Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 17 : Matsuribayashi-hen 4, Bouryaku

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!
The past is unveiling horrible truths. Surely everything is going to follow this “person”‘s plan… almost too perfectly. Much like for Rika, fate mocks such perfection and even this “person” will be struck by some… unpredictable events. However, a pact with an angel will “save” the situation… or was it rather the devil? Who knows.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Matsuribayashi-hen part4 : Bouryaku

Hanyuu narrates she wasn’t able to prevent anything… even this event.
As she is speaking, we are in the perspective of someone, who runs towards the Houjou couple. They barely notice the person that they are pushed in the cliff.
Alone, a silouhette is standing silently on the edge of the cliff.

Takano is doing her report to Irie about Satoko, who is in the bed. It is an outbreak of LEVEL 5. Irie is concerned as even though she is looking fine, there isn’t any hint when she will start to scratch her throat and going on a rampage. Takano then gives him a document and she wants him to approve it. Irie is dumbstruck by this, and Takano explains this is Satoko’s dissection schedule. The doctor is very displeased by this, and wonders since when she already prepared this.
However, Takano argues teasingly that they already dissected someone already and the dissection is imperative so they can have progress in their research. As Takano continues her explanations, Irie is walking to Satoko’s room, and observes her silently.

At night, Irie’s car stops at the bottom of the Shrine. Furude-san leaves it, but before going further, Irie opens the window and tells him he is counting on him. The priest is at home, and talks about the Syndrome to his wife and his daughter, Rika. The disease doesn’t deal harm if one doesn’t leave the village. Rika comments it is much like the Curse of Oyashiro-sama was in fact this disease, which her father confirms. Of course his wife doesn’t believe any of this, claiming it is a blasphemy to Oyashiro-sama and she understands it is in fact Doctor Irie behind this.

However the priest keeps his composure and tells her that Doctor Irie explained to him the process of the syndrome. The disease is in fact parasites so small they can’t be seen. His wife wonders what it has to do with them, and he explains that for the parasite, there is a “mother existence”, the “Queen”, which is inherited only by those with a direct bloodline to the Furude family. Rika concludes she is then the queen, her father explains Irie and his colleagues will have to study her so they can cure the disease. Of course, her mother is completely against it and thinks this stuff is ridiculous. However, Rika is okay with this because she can help Satoko in the process.

At the clinic, Rika and Irie leave from a consultation room, waited by her father. She is very energetic and the priest gives her a coin so she can buy some juice. Rika is doing so while the 2 men are discussing. Irie thanks him for the cooperation.

Irie is staring at an old picture, and Takano snatches it from him, wondering if it isn’t his father, who committed several violent acts and ultimately destroyed his family. Irie stands up, denies it firmly, claiming it is because he had a psychological disorder, due to a shock on his head. However, Takano teases him, saying no one believed him back then. Irie is annoyed and takes the picture back, explaining the field of psychology is still in progress, and so justifying why he became a doctor. Takano is laughing at his reason and walks off towards the bed, while Irie is very pissed and asks her what is funny.
As she sits on it, she comments how he has a noble cause, yet he is still feeling guilty. Irie claims guilt is required and they have to go further so sacrifices won’t go to waste, but Takano disagrees and goes further in her opinion that he is illogical. She states that his attempt to get Rika’s parents’ approval is also logical or rather hypocritical, which angers Irie even more. She claims medical science cannot be affected by moral and ethics, as they have to go further even if they have to drench their hands with blood. He can’t answers back and sits down. With a sorrowful expression, Irie says that he doesn’t need such reminding comments, as he already know this path. But despite his hands are stained by blood more and more, he would like to stay as much as possible sincere with people, as a doctor. He then cuts short this discussion and asks Takano to prepare Rika’s next examination.

At Tokyo, during a reunion, some higher-ups are congratulating Irie for the research done on the Hinamizawa syndrome. Meanwhile someone asks Takano to follow her. She received a phone call from Koizumi. He begins to praises her and comments that Takano Hifumi in heaven is probably proud of her. However, Takano says it is not enough and they should go further.

