Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 6 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MILD spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these mild spoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

Hanyuu and Rika are now in “another” Hinamizawa. But they look like they know MUCH more they appeared to be before, as expected from their abilities (and the fact we didn’t have to see ALL the worlds they got through).
And this time, Rika’s “connection” with some factors becomes to be more and more clear. This is the reason why this article is still in “MILD” despite the “innocent” look of this episode. Again, everything is based only with the anime material, nothing else.
As usual, I would suggest you to read the previous analysis on Yakusamashi-hen. See this one, which has the whole list of them.

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!

Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Rules of Fate
  2. Rika and Irie
  3. The doll and its importance
  4. Random Things, Games: Uta-Garuta and Pop-up Pirate


I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
So I tried hard to get out from the bottom of the well.

I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
So I climbed up numerous of times despite falling down over and over again.

But then I realized it.
The higher and higher I climb, the pain increases when I fall down again.

When my interest in the world outside of the well began to equal the pain,
That was when I finally realized the meaning of the story to Der Froschkönig

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: KJ1980 from Animesuki Forums)


I. Rules of Fate

Rika begun Minagoroshi-hen with the Prologue.
This part is essential, and was directly adapted from the game. Basically, “Black Rika”, also known as “Frederica Bernkastel”, the “author” of the Poems displayed at the start of each chapter, explains the basic points of the worlds, but also what she could conclude with her experience: it appears despite the differences, “hinamizawa” is always under the effect of facts… or maybe “rules” which are overwhelming in each new world.
There are known as “Rules X, Y, Z” by the players.
Despite their efforts, DEEN wasn’t really able to pull the true essence of the rules. That said, they give the proper “digest” summary of these points, but here are something more detailed.

  1. RULE X: Madness
    One of Rika’s friends will become insane:

    In any given world, one of Rika’s friends becomes insane, and this can lead to many horrible murders as result. The cause isn’t explained, though it is clear that one of the biggest factor is the Paranoia.
    This rule can differs in some circumstances. (like more than one person being affected, i.e Tatarigoroshi-hen, Tsukiotoshi-hen, etc.)

  3. RULE Y: Murders and Disaster
    Rika will be killed, and the aftermath will be the Great Hinamizawa Disaster:

    In any given world, a culprit kills Rika, which is always accompanied by the murders of Tomitake Jirou and Takano Miyo during the night of the Watanagashi Festival. The reasons behind this are of course unknown. This act leads to the Disaster. Considering the occurances and the usual “random factors” in each world, the culprit has a strong will, and their murderous intent is canon for any world.
    Despite this rule is absolute, having absolutely no random factors unlike Rule X, it can be overwritten by Rule X (Watanagashi-hen/Meakashi-hen)

  5. RULE Z: the Sonozaki
    The bluff orchestrated by the Sonozaki Family feeds the tragedies:

    In any given world, the situation of the village isn’t favorable for any “sane” development: due of the heavy past of Hinamizawa, the curse itself is something acknowledged and even accepted. Despite what the villagers claim, everyone perfectly knows that the “Sonozaki are behind all of this”. In fact, this is of course a bluff, which gives them the ability to rule the village. This rule “supports” the 2 previous ones, preventing any of them to be stopped.

As you can see, the global “shield” of the tragedies is the RULE Z: as long this rule exists, Rika won’t be able to prevent the tragedies. Why? because of their bluff, the Sonozaki represent the “source of the atrocities”, which is a giant root for the RULE X victim’s paranoia (Shion thinking they are behind Satoshi’s disappearance and the murders, Rena thinking they were plotting for a bio-terrorism with the aliens) and an atmosphere which gives the ability to the culprit to proceed in their plans.
If RULE Z is active, the culprit won’t be spotted, and RULE X then present, since the mysteries are essential factors for RULE X paranoia: RULE Z litteraly feeds RULE X, therefore, madness won’t be prevented if RULE Z is there.

Once the first “lock”, the RULE Z, is prevented, Rika will have to fight against RULE X, because she wants to be happy with everyone. Even if RULE X isn’t the cause of the problems, and might not kill her, it will bring despair and various tragedies.
RULE X has been defeated once: Keiichi was able to stop and even save Rena from her madness in Tsumihoroboshi-hen. Unfortunately, RULE Y was left unscarred, and thus, the result of this world wasn’t prevented, as the demon’s script actually happened…

Then, after the second “lock” for her happiness is destroyed, Rika will have to fight against RULE Y, which is the core factor for her unhappiness and the tragedies around the village of Hinamizawa.
However, as you can see, if she isn’t able to prevent Tomitake and Takano deaths, fate will be sealed, and RULE Y will prevail.

