Strike Witches episode 2 ~ Joining the witches

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Hold on…do I detect Yuri?

Another late entry by me but what do you know, I still have Sekirei to do which will hopefully be up later today (though neither this nor that would be anything extensive…).
So this being the second episode of what has already drawn quite some attention for being a series that promote “burning your pants”, I was eagar to see what other deeper messages would crop up and I think I’ve found one…

Thoughts: I know that I hate to keep comparing this series with Sky Girls but it has to be done again. The action scenes in this episode was impressive…very impressive actually if you compare it with Sky Girls and bein both of the same genre I just can’t help but think that I will like this series a whole lot better as it is more attuned to my liking. Besides the bias though the visuals are somewhat captivating (and not just because we do get a few scenes where a “butt” just fills the whole screen, and by no means am I complaining :3).

As expected, this episode was a mixture of taking down the bigass bug in the sky and the resolve that Yoshika builds on in becoming a Strike witch. I am rather glad that this was all wrapped up in one episode (I am talking about Yoshika’s resolve here) rather than having her being unsure for over 3 episodes. The development leading up the the decision was decent and realistic…I mean the way Yoshika was told off for being a waste of space when the explosions started was great, not in a mean way but there was nothing she could have done half heartedly when everyone was already in a lot of trouble so I don’t necessary hate the random official for telling her as it is, it just adds that much more realism to this fantasy by not pandering the main characters.

But when she did form that resolve, Yoshika does prove herself to be a welcomed addition to the squad. She has natural raw talent (like a lot of characters from a lot of other series as far as raw talent is concerned so there isn’t anything new here, sorry) but her character is innocent and true which makes her all the more likable. Speaking of likable though I still love Sakamoto (serious kudos to Saeko Chiba becuase her voice is just stunning).

Screen picks and “wise guy” comments:

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MMM…this is a view from the Gods, oh wait…I mean dammit girl where are your pants!

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The truth is harsh but you will learn to deal with it…

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Need I say more?

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Awesome visuals (for GONZO anyway)…I never thought I would see another magical shield like that after Nanoha

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This is another way of saying; “Believe in yourself, don’t believe in me who believes in you, don’t believe in you who believes in me, believe in yourself…” (this was the other deeper message I was talking about)

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No joke…I had a flashback to he famous “I AM GUNDAMMM!” phrase

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And that isn’t the only thing that is huge :3

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Nope…but nice try.

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More Yuri vibes~~~~

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Touching, development moment here

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This is one thing I am dreading…learning all their names >_<

2 Responses to “Strike Witches episode 2 ~ Joining the witches”

  1. 1 C.I. July 13, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Implied Yuri now? This show has automatically tied with ZnT 3 for the No.1 show on my watchlist.

  2. 2 EvilDevil July 14, 2008 at 12:44 am

    yuri, no pants, lolies, butt shots… (if they throw a twincest or siscon in it i will die) OMG is like an orgasmic fanfestservice that never stops… are they trying to kill us?…

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