Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 22 : Matsuribayashi-hen 9, Koubou

[note]: As usual, the bullet summary and the screencaps are available. I’m slowly but steadely catching up the stacking pile of summaries, so everything should be in order this week.


  • Irie is working in his room, and he hears some car tire noises. As he is looking by the window, he sees the Yamainu carrying Tomitake.
    He remembers about his discussion with Akasaka and begins to call him.

  • A yamainu soldier notices his call and reports it to takano. She figured that he is trying to get help after that Tomitake has been captured.

  • But another soldier spots Irie with the camera, and Takano orders them to capture him. Irie is fleeing away by car, and the yamainu van is tailing him. A soldier called the HQ and receives the permission to open fire. He shoots at Irie’s car tire, and he loses completely the control of his vehicle.

  • Akasaka is waiting for the end of the call, and remembers the duration “meaning” of Irie. As he is counting, the time was done by far.
    He storms out of the house, and a soldier reports to Takano that someone gets out of Rika’s house and it is a man. Takano orders to capture him.Akasaka is running, thinking of the enemy plan. He is pursued by 2 guys, but he suddenly stops, and charges them, taking them completely off guard.

  • Irie’s car crashed below a slope. 2 soldiers notice that and they take another path. irie is bleeding and trying to stay conscious due the concussion blow, saying it isn’t the time to get captured.

  • Shion and Kasai are by car and they are passing by. She is quite in a good mood but they notice Irie walking painfully. They check on him and he is collpasing. Shion doesn’t get what is going on, but Kasai figures out that someone is after his life, as noticying the bullet impact on the tire of his car.As they are in the car, Kasai and Shion decide to get back at the sonozaki’s mainhouse.

  • At the yamainu HQ, the soldiers are giving orders for the dispatched troops. Takano is quite worried, but the soldier assures her everything is under control, as they lay a tracking bug on Irie.
    As they are following a plan considering their path, they figure out they are heading to the sonozaki mainhouse as a hideout.

  • The clubmembers are in the hidden basement and they are checking the surroudings with screens linked to outside camera.
    They notice a black car and Mion figures it is Shion, though she was supposed to have fun at the festival. Then they notice Irie with them.Mion, Rena and Keiichi are outside, joining the others. Irie apologizes as Tomitake was captured and he could barely escape alive from the yamainu. Mion is asking if they weren’t tailed, and shion assures they weren’t, but they soon hear the tire noises. They quickly withdraw in the basement.

  • The soldiers are confirming their whereabouts and Takano is having fun with Tomitake who is silenced with some tape, and tied with handcuffs.
    The yamainu men are infiltrating the mainhouse but they are snarred by some traps.

  • Mion locked strongly the door. Rena is quite worried but Kasai assures the doors will buy them some time. Keiichi is asking them to go, shion is okay though she is quite clueless to what is happening, while mion will explain everything later.

  • The yamainu is prowling outside, but Okogoni figures a weak spot, claims they will capture them and orders his men to dispatch around.Rika and Hanyuu are quite worried, as the yamainu troops are quite large: 32 men dispatched around the house. Mion thinks it is alright considering the door, and both her and her sister think they should call the police.

  • Unfortunately the line is dead and soon, the electricity is also cut.
    Mion thinks they still can move out because they can’t use explosive otherwise the police would notice that and they would arrive.
    However, Satoko remembers about something of the festival and talks about it to Irie. It looks like the firework show is scheldule soon, and Hanyuu figures out that they will blow up the door during the same moment, taking profit the noise for that.

  • The group sees the “well” and there is a ladder around. Shion asks them to go first, and she will be their back with kasai. Mion disapprove, but Shion is firm enough. Kasai asks the keys from Mion.

  • Mion is at the bottom, and everything is okay. Rika is next but almost trips. As she is getting back on the ladder right, she is very worried and can’t accept she would lose people for her last try
    The yamainu were able to knock out the door, and they figure the traps.
    Kasai and Shion are armed with respectively a shotgun and a machine gun. keiichi wants to take her place. However, shion says that she is touched by his man’s pride, but it would take too much time to teach him how to use these weapons. Keiichi wants to argue again, but Shion says a good girl can’t die now. she adds also something, but she whispers it to keiichi.
    They hear another explosion and Kasai says they are coming.Keiichi is at the bottom and the door was forced. Gunfire noises are heard.

