kaji a visit later on to cheer her up. The whole gang later visits the old woman.

At first she seemed normal enough…however when it came to the introductions, she freaked out at the sight of Nanaka, believing that she was her dead granddaughter. She is calmed down by the others and kaji apologizes for what just happened. She then mentions that her granddaughter loved to play the violin which made Sana blurt out that Nanaka should give it a try. Shuri objects saying that Kaji won’t let them use something so precious but surprisingly she is more than happy to.
Nanaka on the other hand is now out of breath and apologizes after we see a quick glimpse of a wall of fire (what the hell is that vision all about O.O).

Later Sana walks Nanaka home. He apologises for earlier but she says its nothing and runs off.
The next day we see Aoi picking Sana up to go to the festival (and she is surprisingly moe this time round). They meet up with Shuri and Shuu. As they walked up the steps to the shrine Sana comments whether it would have been better to meet up later but Shuu says that he just couldn’t stay still.

At the top we already see that Aoi has been through all the food stores already…Shuu then challenges Sana to a duel.
That night the gang bump into Nanaka’s stand where she is selling charms. The rest leave Sana to be alone with Nanaka. She then notices a pushie in his hands so he tells her that he won it earlier during the duel. He isn’t sure what to do with it, but a glimmer in Nanaka’s eyes say otherwise. Too bad before she was able to say anything else Hinako comes running across and literally takes the pushie off him. Nanaka can only pout on the sidelines.

We then get a service scene as we see Nanaka “purifying” herself with lots and lots of water hehe.
At the festival it’s time for a little history lesson as Shuri asks Sana if he knows about the legend of the twin hills. It seems the dance is related with the legend and that it was actually a ceremonial offering for wishes to come true in the olden times. But a deeper side to this was human sacrifices. Aoi freaks out and Hinako says that it is ridiculous to believe in such a story. Shuu comments on how mature she is but deep down she knew that he didn’t mean it.

Sana comments on how knowledgeable Shuri is but actually it was Kaji who told her the story…just then the drums start playing and we seen a beautiful Nanaka on stage in her robes.

*inserts memorizing dance here*

After the dance Nanaka goes to rest at the back of the shrine, Sana joins her compliments her. She asks if she was strange but he thinks she was stunning up there causing her to blush.

Suddenly an animal runs across Nanaka’s leg which caused her to jump into Sana’s arms. It was actually a raccoon as Sana points out also saying that he will die if she carries on holding him so tightly. She quickly releases and they quickly find themselves laughing. They then reach out the hands ready to hold each other but just then…Hinako interrupts!! (dammit! >_<).
In the end…we see Kaji looking really creepy as she sits in her chair staring at the TV…

Thoughts: Another really sound episode from this series. Oh how I just love seeing Nanaka develop as a character, she still has so much to offer and now that her personality has settled down a bit, we do see what she is truly like. Serious yet gentle *waves Nanaka fanboy flag*

Amongst a lot of randomness I guess the most important event that happened in this episode is the indicator of Nanaka’s seemingly darker than expected flag. We see Nanaka and Sana going to an old folks home where they meet a strange old lady who is kind of lost in her own world. It turns out that she had a granddaughter (or just daughter) who looked like Nanaka but has passed away. Besides freaking out (which is the unimportant event) we see Nanaka acting strangely to the request of playing the violin. From the screen caps you should be able to see how Nanaka is clenching her hand whilst a wall of flames becomes her visual point.

I am suspecting that some kind of accident in the past might have cause her to be unable to play the violin, and it could have been this fact which we see Shuu trying to tell Sana, who inevitably wasn’t able to hear. Perhaps this was the reason why Nanaka “hated” Sana in the first few episodes as maybe she thought that even though she was injured, the boy he liked never talked to her about it at the time. *shrugs*

The other significant event was Nanaka’s attitude towards Asami, like me I bet she smells some major competition for Sana even if it was just a misunderstanding. And I don’t blame her for it looking at how attractive Asami can be – both physically and personality wise.

But the end of this episode was just awesome for Sana x Nanaka development, though Hinako just had to come in and ruin the touching mood >.> snap!

Well next week’s episode is about Hinako again and what…she seems to be moving into Sana’s house for some reason.

P.S Nanaka’s pouting face is cute!! ^^


1 Response to “Myself;Yourself – Episode 5 – DereDere Pout and flaming walls!?!”

  1. 1 dth November 10, 2007 at 3:27 am

    Yeah, finally more about Nanaka!! XD and a small clue to her past..
    Thanks for the detailed write-up, I really prefer this anime to DaCapo and Clannad.

    And yeah, she was so cute being jealous not getting the Yeti plushy 😀

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