Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 11 : Minagoroshi-hen 6, Tsuyoi Ishi

[Disclaimer]: NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED). DO NOT read this summary until you DO WANT to be spoiled. A MAJOR event is unveiled, and it is extremely HEAVY. The impact of this episode (even the whole series) will be horribly lessened if you proceed ! If you still dare to do so, Good reading!
Everything is in motion to save Satoko! Will they make it? This depends of Satoko and Teppei…
But is the world alright like this…? RULE Y is “living and well”… The mastermind(s) await and their will to obliterate the village is lively and persistent.
This week, a huge part of Higurashi is finally unveiled…
Episode 11 – 強い意志 – Tsuyoi Ishi – Strong Will


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen part6 : Tsuyoi Ishi

Please tell me what happened in this night.
It’s like the cat inside the box.

Please tell me what happened in this night.
You don’t know if the cat in the box is dead or alive.

Please tell me what happened in this night.
The cat in the box was dead.

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: kj1980 from Animesuki Forums)


Teppei is interrupted by the phone call and isn’t exactly thrilled by this, leaving satoko severely beaten. The counselor is persistent in his questions, leaving no choice for Teppei except to let Satoko taking the call. However…

…Teppei uses once again his “persuasive” argument. If Satoko screws around, not only she will be beaten like no tomorrow, but Teppei will destroy Satoshi’s room. Satoko is picking the call, and discuss with the counselor, while Teppei is just behind her, keeping his grip on her shoulders…

Satoko claims nothing has changed compared to the last time the child center came, then Keiichi picks the call instead and tells her that they succeed to change everyone’s mind, even the Sonozaki. Keiichi is very excited by this and tells her that even though the villagers were treating her badly, it is not the case anymore, as Keiichi’s efforts managed to shatter this situation. Then Rika takes his place, assuring her the village no longer bully her. Satoko can’t believe that, and Rika in her kuro mode admits she didn’t believe it either, especially ever since Teppei took her away. But Keiichi proved he could beat fate. Teppei is still behind her and strengthen his grip on her shoulders. As Rika tells her that their hands are in reach for her, Satoko still says she has to be stronger, but Rika argues that withstanding alone isn’t a sign of strength and reminds her how Satoshi protected her from her aunt. Rika then asks if Teppei is behind, and she confirms it. Rika then asks her to face this bastard, and takes example of Satoshi’s courage, which is true strength. Teppei isn’t really happy about how long the call is, and begins to glare at Satoko. Rika then announces she will give the call back to the counselor.

Satoko is in turmoil and panick, as her fear is crippling her. The counselor then asks once again if she doesn’t have any problem since the return of Houjou Teppei. Satoko mutters something, and the counselor asks confirmation once again.

Satoko finally makes her step, and asks for help!
Teppei immediately reacts, yelling she betrayed her. Satoko, finally back at her normal state, turns herself and faces her uncle saying she hates him. She proceeds in her courage, ordering him to get out of this house, as it is hers and satoshi’s.

Satoko keep yelling, but Teppei is pissed off and slaps her. Satoko doesn’t cry and still faces him, with this defying stare. Teppei doesn’t like this look, and grabs her and slams her down, ready to punch her. However, he is interrupted by some people knocking at his door. This is the police!
The policemen order him to quickly open the door, otherwise they will force it. Teppei opens the door, helplessly and is quickly incapacited.

As the struggle just leave a plain silence in the call, Keiichi is worried and asks Satoko to answer. Ooishi assures him everything is okay and he contacted his men with his talki walkie. Ooishi then leaves the rest to them, asking since the issue is now resolved, to disband the mob in front of the center. Rika explains to Keiichi that Ooishi contacted his men while he listened to Satoko. Shion deduces this is probably because the police marked Teppei because of Rina’s murder. Keiichi wonders who it is, but Mion jokes about the adult world.

Teppei is taken into custody. Satoko is with a policewoman and everyone is there.

Satoko burst in tears, rushes towards rika and both hug each other.
And soon, the watanagashi festival begins…

Everyone rush immediately to the takoyaki stand, while Rika and Hanyuu talk a bit. Both notice it is the first time the Festival is so lively. Rika comments she finally realizes the meaning and the way of fighting against fate. As the rest is awaiting her, Rika claims to hanyuu that she will never yield to fate ever again. However, Hanyuu stays behind, reverting back her sad expression.

