CLANNAD, Episode 18

Tomoya has been expulded from school for three days, after covering Tomoyo. However, this will not set him free, and girls surely check on his state for the better and… the funnier!
As Tomoya support Tomoyo in her elections, a definite event will set the situation in stone.


CLANNAD, Episode 18:

Change of Plans

Tomoya is sleeping leisurely due of his expulsion… However, Tomoyo still wakes him up early. They are eating breakfast and Tomoya notices she cleaned the kitchen etc. As she talks about how he protected her from expulsion, Tomoya reminds her that it is for the drama club. Despite she knew that already, she is still impressed.
Naoyuki then arrives, which is instantly disturbing Tomoya who quit eating as result.
Tomoya leaves out, not paying attention to Tomoyo’s words.

Tomoya plays another prank on Youhei… As usual, Youhei is drawn out because of the cookie cutter “a beautiful girl is in love with you!”, while putting a very fancy pants on his head. As youhei charges outside with this ridiculous attire, he is “nicely” greeted by the rugby club members, outraged by such “show”!

Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi and Youhei are in the drama club room: they are kinda worried about tomoya being expulsed while Nagisa is bedridden.

Tomoya was killing time in Youhei’s room. As he realize it has been already 3 days he didn’t see her, he thinks about Nagisa out of the blue. He snaps out, wondering why he is thinking about her all of a sudden.

Then someone knocks at the door, which makes him quite impatient. However, he is disappointed to see Kyou and Ryou

The three of them are going out a bit. Kyou leadz them to a fortune telling machine. As Ryou is quite flustered because how she is close to Tomoya, Kyou is pushing them to get closer. However, when Tomoya choses 友達 (friends) as their “relationship” input, Kyou snaps out and yells him what he is doing. This makes him fall quite hard, clueless though.

    They read the prediction but Kyou tries another plan and leaves out with an excuse, so they are alone.
    Ryou and Tomoya discuss a bit and he is quite wondering why she is so interested in fortune telling. She begins to make a little speech about future etc.

    Next day, Tomoyo is back and preparez again breakfast. Tomoya wonders where his father is and Tomoyo tells him that Naoyuki left already. She then asks with caution if he is in bad terms with his father. Tomoya isn’t exactly in the mood for this and stays silent. Tomoyo concludes it isn’t bright with that.

    Tomoya then asks about the elections, but Triomoyo says it is fine for now. Then someone rings the bell at the door.
    It is Kyou, Ryou and Botan. They brought him a bento box. Tomoyo arrives and wonder who it is and Kyou is quite shocked to see her. Suddenly, Kotomi arrives as well and greets them. She came as she cooked some things for Tomoya… this obviously lead to a very awkward situation. XD

    The table is CROWDED by many lunchs. Kotomi and Botan notice a very gloomy atmosphere…
    Kyou and Tomoyo begin to argue about each other’s business and responsibility about their position towards Tomoya etc.

    Tomoya tries to calm them, but they both discard his attempt. He then tries to have some help from Ryou, but surprisingly and unfortunately for him, she is fired up and asks him to try her share, this instantly frighten him, Kotomi and Botan.

    Tomoya is helpless and, as a last resort, tries to get help from Kotomi, but she is brightly smiling and hopes he will enjoy her bento. Tomoya is doomed, and suddenly, Fuuko makes another appearance!

    And yes, Fuuko also brought some food… but of course in shape of starfish, and it doesn’t exactly look great, it is gross. Ryou asks him to eat her bento, and soon Kotomi, Tomoyo and Kyou do the same. Tomoya is owned, while Botan is scared to death. Fuuko ends the competition with a very scary Starfish… “cake”… BEST CHOICE !

    Next day, Tomoya is greeted with a cheerful Youhei while he is quite owned. Youhei then tells him rumors about Tomoyo and as they check the board, they can hear many gossips.

    A bit later, Tomoya decides to organize a challenge against the baseball club, to improve Tomoyo’s reputation. If the challengers lose, they will do anything for a day, but if they win, the baseball club will have to support Tomoyo for the elections. The baseball club accepts the challenge though the condition is “slightly” changed: if Tomoyo loses, she will have to join the female softball club.
    Tomoyo is pitching. Her pitches are fierce, but they completely miss youhei’s glove. As her attempts go on, Youhei is ranting which degenerates her concentration even more. She complains about it to Tomoya and he suggests her to aim for Youhei instead. She is very focused on it and the next ball does a ballistic big hit on his head, which is still considered as a strike. Tomoyo then begins to chain these strikes, while youhei’s face becomes hardly recognizable. XD

    Tomoyo won, and soon enough, she participates in other clubs activities. The rumors quickly spread around, and Tomoyo quickly gets a fan club.

