Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 10 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minor spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

Back to the ol’ “minor spoiler” state. How so…? Well, this episode shows the depths of Satoko’s case and how it was actually “hardcore and insanely difficult” to bypass it.
Rika was definitely facing a gigantic ironclad wall and it is kinda clear the problem was huge enough to put her into despair so quickly. However, our good GAR K came to rescue the world with some true man strength to shatter this big rampart. And guess what? First it was some cracks, then it was a tiny hole last week, now it is a wide opening! Let’s review all of this…
I believe you know the drill ^^. The following links are the analysis for the previous episodes of Minagoroshi-hen. Don’t hesitate to read them back, they can be valuable with the current “data”.
[Meiro no Housoku], [Unmei no Kaekata], [Yuragi], [Koushou]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!

Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Rule Z
  2. Hinamizawa and the Governement
  3. Rika’s Trial
  4. Random thing: Under the name of Oyashiro-sama…

Special note: I decided to dedicate a serious “random thing” for Hanyuu, who wasn’t exactly “perfectly” portrayed in the anime.


I. Rule Z

The start of the episode was kinda nailing a direct problem: the so called “curse”. Basically, the fear among the villagers is so deep rooted that it hinders completely any initiative from anyone.
How many people are currently hating the Houjou ? (in a global sense, not like people would love Teppei heh…)
Hard huh?
Despite what Kimiyoshi claimed, the Dam War has not “finished” literally, as people are still under the “stigma” of this violent course of events. Much like I stated in other analysis, the Houjou weren’t exactly the only supporters for the Dam Project. However, these “ninja” supporters feared for their lives… not is was life threatening position, but you can tell this kind of life in Hinamizawa isn’t exactly what you would like to go through.

And this is the irony of the situation: the Sonozaki. RULE Z is completely overwhelming… an iron gauntlet state, which backfires to the “perpretators” as well.
How so…? Basically, the Sonozaki are the “natural” leaders, having the reputation and the “somewhat” visible power. Treated as Yakuza but also protectors, no one would ever question their leadership.
Here is some TIPS, showing how the Gosanke was structured before and how the Sonozaki’s ascent of power grew: [Scrapbook VII], [Scrapbook VIII], [Scrabook IX]

This is the issue, as they are sticked with this “mental image” for everyone: If they are rulers, they must act appropriately. And you can deduce it: how would they be considered if they begin to go “nice” with Satoko? A cursed Houjou… wouldn’t be contradictory?

As it is hinted several times, the Sonozaki (and even Oryou) aren’t that “evil” per se. It is very amusing to say, but to be fair honest, Oryou is more likely a tsundere.
This isn’t exactly a joke. You can see the several signs of it on the following TIPS: [disinherited with a sword fight]
(there is also another nice point for it, but it is a Matsuribayashi-hen piece, so not for the moment)

Impressive huh? Now think back how Oryou reacted in Himatsubushi-hen: When Ooishi’s “spy” told what he knew to Akasaka, Oryou was truly saying they weren’t involved. Now, if we pick this TIPS, [Even the eyes of the demon…], it is really clear that Oryou isn’t really someone holding an insane grudge.
Oryou has a wise consideration for the children, and even her arch enemy’s grandson didn’t deserve this. So, mere traitors like the Houjou wouldn’t deserve this as well.
This is proved with Satoshi’s disappearance, as Mion got through of her distinction but Oryou assured her that they weren’t involved at all with Satoshi’s case.

Then, back on the usual issue, Oryou is unfortunately not in a good position to oppose the general spread thought “Houjou don’t deserve forgiveness”. This is how evil and powerful the RULE Z is: the incontestable domination of the Sonozaki is simply applied to everyone in Hinamizawa.
No wonder why it is so easy for the victim(s) of the RULE X to be affected by the paranoia and hence fore, their madness. It is even worse to reason them as the Sonozaki don’t and CAN’T act against their own power.
The biggest example would be Shion, who was COMPLETELY in denial to the fact the Sonozaki aren’t involved in any gruesome incident.