  • Rika begins to freak out and don’t want Shion nor Kasai to die. She beg them to get back.
    The ruckus ceases, and the yamainu claim it is clear and, with their flashlight they spot the group. They want Rika and irie.
    Mion is screaming they are murderers and how they could dare killing shion. Butthe solider announces they can be relieved as they didn’t kill them. However, they have to “trade” Rika for them, and they won’t let much time to think.Mion can’t think much, and Irie wants to give himself as he is their target and they can flee with Rika. Rena disapproves as it would ruin what Kasai and Shion fighted hard for.

  • However, Mion argues they can’t let Shion die. Satoko is stopping though she can’t hold her tears, since Shion is her nee-nee. Mion is in tears and screams shion’s name.Rika is completely panicked and wants a solution from Hanyuu. Of course, hanyuu doesn’t have an answer for that, she doesn’t know. Rika begins to freak out, as Hanyuu is a god so she could do something, she could know what to do.
    Hanyuu slaps her, and everyone is quite surprised. Hanyuu says some things, and about the miracle.

  • Rika agrees and asks everyone to flee, and believes that if they don’t kill them now, that means if she let herself being killed, they can probably live one.
    Rika is trying to not worry them and she is “selling herself”.
    She retrieves her frederica voices and knock some senses to the soldiers. She then climbs the ladder. Everyone is watching her speechless.

  • Rika is facing Okonogi, who is delighted they finally get their hands on. Okonogi orders his men to capture the rest. Rika is outraged and asks what about the promise/trade.
    Okonogi says “Promise? i’m wondering what you are talking about”. Rika tries to run away, but she is caught and silenced with a ribbon. Okonogi orders one of his men to do an injection.
    Rika is in despair and she believed in this chance until the very end.

  • Suddenly the soldier is knocked down, and the syringe breaks on the ground. Okonogi wonders what this guy is doing and Akasaka takes off his cap, revealing his identity. He could make it in time and he is there to save her !

  • Okonogi orders his men to seize him, and Akasaka asks Rika to get down.
    The yamainu are attacking Akasaka, but with his fists, he is betaing them one by one… 1…2….5 !

  • Okonogi dashes as well, trying to punch Akasaka with a chain of blows. 3 punches and even the kick are parried.
    Akasaka retaliates with a combo of 6 punches, followed by a magnificient rotating kick, knocking Okonogi right on the car. Okonogi is bleeding and quite stunned by the blows while akasaka is relaxing his body.

  • Suddenly Okonogi charges him, giving a straight punch right on Akasaka torso!
    The hit connects and Okonogi smirks. However, it is uneffective!
    Akasaka “it is weak.”
    Okonogi “ugh!”
    Akasaka “let me show you a true punch”Okonogi is completely taken by horror, and akasaka deal such punch, it is leaving a huge blow on the car, avoiding Okonogi on purpose. Okonogi is completely scared to death by this demonstration, while the men dispatched in the mainhouse are fleeing.

  • the yamainu troops get back in the car and retreat.
    The group, with Shion and Kasai with their machine guns could retaliate. it appears Kasai could seize a chance to get their weapons back and takes the troops by surprise.

  • Rika is quite relieved everyone is okay and Hanyuu claims it is their turn for the counter attack.

  • In the basement, Shion is with Irie and they talk a bit. Irie was quite worried as if she was prepared to die. Shion figures out that keiichi told what she said to Irie.
    What she whispered to him that in fact, her lover is no longer there, but Mion’s is still there.Irie figures that it is Satoshi, but Shion wonders where he is and she doesn’t know wherever he is alive or dead so. But irie confirms he is alive, and shion is stunned.

  • Kasai is discussing with Akasaka and the other kids. Shion barges in the discussion and she will lend a hand. Keiichi and Mion are worried about her. She suddenly cover Satoko’s ears, and she begin to talk about her will etc. Hanyuu talks about her precious thing and her will.
    Shion is quite amused, while Satoko pouts and wonders what they were talking about.Meanwhile, the festival is still going on.

3 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 22 : Matsuribayashi-hen 9, Koubou”

  1. 1 CrazyInsaneAnimeFanGirl December 5, 2007 at 2:53 am

    Irie is so cute when he’s scared. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but snicker when I saw Tomitake tied up like a bondage slave.

  2. 2 sadakups December 5, 2007 at 3:56 am

    I can’t recall the number of times I re-watched Akasaka’s GAR scene. ^__^

  1. 1 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 22 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments « When Anime Past Meets Present Trackback on December 12, 2007 at 8:14 pm

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