In the night of Watanagashi, Rika talks once again with Tomitake and Takano. Tommy is still wondering why they would be killed. Takano is amused and says it is probably the curse, and this would be an honor. Rika foretells them that Tomitake will claw out his throat to death while Takano will be found somewhere in the mountain, burned in a drum can. Tomitake is wondering if it is the “LEVEL 5” for his case, the terminal stage of the disease, but assures her he will be fine as he already vaccined himself. Takano wonders if Rika made a dream. Takano says everything will be alright and Tomitake will protect her. But Rika still claim they will die, then wonders who will protect her if both of them are killed. Takano says the yamainu will keep their job on, but Rika isn’t exactly persuaded. Takano assures her that her protection will be even better than the doctor Irie’s. Tomitake claims they will be careful, but Rika then believes they will be attacked once they will be alone, so she asks them to not wander off somewhere together. They really don’t take Rika seriously and she leaves them. Despite they didn’t buy what she said, Rika won’t give up

Rika then explains the facts to Ooishi, who wonder where she knew about this. Rika answers she heard thim by chance in the crowd, but she wasn’t able to see the faces of them. Ooishi understands it might be the fifth year of the curse and this is a possibility to not discard. Rika indicates him that they will be attacked around the road between Hinamizawa and Okinomiya. Ooishi understood her message and will dispatch a patrol in this area. Rika is relieved, and tells him no one aside him believed her, and Ooishi then says the police does. Even if nothing happens, it would be a relief that no one is hurt after all.

Then, Rika does the same with her friends. Keiichi then suggests they can escort them until the end of the festival. Keiichi assumes no one would attack them if there are many people around.

Everyone follow the “couple”, and they finally arrive at the clinic. Everyone is about to leave, and Rika asks them once again to be careful. Tomitake greets them and announces they will see each other probably around fall. Both groups greet each other good night. As keiichi and the rest leave, Rika is still worried about Tomitake and Takano.

In the clinic, Tomitake is packing some stuff and asks Takano to tell Irie to undertake Rika’s examinations. It would be something very bad if something happen to Rika. Takano suddenly grabs his hand and has something to tell him. Takano admits she was surprised by Rika and she might have supernatural powers. Tomitake is puzzled, but Takano follows it up, saying she loves him. Tomitake is embarassed and wonders what’s up with her. Takano announces him it is finally time, and very soon, it will be realized. Her dream. Tomitake remembers about it.

Takano then says that the time the curse will finally be reality jas finally arrived. And thus, her childhood dream will become true. Tomitake is horrified and wonders if it… But Takano confirms it right away. This make Tomitake reacts, standing up instantly. Takano is disappointed but was expecting this reaction.

As she is opening the door, the Yamainu are infiltrating the room. Tomitake asks the meaning of this. Takano explains that Hinamizawa Syndrome is like a bomb, ready to explode. So, they were dispatched by Tokyo to diffuse it. However, some people would like to see this bomb to do a big boom. Tomitake can’t believe this, as Takano should know how dangerous this disease is. Takano agrees, and this is the reason why Tokyo won’t be able to cover up this blunder (As demonstrated in Tsumihoroboshi/Reunion, the governement wasn’t able to do it correctly). Tomitake wonders if she was bribered by these people, but Takano is still playing evasive and childish, shrugging about this.

Tomitake asks Okonogi (the lead of the Yamainu) if he is playing double game as well, but Takano reminds him the Yamainu were her elite troop from the very beginning, and they were controlling the clinic itself. Tomitake and Irie of course didn’t know about this “detail”. Then, Okonogi orders his men to seize Tomitake.

As she is amused by this sight, she is asking a question which will probably fail: She asks if Tomitake will be her ally as well, but Tomitake refuses. Takano is “relieved” as she won’t have any regret and presents him a syringe. Tomitake wonders what this injection is, and Takano suggests he has an idea of it. Tomitake can’t believe as they were supposed to have disposed of it all. Takano is amused, and plays with Tomitake for the last time: concerning the medecine he took before going in Hinamizawa this time around… it wasn’t the vaccine but something else. As she is teasing him that he should check what medecine he takes, Tomitake understands the inpemding demise awaiting him…

Takano “packed” Tomitake in her car trunk, then orders the Yamainu to begin the final operation. As she is driving to the usual location, she notices the police car, the patrol Ooishi dispatched earlier. Annoyed by this unpredictable hinderance, she keep driving.