That’s why I felt the RULE Z was kinda similar to the “Règne de la Terreur” by Robespierre. Of course, the scale and the consequences are really different. But the concepts, for me, are really alike.
You can’t do anything which can lead you to your own undoing… However, you can (and somehow you are encouraged) to denounce an “enemy”.

No wonder why Rika, even being one of the leaders of the village as the Representant of the Furude AND as the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama, cannot do anything against the RULE Z.

Therefore, that’s why the Sonozaki mentioned the “kejime”, so the distinction as a way to keep their image unscarred. But Rena outwitted very well, as the distinction doesn’t mean anything if you must use it as a humble and respectful apologizes for any “arguable fault”.


II. Hinamizawa and the Governement

Aside of the usual legends and fairy tales we could read on various TIPS, the village of Hinamizawa has a peculiar past.
Even since the Dam War, it is very likely the Government wasn’t exactly keeping this village in their best “beautiful landscapes collection”.

As you can see, hinderances are much more higher than it appear to be. They don’t have anything against Houjou Satoko, but the village itself is an eyesore for some of the bureaucrats.
Because of the Dam War, the Government image wasn’t really left unscarred.

Ironically, the committee of Hinamizawa kneel before them, as the contributions help them.

Now, here is a little reasoning which can be valuable here: why would the government use so many contributions to help a village, if they were to obliterate them?
Let’s not forget the main problem, aside of Satoko’s: The mastermind(s) are still in the wild and we don’t have any motive available.
We just know that the government “might keep” the village “wealthy” and “healthy”, as they are carriers of a very peculiar disease (be it bacteria, virus, etc). Thus, Irie, Tomitake, Takano and probably other collaborators are dispatched to find a cure for this disease.
Now, why the obliteration? It is extremely odd…

Back with Hinamizawa now…
Why is this village so peculiar? The past and the belief might be the reasons behind this.
Remember the slogan?

If one casts a stone at us, cast stones back with two people. If two people cast stones, cast them back with four. if eight, do with sixteen. And against a thousand enemies, stand up and fight with the entire village!

By this slogan, you know the village is really united… but there is a reason behind this… Again, background, which isn’t exactly possible to cover with the tight available time for the anime. This is what Shion was talking about to Keiichi and Rena, when she was Mion in disguise and the later two were confronting her in Watanagashi and Meakashi.

Let’s begin…
In the past, the Hinamizawa village was formerly named the Onigafuchi village. As we could see on many scrapbooks, the inhabitants of Onigafuchi strongly thought they had a demon heritage in their bloodline and thus, considered themselves as superior.

After several part of history, especially the sudden rise of modernization, the village became Hinamizawa. Quickly, the belief wasn’t exactly generalized and the villagers were considered as freaks, leading to ethnical issues. These gossips and discrimination were so strong that they were considered as outcast, and filthy (much like how the Houjou were for the villagers). They were like plague and this belief was generalized, to the point it broke marriages and even discouraged enterprises to hire people from Onigafuchi.

However, everything change after the end of the WWII, as General MacArthur instored a new constitution against the social discrimination. The change was considered a new wind for the village, as the villagers were working hard to restore the rich aspects of their beloved motherland.

One man was the central factor of this reconstruction: Souhei Sonozaki, Mion’s grandfather and Oryou’s husband. Souhei was a food and supplies warehouse manager during the war. At the end, he elaborated a plan to bring back the canned military food back to japan, with his companions and superiors.
This was a success and Souhei was able to gather a noticeable wealth. However, the good man didn’t keep the money for himself. He sent it to his wife, the head of the Sonozaki. And with this money, Oryou decides to rebuild Hinamizawa, as the whole village is a family, and thus, this money will be shared with everyone.

Unfortunately, another obnoxious dark side of the war is crashing on Hinamizawa: soon, a weird but persistent rumor coiled hinamizawa as the canned food was probably human meat…
It is sad enough to think about it, but considering the awful war situations, the unthinkable is the most “logical” answer in some instances… so, yes human corpses are a very “good choice” as food in battlefield and this is what some officers in a certain military division concluded…
It was never revealed if the rumor was true or not, as Souhei denied it to the very end, and despised a lot… Ironic isn’t it? Souhei and his fellow village were accused on weird rumors as “flesh eating demons” but the guys in this division were doing things far worse and horrible than this…

Therefore, as an aftermath of this rumor, you can tell Hinamizawa people were bullied once again. This is the exact moment that Oryou stood with her slogan, and united the village.

