Da Capo II, episode 5 summary and thoughts

As usual – episode starts with a dream sequence. This time we see Koko clinging to Yoshiykui’s arm, saying her dream has come true. (she sure doesn’t aim high huh ^^). Now that we know what is going to happen eventually, all that is left is to find out how it came to be.

Koko walks past a movie theater and notices a romance movie being played. She seems quite interested, as she hasn’t been to a movie for a good while and notices all the couples walking around. Back at school she is being poked about her relationship with Yoshiyki by Anzu and Akane (with later getting delusional and imagining kissing ^^), but Koko admits they haven’t even gone on a real date yet, as they are busy with the band.

Koko keeps spacing out through the day during her practice, which does not get unnoticed by Nanaka. A while later Nanaka is eating in the cafeteria and overhears Akane and Anzu talking about Koko’s ‘problem’ and decides to drop in.

The next day Akane and Anzu present Yoshiyki and Koko with movie tickets and Wataru ‘completely coincidentally’ drops by to inform the two their practice is canceled because Nanaka is busy. The two walk home and Koko is quite excited by this, and both get embarrassed when the word “date” comes up. In morning Yoshiyuki is freshening up and Yume drops by, wondering why Yoshi is behaving almost as if he were going on a date. He dismisses it embarrassed, saying he is just going to see a movie, to which Yume angrily answers it exactly as a date and slams the door shut. (Jealousy much ?). Yoshi meets up with Koko at park and he is quite stunned by Koko’s cute outfit.

On their way to the cinema Koko is walking a step behind Yoshiyuki, taking note of all the couples who are walking around holding hands. She eyes Yoshiykui’s arm for awhile, but before she decides anything it appears they have already arrived at the theater. Yoshiyuki makes a mental note he would have rather gone to another movie instead of romance one.

They are watching the movie and Koko is quite touched by it. But zomg – looks like it isn’t the only thing touching her, as she feels Yoshiyuki’s hand on hers. Unbelievable – has the slowpoke actually made a move ? 0_O. Of course it is too good to be true, as it seems he was just reachign for a snack and is completely oblivious to the situation, as the movie has him in “manly tears” mode 😛 The two exit the theater and surprise – Wataru shows up. Anyone who is surprised about them being tailed raise a hand. *looks around* – yep, no hands ..

Anzu and Akane are walking around the city and they comment that Koko’s happiness is their happiness. They eventually run in to Nanaka and lastly Wataru, who is lurking behind some bushes. As it turns out he is spying on a cafe where the couple is right now. The two have gone to a nearby cafe and Yoshiyuki almost gets to shed some manly tears again when he recalls the movie, which he is being teased about by Koko. Meanwhile the four stalkers have managed to sneak inside and are hiding nearby, but some clowning between Anzu and Wataru causes them to lose their cower.

They try to come up with some clumsy excuses, but Yoshiyuki is not impressed at all. Wataru eventually blurts out it is not like they are spying on them … which basically makes them busted, resulting in Anzu constantly calling him an idiot. They admit the truth and Yoshiyuki is very upset with them, calling them all horrible. The bunch is very troubled over his appearance and start apologizing, but Yoshi unexpectedly grabs Koko and runs away – he only wanted to distract them so they could make an escape and make sure they are not followed again. When they stop he realizes he has been holding Koko’s hand all this time and lets it go as if she was made of fire, which makes Koko slightly sad.

He does comment however that this is the beginning of their true date, and Koko happily agrees. They spend the day walking through various stores and having fun, with Koko even trying on a dress that Yoshi finds very cute.

Of course every episode needs some useless, annoying stuff, and this one is no exception. This time such an ordeal comes in the form and shape of Minatsu, whose appearance completely manages to ruin the flow. The brat is in some sort of a bookstore, browsing thorough books and dropping them to the ground, which gets her kicked out by the owner, about which she complains about. Upon seeing some bananas she gets the flashback to time when she had to eat some and goes on ranting again.

Back to Yoshi and Koko, the two are taking a break and Koko fetches them a cone. She feeds some to Yoshiyuki (zomg, he actually didn’t get a heart attack 0_O) and then eats some herself, which leads Yoshiyuki to the lame ‘indirect kissu~!’ thought. They are interrupted by a kid crying nearby and Koko rushes over and calms him down quickly, which impresses Yoshi. The kid’s mother shows up and the two leave and Yoshiyuki comments that Koko would make a good mother, which embarrasses the two greatly.

It is already evening and the two are walking side by side. Koko once again wants to hold his arm and reaches out, but stops after brushing briefly against it. Yoshiyuki displays superhuman awareness this time and actually realizes what she wants to do and actually takes her and without dieing from embarrassment or some other disease such an action is likely to bring. Some dog runs up and starts barking at them which scares Koko and causes her to latch on to Yoshi’s arm, hugging it. The owner calms the dog down and Yoshi again tries to escape Koko as if she was fire itself, but surprisingly Koko doesn’t let him and keeps holding on to his arm. After Yoshiyuki calms down Koko comments her dream has come true.

Next day at school Anzu and Akane keep apologizing to Koko, but she is quite ok with it. When the two wonder if something good happened Koko confirms it, making the two assume a kiss. They sight in defeat when they learn all Koko and Yoshiyuki did was hold hands.

Ed of ep.

A full blown Koko and Yoshiyuki date episode, filled with embarrassment and lots of beating around the bush as one would expect of these two, but an enjoyable episode never the less. I am now 95% sure they are going to stick with Koko as the romance interest for Yoshiyuki, as a turnaround in this point seems highly unlikely and would feel all but forced. Yoshi is actually interested in Koko, and i don’t see that changing anytime soon. I expect the relationship to move in to the background when it is sufficiently developed (meaning very soon) and for them to tackle the main plot (Minatsu has a fair share of appearance in OP, so i expect her story to begin soon), before finishing on Koko note. We shall see though 🙂 Oh, and Yoshiyuki needs to work on his initiative, as everything that has happened thus far is a result of Koko’s efforts.

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