Irie is in his consultation room with Rika on the bed. As he is taking some blood samples from her, she asks him how Satoko’s state is; especially that Satoshi says that his sister’s state didn’t improve much. She wonders if they were able to find something with the blood samples, and Irie confirms they are already creating experimental drugs to suppress the symptoms. She asks if they can’t give those to her, but Irie is unsure since they are still at the experimental stage.
Then Rika is turning into “Frederica” and comments that there isn’t anything sure at 100% in medicine, but if they let Satoko in this state, her death will be sure at 100%. She says the choice is obvious, while Irie says that in the worst scenario, she might lose her mind permanently. However, Frederica says that she can trust the drug Irie made, and states that it is not natural that a man would have to decide over someone else’s life or death. Because of the cryptic and mature topic, Irie is completely dumbstruck, hardly able to recognize “Rika-chan”. Frederica continues her view of human life, as it is terribly heavy and Irie is unable to bear this weight because he wants to value human life. By extension, medicine is created by someone’s heart. As she gave her body only for Satoko, every blood drop (and so her heart) was offered to Satoko. Irie could see the value of human life with these, without forgetting his guilt and regrets. So she concludes there isn’t any reason it wouldn’t work on Satoko.

Takano is with some High-ups, and all of them are reading the report she brought. They realize that if anything happen to the “queen”, within 48 hours, the whole village would turn crazy. Takano is explaining and justifying these approximations and the men are quite desperate considering how short this margin is. She then asks if she will get their approval, and they are obviously agreeing considering the threat. As they are discussing between them, Takano is delighted of this result, and asks her grandfather in heaven to look at her, as Miyo made it.

Satoko has a perfusion, while Irie and Takano are next to her. Irie does a report, and Takano is not exactly pleased, saying it is too soon to rejoice. Irie wonders if she is irritated that they couldn’t dissect her, but she is evasive and claims that the procedure is too long. However, Irie says it is quite good already since Satoko is now saved. She doesn’t care much, then she tells him that someone is waiting outside: it is Ooishi.

Irie tells him that due her state, he can’t interrogate Satoko. Ooishi explains it is about the incident (instead of accident) which surprises Irie. Ooishi then invites him to enter in the car.
Irie can’t believe Satoko lied to the police. Ooishi explains that she claimed she was in the car and slept, and after some time she woke up and was worried about her parents. However, Ooishi explains that basing on the report done by one of the park workers, it appears that Satoko was the one who reported to them that her parents fell from the cliff.
Ooishi comments how it is strange while Irie begins to understand something…. As he is thinking how her mental state was already around L5 before this accident, he believes that Satoko considered Houjou as an obstacle as he isn’t her true father in blood. That’s why, under the stacked stress, she might have done the irreversible. It wasn’t an accident nor an incident, but rather a tragedy…

Back at the clinic, Irie asks how Rika is, and Takano does her report: Rika has some heavy fever. Irie does a prescription and then touches about the subject of the park falling accident. Takano assures him that the yamainu took care of this, classifying the case as an accident. Takano then comments how it is surprising that Satoko was able to recover, but suddenly someone barges in. It is Miss Furude, very hostile and asking them to give her back Rika.
Irie tries to calm her, but Rika’s mother is very wild and doesn’t listen to him. Takano begins to talk nonchalantly, reminding her about the contract. However, things are not solved as she says that she already talked with her husband and so they will take Rika back, obviously displeasing Takano…

Irie and Takano are in the Furude house and they are once again asking to the parents to resume the research on her. However, the priest isn’t really in a good situation either and suggests the best compromise possible: 3 months. Irie is unable to argue much and concedes, which doesn’t please Takano at all.

As they are leaving, Takano is very angry and yells at Irie. She asks him to go home first, as she has some stuff to do.
As he walks off, Takano is thinking “calmly” how to change this predicament. As she is gazing in the temple, she realizes something: The curse of Oyashiro-sama.

During a party with the elders of the villages, Furude-san suddenly has a heart attack and collapses, leaving everyone wondering what is going on.
Meanwhile, around the Onigafuchi Marsh, some policemen are around. Ooishi and Kuma are investigating the possible suicide of Madam Furude. They retrieve her shoes around there. Kuma reports the note found. It is stating that the dam manager murder and the Houjou accident were generated by Oyashiro-sama. Therefore she sacrifice herself so she can quell the curse.
Ooishi can’t believe about this silly stuff of “curse of Oyashiro-sama”.