Some time later, she stops her car and unload Tomitake and his bike. She is then commenting that he will soon wake up, with the LEVEL 5, the terminal stage of the disease. He will go through some psychosis and then dies in a pitiful fashion. She then says his abnormal death and her disappearance will reinforce the curse of oyashiro-sama.

In an operation trick, Takano is wearing a black suit and is drinking some tea. A soldier comes to give his report to Takano. The Gifu Division got through of some problem: The corpse prepared for the cover up has its death time set 24 hours since now. Takano isn’t bothered by this issue, which surprises the soldier, as it means “she died yesterday”. Takano is amused and says it is fine, so they can use this corpse. The soldier is still concerned, but Takano begin another of her delirium speeches: Even if the coroners realize the 24h issue, the naive villagers would doubt it, as they are completely crippled by their beliefs. The soldier understands and will give confirmation to the Gifu Division.

As he is leaving, Takano interrupts her and wonders how she will be covered. The soldier explains her that the placeholder will be burnt in a drum can. Takano is interested and concludes Rika might have some ability to foretell the future. Thus, she asks him to give order to the yamainu in hinamizawa to reinforce the guard around Rika.
Another soldier reports an intercepted message from the police that Tomitake’s corpse has been found. Takano is amused and says it has begun…



 Kuma reports to Ooishi that it appears Tomitake clawed out his throat with his own hands. Considering the abnormality of this death, he concludes this is probably due of some drugs. Ooishi comments about it is the fifth time…
Irie is dumbstruck. he isn’t able to believe this and says it is impossible…
Takano is ejoying herself, stating everything will fall…


Thoughts :

Here we are on the final part of Minagoroshi-hen. The ride still goes on, and this is will be the pinaccle of the whole series until Matsuribayashi-hen shows up.
Again, DEEN covered very well the characters: Satoko’s spirit, Rika’s resolution, Tomitake’s struggle and Takano’s mad scheme.

The content itself was pretty much well covered, though I will complain about 2 issues:

  1. Transition between “Satoko’s arc” and the Watanagashi Festival. basically, they could reinforce much more on Satoko’s fight and how the days return back to normal before the watanagashi. I’m aware of the time restrain, but i believe even 3 minutes would do the trick.
  2. Tomitake’s struggle. Much like what Rias said on AS, the fact Takano comments “I expected nothing less,  Jirou-san. Even six people have trouble subduing you.” This doesn’t make sense as it lasted not even 10 full seconds and not even 1 of the yamainu was knocked down. It would require much more chaos and this would fit the TIPS about Tomitake’s muscular status.

Aside of this, the content of this episode and its execution were great, especially how the camera was zooming on Takano mad and delighted expressions.
You hate her already? Be prepared for some tissues and lots of angst, as Takano will be hated beyond 100% with the next episodes. This will be the true meaning of “Minagoroshi-hen” as “Massacre Chapter”.

The quality of this episode is still on the usual scale, though Takano’s hair was not exactly constant, but not ugly anyway. As usual, the animation is perfect and fluent. No hiccups whatsoever, even with Satoko’s scenes.

As for the tracks, I’m again annoyed by this abuse of “dramatic” tracks for satoko’s fight. It doesn’t exactly fit how she faced Teppei, nor how she hugged Rika.
However, it was creepy and eerie enough with Takano, no mistake about it.

Another great episode, introducing the BATSHIT. And now it is finally there, the world going downhill will be very heartwrenching. Will Rika be shattered? who knows…
However, another witness will have hard time to bear such “show”…


2 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 11 : Minagoroshi-hen 6, Tsuyoi Ishi”

  1. 1 shiro September 14, 2007 at 12:58 am

    He dies yet again, though this time we see it happen. =D

  2. 2 Hecman September 14, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Explains the defensive wounds and more meaning for opening animation for sure.

    Dam random curiosity screencaps! I wanted to at least guess the wrong person.

    Klashikari your right. There was enough clues to guess who behind rule Y, but yet its covered up by rules X and Z.

    To see Rika cry tears of joy after saving Satoko from her cruel uncle is heart touching. T_T Fight on Rika! Fight on!

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