CLANNAD, Episode 17

After this incredible basket ball match, the drama club was able to get a compromise with the choir club. However, Nagisa will be struck by her fever. During her absence, many girls are taking this opportunity to win over Tomoya!


CLANNAD, Episode 17:

Desolate Atmosphere

The drama club efforts gave fruits: Sugisaka and Rie explain to them that they could get a compromise and they will share koumura’s supervising.
As the drama club members talk each other about this victory, Nagisa has unfortunately bad news from the student council which doesn’t approve such situation. As they are quite struck by this ridiculous point, Nagisa collapses due of her fever.

    The group brought Nagisa to the bakery, and Nagisa is resting in her bed. As they are parting, Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi are worried about her, but Kyou also talk about the fate of the drama club, now that their president is taken down. Meanwhile, Tomoya is very depressed, remembering that Akio thanked him to have saved his daughter a second time, but Tomoya can’t accept that, as he couldn’t do anything.

      It is early in the morning, and a very familiar voice is waking up Tomoya. The said person opens the curtains. Tomoya is shocked to see Tomoyo in his room, waking him up! She doesn’t want him to be late, but her explanations are a bit discarding his own opinion. Tomoyo assures him she didn’t barge in, as his father let her come in. This mere mentions is giving some “lifeless” behaviour to tomoya.

        Tomoya is dragged by Tomoyo by the arm in their way for school. As he wants her to release him, Tomoyo argues that if she does he will run away. Tomoya tries to lure her out, saying someone else is about to be late…
        The poor other soul is no one else than Youhei, who is completely taken off guard, seeing Tomoyo in his very room.
        Tomoyo is very impressed to see Youhei’s room so clean, but she then notices a magazine under his bed. Youhei is flipping and snatch the magazine from her, but she figured it is a ero mag. Tomoyo’s nonchalant speech about it is normal for a guy is freaking him out.

          At school, Tomoyo is glad they could make in time and leave them out for her class.
          The 2 guys are kinda exhausted after this forced dragging. As Tomoya barely has the time to recover, Kyou asks him to spend his lunch break with her and Ryou.

            At lunchbreak, the fujibayashi twins have a bento prepared for this, and Ryou explains Kyou prepared the bento quite early and she was very fired up with that. Tomoya tastes a lil bit and is surprised it is delicious, relieving Kyou. Botan is also having his share.
            Suddenly, Kyou asks them to be closer, taking both off guard. Ryou can’t help but flustering and blushing. Kyou is playing “dumb”, saying they are quite a match, asking botan to confirm that. Tomoya doesn’t grasp the situation while Ryou is smoking literally!As they are discussing a bit, some guy is giving a speech about the student council election in the background. Kyou asks Tomoya if he has some project for his future. Kyou explains she want to be a kindergarten teacher, while Ryou will be a nurse.

            After lunch break, Tomoya thanks for the treat, while Kyou says that Ryou will do the next bento tomorrow, so he gotta look forward it. Kyou tries to push Ryou in the offensive, but Ryou wonders if it is alright, as she feels bad for Nagisa about this. Kyou argues that it isn’t like Nagisa and Tomoya were going out, Hence she shouldn’t restraint herself, but Ryou stays silent. Kyou adds that on the other hand, Tomoyo might snatch Tomoya away at this rate, so Kyou wonders if it is okay like this. Ryou is still silent, facing Kyou. The bell rings, and Kyou is a bit annoyed, going to her classroom. Ryou is sorry and apologizes as she already left.

              Youhei is hanging out with Tomoya, ranting how it is boring without Nagisa. Tomoya want to have some break, so Youhei wonders if he really doesn’t go out with nagisa.
              Tomoya repeats he isn’t going out with anyone, and Tomoyo arrives from nowhere, asking “why”. Obviously, the 2 boys are taken off guard completely. Tomoya wonders what about this “why” and tomoyo refers to his “not going out with anyone”. Tomoya explains it wouldn’t be good considering his delinquent nature and his irresponsible father. Tomoyo wonders about it, as she believe his father was kind. Then she asks if they shouldn’t go back home together, which make Tomoya ranting about it.
              Weirdly, Youhei leaves his shock pose and agrees with Tomoyo. Tomoyo complains she didn’t invite him, but Youhei counters her, saying he is always with Tomoya, so she has to bear with him.
              In the background, Kyou and Ryou were running, but they notice the scene. Kyou is annoyed as they were too late.