As you can see, these 3 rules are the wall between Rika and her happiness. These are the severe hindrances, and probably the huge challenge fate apposed to her.
But are they really unbreakable? Keiichi proved himself that Fate isn’t something you should accept, but rather fight against, with appropriate means.
Still… can Rika be able to destroy the 3 locks…? Only time will tell.

If you want to read the original Minagoroshi Prologue, here is the transcription of it, courtesy of Marthx, translated by the Hinamizawa Club crew, which has made a fantastic work on the game ^^


II. Rika and Irie

This episode was extremely important, since we can now determine RULE X, and various factors.
First, it is revealed that Satoko doesn’t take nutriment tests, but basically some medical treatment. Therefore, something to counter a DISEASE.
Various points must be taken into account:

  1. Rika “offered” a syringe to Shion in Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen, and also to Rena in Tsumihorobishi-hen.
  2. Irie gave a SHOT to keiichi, while he had a “fake cold” in Onikakushi-hen
  3. Irie was diagnosing quickly keiichi’s delusional state in Tatarigoroshi-hen
  4. Rika is the only person (aside with Mion) who wasn’t affected by any paranoia and/or madness.
  5. She knows Satoko’s disease
  6. She is cooperating with Irie
  7. She is letting him using her as a guinea pig

We can conclude this following point: a disease is present in Hinamizawa and drives some people crazy. The trigger of this is most likely paranoia, since Keiichi, Rena and Shion have a lot of common points in their spiral of madness. (Satoko was also affected by this in Tatarigoroshi-hen and and in some minor extent, Yakusamashi-hen)
Considering Rika is offering herself as a guinea pig, we can deduce that Rika is “immune” to this pathogen, or maybe, her body was able to create antibodies, effective against that pathogen.

Now, let us think back of the usual “events”: Irie is always killed before the Disaster happens…
What if we speculate that pathogen was studied or created by the government/organization, for some warfare interests?
What i meant with this: the fact they obliterate COMPLETELY the village instead of taking care of the “terminal stage” deceased people is too fishy. Considering they even cover the reasons and the disaster itself, it looks like the said government/organization doesn’t want to leak any information behind this, reinforcing the conspiracy and/secret research theories.

However, Irie’s presence, as a connection with the said powerful entity is also something important: he is trying to find a cure, and it doesn’t look only for Satoko, considering that Irie was trying to intervene with Keiichi’s case in Onikakushi-hen.

There are then various possibilities then (the list is NOT exhaustive):

  1. Irie trying to cure the disease might be some insubordination, and therefore, he has been killed, since he doesn’t follow the “studies”.
  2. It might be possible that the original plan was to cure the disease, but they changed their agenda, and wanted that pathogen for some warfare project. And once they have it, they will simply have to erase the evidences…
  3. Similar to the previous theory, but instead, it might be possible that pathogen was going to being let loose beyond control, and the best way to eradicate it, without the cure, is to simply obliterating the hosts…

It is really hard to link the disaster with Irie’s “mission”.
There is no doubt the doctor is good intentioned, and is most likely under the shadows about the pathogen and the cure.
That said, the Organization and/or the mastermind(s) aren’t really agreeing with him, and this leads us back to the core problem: the motives of the extermination of Hinamizawa.


III. The doll and its importance

Much like Shion’s appearance in Yakusamashi-hen, I could see many messages being completely oblivious why that doll is so important.
You must refer to Meakashi-hen, Shion explained it herself: Basically, Keiichi gave the doll to Rena, which hurts Mion’s feelings, since Keiichi sees her as a boy. (she did ask for it though…)

The result of this is that Mion was extremely sad and talked it to Shion. Shion understood her situation, and cheered her twin up. Unfortunately, Mion triggered Shion’s madness.
How? Well, Mion has everything: she is the heir of the Sonozaki, she isn’t considered as a plague in the family, and now she can be sad and happy with her love.
Shion, on the other hand, doesn’t have that luxury. Aside of her past issues with the Sonozaki, Satoshi is her core need, but he disappeared a year prior the current events. Thus, she became jealous of Mion, because she has the chance to have her love next to her, even if their feelings aren’t shared.

This also explains why Shion assaulted Keiichi: after her complete massacre in the Sonozaki torture room, she couldn’t stand Mion’s chance, because Keiichi was there. This even was rather shady in the anime, because of the BIG hole DEEN has made.
Originally, Keiichi left his house with the doll Mion wanted. Shion was able to withstand her madness, but the sight of the doll makes her snap: in her thoughts, she was cursing Mion, because she was so unfair: she had everything, even Keiichi. And even while she is dead, there is someone who still thinks about her.
In the very end, Shion completely lost it, and wanted her COMPLETE revenge against Mion. While her initial revenge was against any “element which was responsible of Satoshi’s disappearance”, it quickly begins a crusade against her twin sister.


