CLANNAD, Episode 9

As Fuko cannot be dragged in either Nagisa, Tomoya or Youhei’s place, Tomoya decided to lead everyone at school. Despite the recent sorrow moments and the impending “amnesia” coming around, the trio spent their time happily, until an unexpected event occurs…


CLANNAD, Episode 9:

Until the end of the dream

At night, Nagisa, Fuko and Tomoya are in the usual empty classroom, and they want to prepare a party for her. Fuko is quite hasty with all the stuff, as she couldn’t hold on. Tomoya sure thinks she is a child, but well it can’t be helped. As she is turning STAR mode, Tomoya does another prank and steals her party hat. He is asking her to hold on, but Fuko decides to act “temporarly” childish, and attacks Tomoya instead !


Tomoya rants about her immaturity, but Fuko strikes back that He and Nagisa aren’t any good either. Tomoya is quite puzzled and Fuko explains that they don’t treat each other as they should do, since they still call each other with their last name despite they are obviously friends. Therefore, Fuko claims Tomoya should call Nagisa “Nagisa-chan” while Nagisa should call him “Tomoya-kun”. Both are taken off guard, but the moe blob insists. As Nagisa has hard time to do that, Tomoya is grumply whispering Nagisa’s first name. Of course, as soon as he said the “chan”, he complains he can do that and Nagisa agrees with him it is too embarassing. As result, Fuko claims they are more childish than her. Tomoya doesn’t want to lose and asks if he can at least remove the “chan”. As he says plainly “Nagisa”, the concerned is blushing while Tomoya believes it is much easier, which Nagisa agrees with. However, Nagisa still has difficulty to use his first name and it will take time for her. Fuko is quite satisfied while Tomoya grumpy wonders what was that fuss about. Fuko says she likes Nagisa and Tomoya very much, and so she wish the best for them, like her sister and yuusuke. She then walks and kiss them on their cheek.

Nagisa puts the party hat on Fuko, who is completely excited by this. Fuko then asks if they can perform a pre-celebration of the weddings. Both don’t see any problem with that, as there are probably some stuff usable around.
Next is 5 candles, and of course, Fuko is quite enthusiatic.

The trio are “repeating” for the congratulations they would do for Kouko’s weddings. While they are trying to remove the ribbons etc, Nagisa and Tomoya stick with their promise: they have some hard time to say the other’s first name naturally, though Fuko is very pleased by that.

The trio is sitting and Fuko is quite sleepy. Nagisa and Tomoya comment how they look like a family.
Next morning, Tomoya and Nagisa are sleeping, but Fuko is nowhere to be seen. Tomoya and Nagisa quickly wake up and they don’t know what they are doing there… they forgot about Fuko as well…

Back at the Bakery, both are trying to explain, but Akio is about to kick Tomoya’s butt. But he stops and both Furukawa parents mention they heard that Nagisa told them she had something important to do last night. Tomoya asks them if they can remember about that “important thing” but Sanae can’t and Akio let loose his fustration, wielding his bat.
On their way to school, Tomoya comments that just like Akio, something is really bugging him: it seems he can’t remember something really important. Then Nagisa shows him a wooden starfish. Tomoya noticed there was something similar in the club room. Nagisa explains she had one in her room but can’t remember how she got that. However, she says that when she looks at it, it is soothing her. She asks if it gives him the same feeling, and both are silent.
At school, Tomoya is still trying to remember about “that”, and Kyou is checking up. Tomoya explains he is trying to remember something important but he can’t figure what it was. Kyou believes he is simply bored and tries to ask him to hang around with her and Ryou tomorrow since it is sunday. With the mention of tomorrow, Tomoya thinks there is something schelduled during that day. Kyou is upset and believes he made up an excuse, but Tomoya insists there is something he has to do tomorrow.
At the courtyart, Nagisa had the same feeling and tomorrow would be kinda important. Tomoya figures there has to be a special event tomorrow, so he thinks they should try to remember about it together.

They notice Koumura-sensei who is preparing the wedding board. Both are wondering what is going on, while Koumura is quite puzzled they don’t remember about that. As Tomoya and Nagisa are staring at it, they remember about Kouko. They finally understood what is their important thing, but they don’t comprehend why they could forget such things. However, Tomoya asks Nagisa why he would celebrate this as he doesn’t have any connection with Kouko. Koumura mentions it is another weird question, as he probably had a relationship with her so that he wants to celebrate it. Nagisa believes she introduced her to Tomoya, but she also thinks there is someone else. Koumura suggests it might be her little sister, and then walks off.

As she thinks about it, Nagisa remembers about Fuko, and so Tomoya as well. They can now see her again, and they feel very bad about that, while Fuko is a bit stoic. Nagisa hugs her and they will accompany her for the weddings.

The ceremony is taking place, but there isn’t much people (only the regular guests, no student), but Fuko says it is alright with Nagisa and Tomoya.
The ceremony is taking place quite nicely, but afterwards, the trio is running like mad in the corridor. Tomoya press on, as he wants them to be first around the front gate, so they can cheer lourder than everyone else. However, Tomoya stops and notices a fuss:
There are TONS of students outside.