                The trio is on their way, but on a very suspcious path. They bump on some delinquents who recognize Tomoyo and run away. Tomoyo figured out that Youhei knows that this place is somewhere she would like to avoid. More guys hang around and run away at the sight of Tomoyo. Tomoya quickly grabs Youhei , asking the meaning of this. Youhei is having “fun”, while Tomoyo asks him to finish his business here. Tomoya says they will go to a special café, which troubles youhei’s plan. However, Tomoya explains him that it is already enough and if he wants to go on, Tomoya will expose his plan to her, which is the last thing youhei would wish for. As they are drinking, Tomoya is covering Youhei to the point that it is HIS treat, to celebrate their “friendship”. Tomoyo is happy with that, while Youhei is crying.
                Afterwards, they are around the dormitory and Youhei goes home, depressed. Tomoyo thanks Tomoya for before, as he saved her from this predicament. Tomoya is still modest. Tomoyo then says it is quite fun to hang around with them. At the end, they are parting.

                  At night, Tomoya walks around the bakery, and gaze towards Nagisa’s room, enlight. Bearing a sad expression, he goes home.

                    Next morning, Tomoya is again greeted by Tomoyo, but he is completely tired. Tomoyo tries to wake him up by pinching his cheecks. Tomoya finally snaps out, and wonders if she will come everyday… Tomoyo triumply confirms that.
                    Same goes for Youhei.

                      Youhei is annoyed and reminds her that he is her senpai. Tomoyo is of course surprised to see Youhei “caring” about that, and the blonde delinquent insists on it though he then demonstrates a lecherous interest in her body. Tomoyo doesn’t care much and tells him that with appropriate words, she will let him touch her. Youhei is obviously baited by that and begged her to allow him to do so. Tomoyo is happy with that, took his arm, which is also part of her body.
                      Youhei is grumpy and can’t stand her mockery, hence he is jumping at her. Obviously, Tomoyo kicks him to death before he is able to lay one finger on her.

                        Tomoya joins Kyou, Ryou and Botan for lunch. As promised, this time, Ryou made it by herself and everyone is about to dig in, but Botan snatches out something and goes away with it. As he is eating it, he freaks out and collapses, motionless. Tomoya is taken aback, while both ryou and kyou have a face reading “as expected…”.Ryou apologizes to both of them, but Tomoya is okay as the spring rolls turned out to be fine. Ryou is relieved and blushes, while Kyou is happy with this scene. Botan snaps out of his death state, and Kyou will go somewhere with him, to check him up, leaving the other 2 alone.

                          Tomoya is in the drama club room, alone, quite depressed. He has some flashback, about Nagisa, retracing their ordeal from their meeting at the drama club room. After this little sequence, Tomoya notices some pieces of chalk at the black board and decides to write something. Day duty: Furukawa Nagisa.

                            Tomoya spends his time with Yukine, and she asks him if he has something in his mind. Yukine then shows him an interesting book, trying to cheer him up with a spell. Tomoya is trying put a 10 yen coin vertically. Yukine instructs him to put another coin on it, which looks impossible. However, Yukine explains it is what the book instruct to do. Tomoya is giving it a try and succeeds. Tomoya then recites thrice a casting aria. Yukine then explains that this spell will make him confined with another girl, so he has to think about one now.
                            Tomoya think first about Nagisa, but since she is resting, he then switch with Kyou. He believes that with Kyou, it will be alright. As result of this, the 2 coins fall down, confirming the “spell”. Yukine then explains how to break this spell.

                              Afterwards, he asks her about the student council, and she talks about the election. Tomoya remembers about it and sees the candidates posters on a board, where Tomoyo’s is pinned as well.
                              Tomoya believes that if Tomoyo is elected, she might help tomoya and nagisa for the drama club, hence he wishes Nagisa to come back soon, as he has good news for her.

                                Then, he notices a ball rolling. Kyou asks him for help as she has tons balls to put in the gym storeroom. Meanwhile, Mitsui notices the door open and wonders if anyone let it open, she then closes it.
                                Kyou tries to open the door, but it is stuck! Kyou wonders if someone didn’t lock the door. Tomoya freaks out and flately apologizes to her, leaving her clueless.
                                Kyou then blushes, thinking it was tomoya’s scheme, and wonders for what purpose!

                                  Tomoya of course denies it, but Kyou then trips as she is moving backward. Her pose is kinda… hot XD. Kyou is curled up, saying they can’t do that, and she talks about Ryou as well, despite blushing and flustered!
                                  Tomoya tries to stop the weird situation, but Kyou then sits down, talking about how it is normal for a guy, and she is in her full deredere mode! (though she says she can’t betray Ryou).

