Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 23 : Matsuribayashi-hen 10, Kessen


  • Okonogi and his men are organizing the counter attack in their HQ. He wonders where is Takano, and the later is with Tomitake. Nomura once again calls them.
    Meanwhile, Takano discusses with Tomitake, with a rather “friendly way”. However, Tomitake doesn’t care to be killed right there, and he refuses to be her ally. After some discussion, Tomitake comments how she is a lonely person.
    Takano then receives a call. She tells Tomitake they found Rika and her friends. She greets him goodby then.

  • Takano is quite resolute and won’t let them escape, while Okonogi stays nonchalant. As they are outside, the soldiers are ready and fully equiped, while Takano will take part of the orders.
    They leave with 5 vans and the communication truck (some of the yamainu cut the lines of the communication tower). Mion and the rest of the club members notice them afar, and they prepared their defense.

  • The yamainu men are dispatched around, with assault rifles etc.
    2 of them notice a pile of dirt, and they obviously deduce it is a trap. As they are avoiding it, they fell for some pit trap.

  • meanwhile, as some of them are walking on a slope, they are attacked by some tree trunks rolling right on them.
    Others are falling for usual “booby traps”.
    As he hears the reports of his falling troops, Okonogi loses his temper. Their loss are incredibly heavy considering the futile traps.

  • Shion, Irie, Kasai and Akasaka are in the clinic. The 2 beefy guys are wearing yamainu outfit. Irie indicates them the rooms on a plan, but the security is quite tight and their only option is his access card, and it doesn’t look safe. The security staff sees the “2 men who captured Irie and Shion”, but they notice that the first one used Irie’s card.

  • Akasaka quickly dashes to the operating room, shooting at the door, but it is too late and the soldiers inside are armed and retaliate.
    As they try to siege them, the yamainu launch the security procedure, sealing the doors as a gas will be spread soon in the facility. Since they don’t have any gasmak, Shion’s party doesn’t much choice.

  • The soldiers inside think they just need to buy time. However, Kasai goes headstrong: he closes the door first then shoot at point blank range on it. In such process, he creates a hole in the door, giving him the opportunity to shoot them without much retaliation.
    THe 2 soldiers take cover just next to the door, and kasai orders them to surrender, while shooting at the communicating stuff.The 2 soldiers don’t give up and they believe they would just have to stall the time. Kasai doesn’t have much choice and intimidate them with a loud, yakuza-ish and scary voice. He kicks violently the door. As they are taken by surprise, the soldiers are too slow, and the first one is knocked unconscious. The second is under Kasai’s mercy (and his shotgun). He doesn’t have much choice aside of disabling the alarm.

  • After the job done, Kasai knocks him down. Akasaka ask them to press on, but Shion moves on and wants to see Satoshi. Irie joins her, and opens the door with his card. As she is walking, she finally notice a plain room, with a bed, where Satoshi is lying on.

  • Shion leans on the window, and calls satoshi. However he doesn’t move. She asks Irie if he is alive, and the doctor confirms. Shion is quite relieved, unfortunately, Irie is grieved and cannot let satoshi free yet. He explains that satoshi, back then, received huge damage due the syndrome. Shion notices the restraining belt around his arms and legs. Shion is “playing dumb” but realizes the horrible truth. Shion begins to collapse, as despite he is within her reach, Satoshi cannot be saved.
    Irie apologizes, but then swears he will cure Satoshi. irie asks her to wait for this, and she will do. He also asks if she can hide this truth to Satoko until the reality is finally done.
    He then shows her the huge teddy bear that Satoshi bought. Shion says some things while crying.

  • Irie and Shion join Akasaka and Kasai, who set Tomitake free. Unfortunately, due the operating room damage, Tomitake won’t be able to call forth the banken. As they are leaving, Irie comforts Shion, claiming Satoshi will be fine.

  • Rena and Keiichi are prepared to activate a trap on some incoming group. They successfully take them down.
    Okonogi calls his troops but none of them answer. Suddenly, they hear a eerie and threatening voice from the walkie talkie. Suddenly a man’s voice (keiichi) screams of pain. As the “goddess voice” warn them for their life, Okonogi’s remaining troops are kinda uneasy.
    Keiichi add more creepy stuff, claiming this person is a demon. This finish one of the soldier, who is scared to death and flees.In fact the voice was Hanyuu who was quite dreadful. Rena comments how she was sounding exactly like a god. Satoko is of course quite satisfied by her traps.

  • Okonogi is taking a break with his 2 last soldiers, smoking. Takano arrives and want to know his report of the situation. Okonogi is quite nonchalant and doesn’t have any shame to admit their defeat.
    Takano is pissed and picks the radio, ordering the remaining men that no demon nor god exist, and they should keep fighting.
    A soldier rushes to Okonogi, giving some “bad news”. The yamainu leader isn’t exactly easy and orders them to seize Tomitake. As they are discussing, Okonogi stares at Takano, still yelling in the radio.

  • Some yamainu men are around a van, and one of them is ordering the others that their enemy’s route is surely around there. they can’t leave them go further. They are
    Tomitake and Akasaka are in a car, and they don’t have much time. Tomitake notices the barrage done with the yamainu van and asks Akasaka what he will do.
    THe later say they don’t have much choice, and he accelerates the car. Meanwhile, the 2 camping soldiers deployed a bazooka, and they fire at them.

7 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 23 : Matsuribayashi-hen 10, Kessen”

  1. 1 FireChick December 15, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    Something bothers me. If Satoshi’s been alive and Shion’s been seeing him, why don’t he and Satoko meet?

  2. 2 klashikari December 15, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    That is basically because of the fact Satoshi is absolutely not in a condition to “meet” shion. As you can see, he is completely restrained on his bed, meaning that the syndrome deteriorate him, as expected.

    They will probably meet IF Irie is able to cure him.

  3. 3 FireChick December 15, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    I said why don’t he and Satoko meet?

  4. 4 klashikari December 15, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    *sigh* reading too quickly.

    Well, if they do, it might generate too much stress on Satoko.
    Satoko doesn’t know that her brother is in such state. Also, in the previous episode, Shion figured that if Satoko knew it, she would obviously try to get where Satoshi is…

    And obviously, involving herself in an assault operation is not good at all. it would be rather a bigger burden for Akasaka, Kasai, Irie and Shion.
    She would probably go panzer and such, so it was rather a wise choice to not let her know, nor meet him.

    Since Satoko thinks her brother is away for some “unknown business”, she doesn’t have any need for that, especially she has a more important role to do (defend the “castle” with traps with everyone else).

  5. 5 FlareKnight December 16, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    Yeah Satoko’s mental state is in such a condition that news about Satoshi could be dangerous for her. It may be a sad thing to not have her know, but definitely better than the alternative. While Shion went under the syndrome in the past she isn’t in as fragile a state for it to come on as Satoko. Better to keep him hidden since it’s hard to say when or if he’ll ever be cured.

    Too many responsibilities to have her go at this time. At any rate I’m curious and of course slightly worried about Tomitake and Akasaka. They can’t possibly be stupid enough to blindly charge a barricade. Since they do know the kind of firepower that’s going to be blocking them. So that van has to either be some fortress that can’t be destroyed or some kind of plan is in use.

  6. 6 Hecman December 18, 2007 at 12:19 am

    Tomitake and Akasaka have a goddess on their side. Hehe…

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