Takano is at the clinic, laughing crazily, claiming she won and commenting how wonderful the curse is. Then she receives a phone call, and something completely shocks her.

Takano is assisting the funerals of Koizumi. She is so much affected by it that she is crying. As she is leaving the altar, she is surrounded by some black suits, obviously forcing her to follow them.

Takano is back with the higher-ups. Since the death of Koizumi, the project is in jeopardy and the control is quite messed up. The men explain the Irie Institution had 2 objectives: studying the disease so they can find a cure, and then for some military purpose. Of course, considering the situation, the latter isn’t allowed, and so, it must be suspended immediately, while the first objective is already accomplished as a treatment is already in development. Therefore, they conclude the Irie Institute fulfilled completely their objectives. Takano doesn’t give up and claims the disease is an important research. However, they are not convinced since they already identified the pathogen and the drugs are effective against it. The one of them is holding the report of Doctor Takano hifumi, which shocks her.

This person admits there is indeed a parasite behind the syndrome so there isn’t anything to argue about. However, the mere claim that there are parasites able to control human mind is ridiculous. All of them begin to laugh out loud, and Takano has the flashback of herself, trying to stop the professor trampling on her grandfather thesis. She grits her teeth, in rage and despair.

Takano is roaming outside under a heavy rain, dazed. She mutters it is the end and she apologizes to her grandfather. Then a car stops around her, and a composed silver haired lady asks her to come in, calling her “major”.

Takano is dazed in the car, and the woman is talking about the project. But she then questions about Takano’s objective and she suddenly blurts the true objectives of Takano: reviving and proving Takano Hifumi’s thesis. And this woman is offering their service so they can keep going the research. She present her hand, and Takano wonders if it is the help of heaven, but she realizes it is rather the devil. She doesn’t care about that and shakes her hand, as only her objective matters.


Thoughts :

The second “pieces” episode put further information, and again, the script follows closely the game, with an adapted story telling and pace.
Speaking of which, it is kinda surprising they added that woman at this stage (as she was supposed to be shown after Houjou Tamae’s murder). However, since they are supposed to finish the pieces with the next episode, it wouldn’t make much impact so it is rather a smart move instead.

Overal quality of this episode is fairly nice, and much like previous episode, there isn’t much things to complain, as most of the time, it is a time constraint problem: they had to skip several things, especially Rika’s mother thoughts (who was much more aggressive and defiant against the research).
The visual quality is “as usual”, though Takano design wasn’t really constant.
As for the seiyuu and BGM, nothing to complain either, as they were fitting a lot (again Itou Miki did a good job with Takano’s change of mood). There is maybe a tiny exception: They are recycling a LOT some men seiyuu. Seriously, the guys from the “reunion scene with Irie being congratulated” were quite generic and already heard in various instances (example: the professors who visited Takano Hifumi in episode 15). That said, they hired Tanaka Rie (Suigintou’s seiyuu), which was a perfect choice for this woman. it is unfortunate they cut the scene so shortly that people won’t really see the extent of “evil” of that person.

Yup… quite short thoughts paragraphs, but it is hard to actually criticize flat out revelations and such. Things will be done in the next episode, and we will be set !


4 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 17 : Matsuribayashi-hen 4, Bouryaku”

  1. 1 crazyinsaneanimefangirl October 30, 2007 at 12:43 am

    =D I got my wish! Irie’s past is revealed a little! I feel a bit sorry for Takano regarding Koizumi’s death. Because he was such a good friend of her grandfather, she probably considered him a second grandpa. Not that it’s an excuse. It’s pretty clear that she arranged the death of Rika’s parents. And that’s just not right.

  2. 2 Hecman October 31, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    It was the curse that got them. =)

  3. 3 Rose June 23, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    I agree with crazyinsaneanimefangirl, I like how Irie’s past is revealed a little. If they were to reveal his entire past, though, that might take and episode or two, like Takano’s. Also, when he’s talking to Takano about “drenching his hands with blood” he looks like he’s about to break out in tears. Awwwwww.

  1. 1 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 17 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments « When Anime Past Meets Present Trackback on November 5, 2007 at 12:05 pm

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