                                    Tomoya can’t let it slip and begins to yell, saying it is not like that. He begins to explain a bit, which puts Kyou looking at him with pity. But he then mentions that he would be okay with kyou, which makes her blush again!
                                    Tomoya is helpless and wonders “crap… what’s that mood !?”. Kyou is still blushing and asks if he figured out why she is pushing him and Ryou to eat together. Tomoya answers he knows (not necessary the same reason XD), and Kyou asks despite this, why he is with her, which leaves tomoya with even more trouble to understand the situation.

                                      Kyou keeps her flustered pose, silent. This is very dangerous, and Tomoya begins to panick.
                                      Kyou then ask him if Ryou is a bother, but he answer negatively. Kyou is reassured, but Tomoya screams, finding back the solution and begins to untie his shirt. Kyou panicks and doesn’t get what he is doing, asking if he is serious, and Tomoya answer he is !
                                      Kyou reminds him about Ryou and she is COMPLETE dere, saying it is her first time. Tomoya is calm, pats her shoulders saying it is also his first time but he wants her to leave everything to him.
                                      Kyou is completely enchanted by her fantasies. XD

                                        Tomoya asks her to turns her back for a little while and she does it, quite intimidated. Tomoya is topless and begins to chant thrice the aria.
                                        As soon as he is done, the door is opened, while he is still in his pose, topless !
                                        A classmate of Kyou checked if she was there, since their teacher is looking for her. As she sees Kyou sitting on the ground, she wonders what she is doing. Kyou is speechless and says it is nothing, while tomoya could hide himself wiht his shirt, panting.

                                          Tomoya discusses a bit with Kyou. She tells him about her behaviour, wondering why she was like that and ask him to forget about it. Her classmate calls her out again, and Kyou leaves. As soon as she does, Tomoyo arrives and asks Tomoya to go home with her.

                                            As both Tomoy* discuss a bit, they are waited by bunch of delinquents from yesterday. They are like dozen, armed with some random weapons. Tomoyo asks him to stay back, but Tomoya doesn’t want to, especially it might be a big deal for her and her student council election. Tomoyo grits her teeth, saying it won’t be settled with words. Suddenly…
                                            Fuko does another apparition. Fuko is trying to perform her “starfish heat”, but it is obviously ineffective. Fuko leaves out, and Youhei arrives.

                                              Surprisingly he does a little speech and claims he is Tomoyo’s ally. Tomoyo is however merciless, saying he will be nothing but a bother. Obviously, Youhei is begging her to let him help her.
                                              The guys are pissed off and charge. Youhei decides to take the iniative, but he is kicked from behind by Tomoyo. As he is agonizing on the ground, repeating he is her ally, Tomoyo apologizes, speaking about habits and such XD.

                                                As they are fighting for a while, Tomoyo is assaulted by a bunch at once. However, they are interrupted by Oogami. The delinquents run away as result.
                                                As he arrives, Oogami asks what is the meaning of this, and gets very hostile at Tomoya, thinking it is his fault. Tomoyo is about to say it is hers, but Tomoya cuts her off, saying it is indeed him. Oogami is annoyed, ranting he isn’t surprised it is again Tomoya. Hence he assures him that he won’t be able to avoid sanction this time.



                                                  3 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 17”

                                                  1. 1 Shameful Otaku Secret! February 8, 2008 at 9:49 pm

                                                    I thought this was all over the place.

                                                    I have given them the benefit of the doubt for a while — but Tomoya is supposed to be such a delinquent yet all he seems to do is help people. Last week actually showed a little bit of his delinquent side, even if it was just mischievous stuff. Now he’s back to sacrificing himself, saying he can’t date because he’s no good for girls, etc. etc.

                                                    I’m displeased with the storage closet scene because I know that we’ll be asked to pretend we never saw it next week.

                                                    The one truly believable motivation of Tomoya is his lack of interest in Ryou: she’s all moe and no personality. Did anyone even bother writing her character beyond “Kyou’s sister?”

                                                    Oh well… I still will be waiting and watching next week.

                                                  2. 2 klashikari February 8, 2008 at 9:58 pm

                                                    There is a little misunderstanding here:
                                                    Delinquent is used in japan society for students/young people who don’t contribute to society.
                                                    Skipping classes/not participating to a school club are the most common reasons and they are viewed lowly, because they are not in the norms of society, hence they are eyesore.

                                                    Delinquents don’t mean they are punks, going in brawl with everyone etc. it is just a irregular and “rebellous” student, which can be violent or what not. Tomoya is a realist type of delinquent.

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