Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 21 : Matsuribayashi-hen 8, 48 jikan

note: usual drill folks: this is the bullet summary. Screencaps are uploaded. Now it is a matter of time that I rework the huge pile of summaries… Thanks for your patience…


  • Takano is talking with Takagi (mysterious woman) by phone. Both women are plotting behind the shadows, and Takano prepared the H170 for Tomitake. After she is done with Takagi, she is calling the Hotel that Tomitake resides in Okinomiya. The hostress is checking, but Tomitake isn’t back yet. As she hungs out, Takano rants about his whereabouts, as she has to kill him, and she can’t turn back

  • Akasaka and Irie are still in Rika’s house and they are discussing about the upcoming events, especially the yamainu for the festival

  • Irie is going downstairs from the shrine and bumps on Takano, both comment how it is not usual to see them in such place.
    After some “fun expectations”, Irie parts, but Takano stops him with a gloom look and asks Irie if he knows where Tomitake is. He claims he doesn’t know, and the festival gong cuts them, and they leave each other.

  • Ooishi arrives at Sonozaki mainhouse, joining the club members. As he enters he tells them that the plan is going as expected, and everyone is pretty much excited.
    Hanyuu is increasing Rika’s spirit as well.
    Their battleplan is going smoothly, and their fighting wills are burning.

  • Takano is sleeping and received a phone call, something quite shocking.
    At the HQ, Okonogi is heated up by something very serious, while Takano arrives. It appears they intercepted the information from the Okinomiya police station, and Rika “died 48 hours ago”.
    Takano is very angry and cannot believe that, especially that Rika had only a cold. Okonogi can’t much answer, and Takano claims they should think back about the Syndrome, and things should be ugly already if it happened (as the theory is truth etc).
    Okonogi explains much things but cannot go further about the whole matter

  • Back with the okinomiya police station, Kuma and the coroner are patiently waiting for the results.
    Ooishi is with a operator, and it looks like they figured the spy: Otaka.
    After some reasoning in his mind, Ooishi then calls on a safe line with the coroner and they discuss a bit about their success. Things will go interesting.
    Meanwhile, Takano hangs out a phone call and complains much everyone is doing the same etc. She still can’t believe this and can’t fathom that her theory is wrong. She claims she didn’t lose yet.

  • Okonogi is still in the operating room of their HQ, and things are still heated. The yamainu chief also begins to loses his temper.
    Okonogi realizes this information is probably their “enemy attack”, as the timing is too smooth (as the festival is very close).
    He then orders the countermeasures

  • Tomitake is with his contact and got other interesting informations.
    Meanwhile, Okonogi barges in the hotel room, but no one is there. it appears they figured that Tomitake planned another hotel from the beginning.

  • Ooishi is discussing with Kuma and the coroner. [can’t figure]
    Okonogi and his men are leaving the hotel and orders further directives. It appears things are not over for them yet.

  • the officier Otaka is barging in the okinomiya police station and Ooishi is of course preventing him to go further.
    Things are getting a bit ugly, but Ooishi manages to exposes several facts, and Otaka begins to lose his patience. Ooishi push him to the ground, saying he would be a murderer in this case.
    Otaka orders his men to arrest Ooishi, but they don’t really budge. He begins to attack Ooishi, but the later has no difficulty to grab him and slam him down.

  • The officier claims he has Sonozaki support (the senator sonozaki) and so he can remove Ooishi quite easely. Ooishi is quite amused and ironic with his fear”.As he says this, Akane and Saburou (the one who intervened in Minagoroshi against the Child Council Center director) appear. After much “teasing discussion”, Ooishi reveal their identity, and Otaka is completely powerless.

  • Takano is interrogating Irie about what happened when he saw Rika for the last time. Things don’t go really well for Takano, and she received a phone call.
    It is Takagi, and it looks like she is evasive and speaks about the lost support. She is completely ridiculing Takano Hifumi and Takano herself, as what would happen if she fails (that people would ridicule them).

  • Okonogi and his men appear to have localized Tomitake.
    Takano heard this as she is in the operator room of their HQ, and she comments they finally found the traitor, this liar (how ironic, 34-tan ). Then, she realizes that if Tomitake betrayed them, it wouldn’t be surprising if “someone else” did the same. She orders the yamainu to capture Irie.

  • Tomitake heard a car braking bluntly outside, and approaches his room door. He figures that it is the yamainu trying to capture him. He jumps off from his window, bumping on a car.
    As he is trying to find a gateaway, the yamainu found him and surrounds him.
    Tomitake has no choice and charges at them, determined to NOT be caught!

6 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 21 : Matsuribayashi-hen 8, 48 jikan”

  1. 1 NetNN November 30, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    This time I hope Tomi-kun will survive. Because that will be the solid proof that they can win against fate.

  2. 2 sadakups December 1, 2007 at 3:37 am

    The defining moment of this episode is definitely when Ooishi went GAR on Otaka.

  3. 3 MooMoo December 1, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    He lays the smack down~
    Things aren’t looking too good from the looks of the preview and ending of this episode >.<
    Don’t make me cry producers

  4. 4 CrazyInsaneAnimeFanGirl December 2, 2007 at 1:27 am

    It’s fun watching Takano get angry. =D Yeah, Tomitake! Kick some YamaInu ass!

  5. 5 Hecman December 3, 2007 at 12:30 am

    Tomitake dies in every single arc. What makes you think he would survive this one?

    Otaka didn’t know who he was messing with… Mr. Delicious

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