As they are checking it up, they meet up with the Fujibayashi Twins and Botan. Tomoya thought they were going to go shopping. Both girls say they saw the starfish and felt they should come.
Youhei shows up as well, and of course, the couple is quite surprised by it. Youhei mentions they are not alone, and other people came as well: Misae, the rugby club members, Tomoyo and Yukine, Mitsui, Kotomi and the Fuko Fanclub, and also Akio with Sanae. Fuko can’t believe her wish was granted, and she is quite happy of course.

The bride and groom are leaving the school and they meet with the students. Fuko is talking about her dream to Tomoya, while nagisa is crying. Fuko thanks them with her heart content, and then disappears. Soon, Tomoya can’t bear it either.
Kouko approaches them as she saw them rather sad.
Tomoya ask her to listen to him, as someone was alone but did her best to help her, and both of them liked her truely. Kouko figured it was Fuko who was always with them. Tomoya then asks her to be happy for Fuko’s sake as well and she accepts.
Suddenly, both Nagisa and Tomoya receive a wooden starfish and they are puzzled by it.

Then, everyone sees a ghostly girl greeting Kouko and giving a starfish to her. Kouko is speechless while Fuko congratulates her, wishing her happiness. As Kouko says her name, Fuko disappears in a gust of wind.

Kouko with Yuusuke is discussing with Nagisa and Tomoya, explaining what Fuko probably felt until now, and she was quite happy with this. Fuko gave her blessing from her dream and it reacher Kouko. She concludes that as long as they are happy, Fuko would feel the same as well.

At school, Kyou and Ryou explain some rumor about a girl who was involved in a car accident two years ago, who is “Ibuki-sensei’s little sister”, who was rather cute etc.
Youhei is quite interested and still holding a wooden starfish. Kyou has a feeling that they know how she is: cute, earnest, running around the school etc. Youhei thinks a bit, and he felt like he heard something that as well, while nagisa is staying behind silently. Kyou then asks him what he is holding for a while. Youhei explains he found that in his room but he doesn’t have a clue where he got that from.
Everyone figures it is a starfish. Then Nagisa wonders how they could find it out, while Tomoya is still sleeping. Tomoya tells the rumor of a girl who will one day join everyone who waits for her, and someday she will say “if you would like, please be friend with me!”



5 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 9”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama November 30, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    Personally I have a bit of a hard time understanding what got people crying over this episode. I know it was intended, but I just didn’t feel the overwhelming desire to let loose at any point.

    Though in case people are wondering I have in fact cried over a media artform before. Two instances really get me in particular and those are the ending to Braveheart (not the racking, the one right after) and the ending to Shawshank Redemption (two good friends meeting after a long time and renewing their bond). Both of those movies developed the main characters stories well, which I don’t think Clannad did for Fuko.

    It’s still those stories of solid character bonds and of heroism and virtue that really move me as opposed to what happened here. I haven’t felt any genuine bond between any of the characters presented thus far. If there’s one thing I’ve never felt Kyoani has been able to do well before it’s that. There are hints of it, but rarely are they ever explored. Missed Opportunities…..

  2. 2 Flam December 1, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Well, on the contrary I think they’re develpoing Nagisa x Tomoya very well. I could see how they cared about Fuko, but I myself just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t dislike Fuko at all, but at the same time I couldn’t feel emotionaly attached to her and her problem.

  3. 3 Arashi-chan December 1, 2007 at 6:11 am

    I couldn’t care less for Fuuko. I knew what was gonna happen at the wedding, but when Ana started playing, I started sobbing. And I don’t particularly like the song… Didn’t cry this much in Makoto…
    Well, opinions differ, and I think the whole thing was wisely executed. If only this had happened 2 or 3 episodes back…

  4. 4 Sheba December 3, 2007 at 11:19 am

    >> It’s still those stories of solid character bonds and of “heroism and virtue” that really move me as opposed to what happened here.

    Here lies your problem. “Heroism and virtue” are something you may never find in the visual novel genre. The “Titanic” movie made millions of people cry, but not those who were more into something like war drama or the likes. Did “Vanilla Sky/Abre Los Ojos” needed “heroism and virtue” to move its people? No, what moved people is the fact that they know that the hero will have to choose between not to wake up and stay in an illusionary dream world or wake up in a future where all the people he cared for are long dead. And I can remember other moving stories that didn’t need “heroism and virtue” as fuel for powerful emotions, or there were works that didn’t need the usual sci-fi tropes, politic, or war to be called “epic”.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama December 3, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    You may have a very good point in the first sentence you made, but then again, I see heroism and virtue in Higurashi (maybe that’s why I like it and the characters so much more then any other visual novel adaptation I’ve ever seen). It’s certainly a rarity though in the genre as a whole though.

    As for Titanic, I found Jack to be a very heroic character who conducted himself as a gentleman (far more than Roses fiance) and saved Rose from a misguided and self-destructive path, allowing her to experience a world she never would have been able to otherwise since all those around her expected her to be a prim and proper lady. She was trapped essentially and Jack was her liberator.

    Tom Cruises character I never connected with because of his vanity and self interest for the majority of the movie. He was so obsessed with his good looks, a cheater, and people only seemed to kiss up to him because he was powerful and wealthy. At least in real life. Perhaps it was brave of him to give up the fantasy life where everything could be as he wanted it for the cold harsh reality of an unknown future, but I certainly didn’t feel for him. That and the “TECH SUPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT!” moment right before the revelation kind of killed the climax a bit. It was rather hammed up.

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