    As they are walking on the slope, Tomoyo begins to explains why she wanted to be student council president: she wants to preserve the sakura trees.
    Then, as they walk a bit around the hill, Tomoyo explains about her past. Her family situation was very gloomy, as her family situation was cold, without any fighting or cheerfulness. This is the reason why Tomoyo was a delinquent, beating the crap out of other punks around. The situation of her parents went worse, they were on the verge of divorce, and Takafumi couldn’t hold anymore. He desperately tried to jump off in a river to stop all of this.
    Everyone is shocked. Tomoyo and her parents were next to him in the hospital, as a family the first time after a while.

    One day, Tomoyo is having a walk with her parents and Takafumi on a rolling chair. He then comments how these trees are beautiful. As result, she was crying and she swore to protect these.

    The next day, Nagisa is finally healthy and she is happily welcomed back by Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi. She then apologizes to Tomoya who is quite stunned by her return. But Tomoya explains he helped Tomoyo for the drama club sake. He then suggests everyone to cheer Tomoyo at her tennis match.

    Tomoyo is about to begin her match, and Nagisa wonders if it is alright, but Tomoya is confident. Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi are watching as well, and they notice there are tons of people. However, Ryou sees Tomoya with Nagisa, quite happy. Kyou has a very bad feeling about this and is about to intervene, but Ryou stops her, using the excuse that the match has started.

    Tomoyo does a nice smash, and during the break, she sits next to Tomoya, who is cheering her. Nagisa then offers her some drink but Tomoyo doesn’t recognize her completely. She reintroduces herself as Furukawa Nagisa who is trying to revive the drama club. As Tomoyo repeats that reason, she quickly connects that with Tomoya and with a bitter smile, realizes why Tomoya does that. Tomoya and Nagisa are clueless but Tomoyo then resumes her match.

    As the match goes on, the fujibayashi twins are quite uneasy, while Tomoya is sure enjoying the match with Nagisa.
    Suddenly, Tomoyo’s opponent struck the ball wrong, and it went directly at Nagisa.
    The situation is a bit chaotic. Nagisa is “alright” though the ball directly hit the area slightly above her knee (quadriceps). The tennis player thinks she should go to the infirmary, but suddenly, Tomoya stops his move.

    This sudden reaction surprises the Twins, Tomoyo and Nagisa. Tomoya then lend her his shoulder and they are going to the infirmary slowly, while the other girls are watching them silently.

    Kyou under the shock tries to act relieved, but Ryou then apologizes to her, after all happened. Kyou is shocked by that and still plays dumb, but she can’t do much but burst in tears, Ryou as well. Tomoyo stays silent and stares at the sky.
    On a bulletin board, we can see that Tomoyo has been elected.



    12 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 18”

    1. 1 WolxHound February 14, 2008 at 10:56 pm

      what the? Clannad episode 19 will be delayed for 1 week? AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

    2. 2 Nona February 14, 2008 at 11:46 pm

      Delay? BAWWWWWWW!!!!

    3. 3 Kaioshin Sama February 15, 2008 at 4:43 am

      That’s twice now. I guess that means it’s going to fall even further behind that other show there….that one….that I’m supposed to be….hold on a sec.

    4. 4 Longinus February 15, 2008 at 5:03 am

      I want to drink Kyou’s tears.

    5. 5 suu-chan February 16, 2008 at 2:59 am

      delayed?! no way…the time when we are in a good part…6 more eps…to go!!!…nagisa!

    6. 6 Owaranai Destiny February 16, 2008 at 4:16 am

      I should be ditching this habit of posting on various anime blogs soon…^^”

      Anyway, a pretty straightforward summary. Feel sad for the twins and Tomoyo, but unfortunately, life goes on for Tomoya.

    7. 7 noob1 February 24, 2008 at 5:51 pm

      this episode was awesome, i loved it. tomoya is starting to finally realize his feelings for nagisa-chan. funny, happy and kinda sad episode~ clannad is a ‘new’ type of harem? series where the main char isn’t a total dweeb, coward, perverted and lacks common sense.

      tomoya also feels that he shouldn’t have a girl friend because of his family, and that he is a ‘deliquent’. tomoya is quite a reserved fellow and very down to earth.

      just my opinion.

    8. 8 X-Treme Carpet Cleaning June 9, 2011 at 4:21 pm

      wow i didn’t see that coming!

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    12. 12 Diogo October 4, 2013 at 12:33 am

      i am loving this anime! i just have on doubt about this episode though, so whoever has the patience, please explain this to me : why are the twins crying in the end? probably sounds like a dumb question but i really didnt get it :3, thanks in advance

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