This is a VERY VERY digest summary of what the first season skipped for Shion’s explanations for the past of Hinamizawa. I would suggest you to read it more in depth with kj1980’s post, over there:
Season 1, Episode 8 : The past of Hinamizawa.

As you can see, it is mainly the reason how the villagers were grouped to defend Keiichi when he was about to get kicked hard by the 3 biker punks. The same goes for the Houjou ostracism as they were labeled as “traitors”, thus enemies.
That’s another reason why Satoko couldn’t have support from the villagers: not only the “curse” was an issue, but they weren’t exactly thinking back she was also ONE OF THEM, and much like what Mion’s father said… children aren’t responsible for what their parents did.


III. Rika’s trial

As you could see in this episode, Rika is finally active, doesn’t sulk nor rely on “hopes/miracles”.
Her direct involvement is also a weight in the balance which was demonstrated with the agreed help from Irie, Takano and Tomitake.

Currently, we don’t know who is/are the mastermind(s) nor their motives, and their means. Considering the chapter title and also the fact there is another one, Matsuribayashi-hen, chances it will be a bad end are beyond the 99%. Thus, it will be quite interesting to see how the mastermind(s) can bypass Irie, Takano and Tomitake awareness. This is the almighty RULE Y.

Aside of the “core” problem, we got back with Rika…”more personal issues”, as Satoko is in severe danger.
First, they were able to shatter RULE X: the most sensitive in the madness aren’t running away from their past sins, even though Shion and Keiichi almost embraced the murder plan. There is no need to cover what would happen to either Keiichi or Shion if any of them killed Teppei… Even Rena, the most diligent of the group was affected hard by the paranoia, and this would turn the world into mistrust and then… a dead end for Rika, even before her demise as her friends aren’t beyond salvation. (Keiichi would be completely delusional, while Shion might turn against the Sonozaki… a bit differently but…)

RULE Z has been shattered altogether as well this week, and so the village will be even more united.

But now, everything will depend on Teppei and Satoko.

Much like I implied several times, Teppei is “predictable” in his actions, but clearly not in “timing”. Satoko was terribly affected by this bastard and the later decided to do the irreversible which shatters completely her niece. But how Teppei can be that a problem? He can still “control” Satoko so she will deny it.
Even if we got “evidences”, it is quite longer to deal if the child is denying and especially if she doesn’t have blatant signs from it.
Again, here are the 2 TIPS related to it: [The start of trouble], [Repression and the notebook]

They demonstrate that Teppei isn’t that stupid:



“With his displeasure increasing, he wanted even more so to let his anger on Satoko, but if he hit her, it would surely leave a bruise.

If she is bruised, then he can’t let her go to school

If she doesn’t go to school, then that bitch teacher will come again. ………Shit.”

“Definitely, he thought it must be hidden somewhere, so Teppei interrogated Satoko until he was convinced. If he hurt Satoko, bruises will remain, and that bitch teacher or the Child Service Center will become suspicious.”

“His displeasure still remained since Chie’s visit, and before he knew it, the rule of senselessly wrecking Satoko before he left was made within Teppei ……”


As seen in the end of this episode, Teppei isn’t exactly patient anymore and despite the bruises, Satoko still might be under his domination, along with her trial she forced to herself.

Therefore, Rika’s mission, much like what she said in episode 9, is to convince Satoko to accept and ASK help, which will undoubtedly help the Child Agency but also the Police to storm in!


…This Fate of June 1983 is shattering …
…As their efforts are fighting against the relentless Time…
…Souls with earnest feelings are doing their best to save a companion…

…As a resignation of the past…

Now… Doom is inevitable? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to witness the possible arrival of a miracle…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…

[Random Thing]


As I stated in the start of this entry, I will dedicate this part for Hanyuu. There is a point which was important, but doesn’t exactly takes part of some analysis for the plot. Basically, Rika said “Oyashiro-sama doesn’t curse Satoko, rather “it” would think her cute“.

