Zero no Tsukaima II, episode 5 summary and thoughts

If anyone was wondering where Louise and Saito went after escaping Louise’s mansion – we have our answer. They are back academy, and things look back to normal. Normal as in – students are still undergoing Agnes’s training drills. Louise is training and Saito is watching from the sidelines. But when Agnes announces she has a special teacher for them to teach combat magic you just know things are about to get whacky once more.

And indeed – our new teacher appears to be no other than Louise’s dear sister Eleonore, sent by Henrieta herself. Students look surprised, Julio comments that she looks kind, but Louise doesn’t look too thrilled. (Understandably so … that sister is a demon 0_o). She tells Louise she is going to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t go wild with Saito ^_^. Much to Louise’s joy it appears Cattelaya has come over as well, Although Eleonora thinks she should have stayed home because of her week body.

Later that night Saito is doing his usual duties (aka sorting out female underwear … only for all of the Valiere sisters this time ^^. He gets interrupted by Siesta who makes a comment she almost mistook him for some underwear thief. She offers Saito her help, and in the process starts mussing over that such fancy clothing, probably, wouldn’t fit her. Saito says it would, and Siesta immediately decides to try it on ^^. So … what happens when Saito is in a compromising situation ? Yep – the usual. Louise walks in, and is not very pleased with the sight.

Though before she gets her chance to whip Saito they are distracted by some tremor. They rush to the Principles office and find a bunch of people there, gathered around a large hole in the wall to principle’s office. Osman announces it is an accident and Agnes sends everyone to their rooms, but Saito gets asked to stay. It appears there was something stolen – the rings of Wind and Water. But, fortunately, Osman had managed to plant a symbol near the female thief’s breast, so finding her should be possible. Since the thief used earth magic each mage is a suspect. Saito gets to search together with Michelle (who doesn’t hesitate to announce he is nothing but a bother), while Agnes is going to search together with Julio.

So, what is Saito’s first stop? Yep – Louises sweet (or not) sister – Eleonore. Course of action> Why … sneak up on her while she is sleeping and check her breasts for the seal. (Though considering she is flat enough to be used as an airfield she should have been off the suspect list, because the thief had rather large breasts, but whatever – more fun for us ^^). As such, Saito sneaks up to the sleeping Eleonora and unbuttons her shirt, bt finds nothing (be it seal or breast wise). But there is no fun without something going wrong, is it? And lookie – Eleonore has woken up, which means Saito is in for a world of pain.

After getting promptly beat up Saito is released (he got away a lot faster and easier than i expected 0_o … Eleonore must have felt ill) and goes for his next target – the lovely Cattelaya. Unfortunately for our detective all of Cattelaya’s pets gather around him the second he enters, causing quite the ruckus and waking Cattelaya in process. Now, given her personality nothing bad should happen to Saito … i am sure she would simply let him ‘inspect’ her should he simply ask …

But hey – we can’t let a compromising situation go to waste, so lo and behold – Louise enters the room and is not very thrilled about Saito being here. Especially when the genius states his reason for being here is “to take a peek at Cattelaya’s breasts”. After that Louise drags Saito of to their room, gets out her new whip she has just purchased (lol) and prepares to let Saito have a feel of it.

But luck seems to be on Saito’s side tonight – another explosion disturbs the peace and they head out to the source, which happens to be Cattelaya’s room – there is a hole in her wall. Incidentally Cattelaya has a bruise on her left breast, which she says she just got due to the thief who escaped through her room. Since such bruise would conceal the mark left by Osman she becomes the prime suspect. Since Agnes and Julio have already finished their part of the search with no luck (They had simply asked the girls to cooperate, which leaves Saito looking like an idiot), they conclude that Cattelaya might be the suspect. Even the stolen rings turn up in her room. Some arguing ensues, but Eleonora is on the case – she takes a strand of hair she found with the rings and spills some magic potion it it, which is going to make it return to its original place. To everyone’s surprise the hair flies to Michelle.

She denies everything, but refuses to allow Agnes inspect her chest. Then she suddenly draws her sword and charges towards Agnes, who doesn’t have enough time to react, but is intercepted by Saito. After a brief skirmish she escapes trough the hole in the wall, but is stopped by an eart golem summoned by Cattelaya. Agnes then shoots Michelle’s wand, destroying it. Michelle is taken in to custody and it is revealed she has deep hatred for the country, because her Father and mother committed a suicide due to being framed of treason. She says that the only one willing to take care of her was an old friend of her father’s, and that the country has done nothing for her. Agnes concludes she is talking about a man named Richemont and reveals that Richemont’s actions were the thing that lead to her parents suicide. Episode ends with Saito getting a taste of Louises whip, because she is not about to forgive him for sneaking in her sister’s room.

Overall ? This episode was nothing but a filler. Same old antics and some episodic adventure, with Louise being as annoying as ever. Looks like Saito’s and Louise’s relationship has taken a step backwards as well, as he is getting on bad side of the whip quite a few times… which is a redundant joke that ceased to be funny a gooood while ago. I sincerely hope the plot starts to kick in sometime soon, as this feels like simply wasting time at the moment.

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