Back on the doll then, this event is then the direct trigger to Shion’s insanity, because if Mion wasn’t bragging about Keiichi, Shion wouldn’t have provoked her remembrance of her past, nor her sudden surge of jealousy. Then, it leads to her paranoia against the Sonozaki and… you know the rest…

Now, let me explain why this scene really affects Mion:
DEEN screwed big time in Watanagashi-hen: Originally, the store owner gave a doll to EVERYONE but Mion, as a token of appreciation for the animation during this even. Mion didn’t get anything, since she had already some privileges with him.
Then, Keiichi had the “chance” to get the most beautiful and expensive doll among the 4.
Keiichi wasn’t that oblivious, and DID hesitate between Mion (who didn’t have anything), and Rena (who was in her omochikaeri mode, and the most girly between the 2).

This explains why Mion was extremely hurt, because despite the fact Rena already had a doll, he gave it to her. She didn’t blame Rena at all, and even told her by phone during the very same night. Of course, Rena figured out that nothing will change this fact if she gives the doll to Mion. The act must be done by Keiichi, and it was a huge failure at that time.

So in Minagoroshi-hen, this matter is settled down, and Shion won’t go berserk, while Rika was expecting another Watanagashi-hen/Meakashi-hen (It appears that if this event occurs, chances that keiichi gives the dool to Rena are usually at 100%, so a predictable tragedy…)
As a side note, it was fine enough that DEEN didn’t change their version: if the store owner begun to give 4 dolls, it would be quite confusing for the “anime-only watchers”.
Again, the symbolism of this is quite lessened, but the effect is still applied, and Mion was finally considered as a girl by Keiichi (though Keiichi was damn straight in the anime. In the game, Keiichi was rather awkward and wasn’t admitting Mion was a girl, but she knew it, and was deeply touched anyway)

…This Fate of June 1983 doesn’t seem to be unbreakable anymore…
…a Heroic soul gave hope once again…
…challenging fate itself…

..Like a beacon of Light…

Now… Doom is really countered? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to witness the possible arrival of a miracle…

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…



[Random Things]


yaaa… Random things corner made its come back!
Unfortunately, i don’t have many things to talk about, except maybe the games the gang were playing.

1) Uta-Garuta

This game is probably the most popular among card games played in japan. Usually done during the New Year’s day, the concept is rather “simple”, and i believe many of you know what is it about.

Digest explanations :
Simply put, a reader has many cards, and must read phrase on it. The players, once they heard the phrase, can take the associated card (which has the bottom phrase of the poem). If they aren’t able to identify the said poem, the reader reads the rest, and players can search for it.
Once every card have been read, the winner is the player who has taken the most cards.

That looks extremely “easy”, but the problem is most likely the “knowledge” of the players: newcomers are EXTREMELY disadvantaged, because if they don’t know the poems, they won’t be able to compete correctly. If everyone is newbie, it might be horribly awkward, since the reader will have to read the poem completely, and people will have to check every card… this will turn this memory and reflex game into a luck based game ^^”

Of course, the other issue of this game is the “placement”, especially how it was in this episode: basically, considering the fieldplay and the numbers of players, luck is also present, and your physical attributes contribute a lot: someone swift, bulky and having a good range will have an innate advantages against others. Things are worse if you are in a corner of a table, since you won’t be able to cover a lot of cards if they are scattered nicely.

The game might be violent if everyone go panzer…
For further explanations, check the wikipedia article ^^

2) Pop-up Pirate

Much more straight-forward, this game is extremely simple:
Players must insert sharp objects provided with the game, in the holes of a “container”, mainly a barrel.
The objective of this game is to not put the object in the wrong hole, otherwise it will make “pop-up” the doll.
The “wrong slot” is completely random, this is why this game is “fair”, because it doesn’t rely on any skill or physical attribute of the players. Of course, if everyone is able to fill the holes except the trap one, the game is reset.

usually, this game just consist of eliminating the “loser”, and players loop until they reset the game or one ends in the wrong slot.

Most likely, this game takes AGES with that insane amount of players, and it is hardly believable that it wasn’t done on purpose much like the card games.

You can tell Mion and/or the store owner picked stalling games on purpose XD


Well, this analysis is finally done, and it wasn’t as insane as before. Of course, the truth begins to be unfold quite smoothly. But as soon as it is revealing itself, the tragedies will be much more ugly, due their reality…
I hope you will enjoy the fantastic ride Minagoroshi-hen will deliver to you ^^

Next week will be 運命の変え方, Unmei no Kaekata, Method of destiny change. Looks like Keiichi really inspired Rika heh?
Here is a small teaser considering the preview: we will witness HUGE moe-ness from a complete unexpected character. Be aware this might even creep you out ! ^^

See you around!


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    But nice analysis, as always.

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