This is very true but the following point was really important as well…

I wish they didn’t use Oyashiro-sama’s name for something like that

Basically, what I imply is Hanyuu was falsely used as the “Protector and Avenger God of Hinamizawa”. And this is the issue in this season (it isn’t that severe but is wasn’t really faithful).
The issue is in the episode 7, when Takano turned Moe and Berserk inside of the warehouse of the ceremonial tools. What exactly happened is that Takano was doing a monologue about the Torture Tools, as Tomitake was wondering why they were so numerous in this chamber and their purpose.

Here is the script, once again, courtesy of Hinamizawa Club crew. I felt it was terribly too long to screenshot, so I preferred to transcript back directly on text.



Tomitake: “…Why… why did they build that many many of them? I mean, isn’t the objective of torture to make the victim surrender? What’s the point in making so many different implements?”

Takano: “Jirou-san, did you know that torture devices can be used to threaten in two different ways? For the first, you simply need to hurt the victim by using it. The other one is scaring the victim by threatening that you are going to use something on them. And that it is going to hurt. A lot. having so many torture devices can intimidate people.”

Tomitake: “I…indeed… from what I have heard, torture needs complicated instruments… And it must be hard finding a balance between something that hurts, but doesn’t kill…”

Tomitake was doing his best to talk with Takano, but his voice sound even more scared.

Takano: “Many of the western torture devices are so complicated that if you actually used them, it is very likely you would kill the victim before you get to hurt them. in a way, they are defective. Well, strictly speaking, torture devices can be casslified: simple devices that aim at breaking the subject, and killing devices that can be used to make examples, or for entertainment. it is sad that people often confused the two. *giggle*” 

Tomitake: “Th-then to get back on point…who were the people of the past trying to intimidate?”

Tomitake actually turned to me, afraid he would hear another horror story if he asked Takano.
…. Damn this Tomitake. he must have forgotten how old I am.

Takano:  “To protect the rules of Onigafuchi…at least that’s what I think……. Am I right?”

Rika: “…Yes. From what I’ve been told, these devices were displayed to scare villagers and make sure they would follow the rules. They were no meant to be used. Stories tell that when people tried to actually use them, the devices would often have faults, or the size wouldn’t match.”

Tomitake: “B-but they really used them at some point?….L-looks like this isn’t such a pleasant story after all…”

Rika: “That’s because from time to time, some people weren’t afraid of the threat of Oyashiro-sama’s curse  as a punishment for not obeying the rules.”

Takano: “Rika-chan, can you tell me something? Were thoses devices’ main purpose to control the villagers? There are theories that say that they were used as dismantling tools for the cannibals, then real ‘Watanagashi’ occured, but how true is that?” 

Hanyuu had been making a pretty sour face for some time already. The dark past of onigafuchi is something hanyuu would rather not remember. She got worshiped as Oyashiro-sama, and she witnessed countless occurrences of despicable scenes of torture committed in her name.

No matter how much Hanyuu protested, no one could either see her or hear her…

Rika: “… No comment, nipa~☆”

Tomitake: “Takano-san often tells me about it. The people from Onigafuchi came down the montain everytime they received a message from God, and then kidnapped and ate people, right? Why did they do that? Was it to give a warning to the other villagers in the valley?”

Takano: “I think it was a sort of ritual, meant to show that they were higher than men in the food chain. The main reason the people of Onigafuchi gave for having no contact with outsiders was that they were sages, and  that the village was a sacred place. Thus impure humans would bring desecration…. at least that’s what the legends say. So i guess that from time to time, they needed to make certainthe people down the moutain knew that the peopleof Onigafuchi weren’t mere humans.

Tomitake: “…. There were public hangins in Japan too. They are rather inhumans, but they have a huge deterrent effect.”


Takano: ” The victim that would serve as an example went through horrible torture, and then was eaten alive. If one were forced to watch this….. *iggle*. Anybody would think ‘I don’t want that to happen to me’. Japan also had public crucifixions, right? Condemned people would be held high, crucified on the execution site, then humiliated and repeatedly stabbed with a spear in front of a crowd.
… I think you know it Jirou-san, but one or to hits from a spear won’t usually kill someone. If you get stabbed in the chest or the abdomen it is pretty much lethal, but you won’t die as cleanly as, for example, a guillotine. Blood will gush out, they will pull out your bowels, and as your lungs fill up, and you will die, suffocating in your own blood. When one imagines such a slow and painful death, a guillotine sounds like a humane invention, doesn’t it?
By the way, did you know this? the guillotine was invented for nobles, right? It was invented as a way to give nobles the privilege of dying quickly, compared to other methods like a firing squad or hanging. There’s a black and white movie about a love story at the end of the French revolution. And the final guillotine scene is the best part. Surrounded by the mocking laughter of the crowd, nobles get put in a line, and get guillotined. Chop. Next! Chop. Next! Chop.Next! Chop.

Death as a mass-produced, manufactured good, on a conveyor belt. No prayer from a priest, no last words. Chop. Next! Chop! Such a death even stops being a show. No one is affected by the death of an individual. The crowd isn’t here to enjoy the death of one noble, but rather to watch tens of nobles get executed one after the other, a bit like you’d watch onion in a mixer, rhythmically going chop-chop-chop.

Don’t you think that slowly torturing one person to death is actually more respectful? *giggle* and the one represented by such delicate death and torture is the being they called Oyashiro-sama!

Oyashiro-sama is just an image, the product of Human imagination. Fear turned this image into a god. Humans built a stone wall with rules and laws, and used curses, miracles and fears as a plaster to fortify this wall.The piled it up, and up, and up, until they reached the clouds. And they put their god on top of it. God is mad by humans because they want one.


In other words, God is a simple crystallization of blood, fear and torture that is born when people want to control others through terror. And here, they named it Oyashiro-sama! It is the proof that the stairs to the world of gods were built by humans, and it is a sign to guide us humans to great-

Takano’s delirious speech got interrupted by a loud *thud*

When I turned back… I found Hanyuu crying, and jumping around in protest…

thud, thud. …. thud.

Stamping her feet with all her strength, she tried protesting as much as she could without a voice.
… well, a sound is a voice too.

Hanyuu can’t tell humans anything.

Hanyuu: “… that’s wrong.. that’s wrong… that’s not… that’s not who i am…”
Rika: “……Hanyuu..”
Hanyuu: “… I don’t want people to die or be tortured. I just want everyone to get along and live in peace… of course we have our problems. but … never ever did i wish for something like that…!!”
Rika: “….. Hanyuu. … you are Hanyuu. Oyashiro-sama has nothing to do with you…”
Hanyuu: “Auauaauau, auauau! I hate Takano, I Hate her !! she always says horrible things about me, she is horrible….”

… I shouldn’t have let Takano in.
… I knew she would probably tell such stories.
The only fortunate thing is that Hanyuu’s protests have indirectly stopped Takano’s speech.


Poor Hanyuu heh?
Well, we can’t really blame DEEN here as Takano’s explanations are not only creepy, but really long and not “that interesting” for the flow of the anime. Thus, Hanyuu’s dramatic reaction is hardly possible to show, so on the other hand, something funny, though not exactly comedy.

and yes, as you can see, Hanyuu can manage to do some sounds which “might” be sensed by some people. This is the FOOTSTEPS some characters were able to hear in several instances.

_______________________________________________________________This analysis was more like the old and usual formula, though it was a bit harder to me to find something to discuss about… (I initially had only 1-2 things… huho…)

Much like how i warned in Animesuki forums, DON’T WATCH THE PREVIEW! There is sequence of roughly 10 seconds which show who is/are the mastermind(s). Not exactly a useful teaser if you want my opinion.

Talking about this… no wonder why the next episode is named 強い意志 – Tsuyoi ishi – Strong Will. Remember of Rule Y…? Well, that’s that… (those who read the Minagoroshi Prologue from the game will understand, the rest…? Read back the analysis for episode 6 ^^)

Now now… next week… emotional scenes ahead, and plot twists… enjoy the ride!

See you around!


13 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 10 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 Hecman September 9, 2007 at 3:52 am

    Another great review again Klash! Keep it up. I enjoy your thoughts and summary about Higurashi.

    Please show the transcript of the Onigafuchi ritual and etc.

    Hmm… I read several warnings not to watch the preview but I do want to know something about next’s week show.

  2. 2 Dark-Pie September 9, 2007 at 6:27 am

    me again, so yeah. good summary. I’ll probobly take your advice and avoid the preview.

    Anyway I have a question. Is this Ark over, I’d think it’s not? Or how soon do you think until it’s over?

  3. 3 klashikari September 9, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    @hecman: well… I will type it in my free time. Probably tonight or tomorrow.
    And really, don’t watch the preview, it is simply absurd…

    @Dark-Pie: The arc is probably not over with next week.
    What is sure: Satoko’s case will be finished in episode 11, that’s sure and certain. Now, Minagoroshi-hen might end within 2 episodes. At most 3 if DEEN is really trying hard to keep lots of details which is always good.

    But i believe it will be done in episode 12, and we will get in Matsuribayashi-hen starting with ep 13

  4. 4 FlareKnight September 10, 2007 at 12:49 am

    Almost glad the previews haven’t been tacked onto the end of some of the subbed episodes. They really go and pick scenes that really need to be seen along with the full episode.

    Geeze though seems like the pulling of nails is a Sonozaki bonding ritual. Your not a high member of the family if your fingernails haven’t been ripped out. But really that rule is such a major problem. It would be hard to believe in the first season that they weren’t evil personified, but now that we’ve been able to see more it’s quite clear they aren’t that bad.

    Can’t wait for next week though. That phone call came really close to things getting beyond bad. Teppei certainly has gone over the line beating her physically now and leaving at least some physical evidence there. But agree it’s up to Rika to make a difference. Breaking the fate of Satoko not going for help and seeing this as a trial. I know this will all go bad but I can’t help but want them to go well.

  5. 5 sadakups September 11, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Funny that some people are taking that “warning” about the preview differently…

  6. 6 Hecman September 13, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    Thinking back to all that happened in the anime, I still got no idea, for certain, who really behind the mystery of Hinamizawa. The government? Aliens? Demons? Hell, maybe its all Hanyuu’s doing?!

    Klashikari, you seem to know everthing about Higarashi. Does the anime provide enough clues and hints to gave the viewer who behind the cover of rule Y before episode 11 reveals it? Does it?

    Was wondering about the torture transcript? My curiosity is peaked on Hanyuu whining on the ritual.

  7. 7 klashikari September 13, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    1) To be frank, I know everything because i was kinda reckless.
    The first season alone had many hints which were enough to determine the culprit.
    The issue is the “true involvement” of that person, and the motives. Like i wrote several times: without the motives, it is nearly impossible to understand the silly mess.
    This is probably the reason how i was spoiled: i made some research and i ended on the “truth”. I did ask for it anyway XD

    But i truely believe that everything was kinda “enough” with the episodes of the second season before 11.
    I will try to show it with my analysis with “that” person.

    2) I will write up after the analysis of episode 11. i promise i won’t slack off XD

    well then, i finished the episode 11, and posted a summary on Animesuki Forums, as usual. i’m currently stalking the raw for screencaps time ^^

  8. 8 Hecman September 14, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Dam random curiosity and their caps! I’m ruined… The person hidden in the opening… I haven’t even saw the raw yet…

  9. 9 klashikari September 19, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    There, sorry for the late transcript…

    I put the “whole” discussion about the torture devices and takano’s theories about the Onigafuchi.

  10. 10 Hecman September 20, 2007 at 1:20 am

    Oh you are forgaven, Klashikari… hehehe.

    Was wondering when that transcript was coming in. Thought you where busy and forgot. This brings more meaning to the charactors motivations. Thanks!

    Its funny now, on what Hanyuu says in her protest. A foreshadow of episode 11? Makes me wonder where she goes around at during Watanagashi festival at night? Or can she only stay near Rika. No that can’t be right. Rika called out for Hanyuu but she wasn’t around that one time.

    Takano is loving her ideas toward Oyashiro too much. Its crazy and dangerious thinking.

    Tomitake truely does have a right to be scared.

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