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The 2nd Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2008)

Did you folks think I would forget to do it this year?  Once again I’d like to welcome you all to the Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime, now in it’s second year of existence.  I came up with these awards because I noted that while most blogs have strictly flat out best of awards, I wanted to do something different, a mixture of award types that some might consider an honor, with awards of dubious or frankly irrelevant value, all of which are of course conjured up from little more then the depths of my old madness and personal favouritisms. 

Well the ADAIA are now in their second year and the rules remain the same, wherein I am the sole judge and for one day of the year all of my anal retentiveness gets set aside for the purposes of cutting loose on the best and most improbable achievements in anime that I have witnessed this year. 

That means no for the love of god no whining about the “results” please, if I don’t have your favourite whatever listed or I end up unintentionally insulting your favourite something or other then look at the title for these awards again and think about what that entails.  If you still don’t like what I’ve written  then by all means feel free to make your own counter-awards or to make the case for your cause, just don’t bitch at or try to insult me about this “ceremony” in the comments section or I will be forced to take action.  Yes it’s shallow and silly, that’s the point.  Okay?  Okay……let’s get this party started…. Continue reading ‘The 2nd Annual Awards For Dubious Achievements In Anime (2008)’


Tytania Episode 11 Mini-Review (Rescuing The Princess From The Dragon Or Something Along Those Lines)


The Most Interesting Aspect Of The Episode For Me When It Came To Fan’s Side Of The Story.  Holo-Cards, Wave Of The Future, Or Pure Science Fiction?  You Decide

Another episode that can be summed up pretty quickly.  Lira is of course captured (and I still couldn’t care less) and it’s all part of Idris’ no fail plan to gain some credit or failing that, cause his enemies to lose favour. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 11 Mini-Review (Rescuing The Princess From The Dragon Or Something Along Those Lines)’

Tytania Episode 10 Mini-Review (Sudden Romance Syndrome Or Double Mint Lira)


Hey…..Ahahaha….You Might Not Actually Be Lira, But Your Somehow Twice As Annoying…..Ahahaha….*Urge To Kill Rising*

Forming the second part of my mini-review triology is a certain episode entitled Collapse of Euria.  As one might expect this episode takes us back to Euria amid the chaos of a revolution brought on by the revelation that the mayor had made a secret deal with Tytania to spare Euria if they threw the battle.  You all remember right?  It’s the one that Fan was supposed to be the scapegoat for, the battle of Cerberus.  Well anyway the cats out of the bag and the parliament is all fired up meaning something has to change. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 10 Mini-Review (Sudden Romance Syndrome Or Double Mint Lira)’

Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)


She’s Off To See The Clan Lord, The Wondeful Clan Lord Of Tytania

Well the company has finally gone home and the holidays blown over, which means I have some catching up to do.  For the purposes of accomplishing that I’ve decided to do a couple of quicker looks at my backlog of Tytania episodes, so really quickly here is episode 09. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 09 Mini-Review (Follow The Red Fabric Carpet)’

Ga-Rei Zero episode 12 – End ~ Last paradise

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Get your tissues ready

In a nutshell, quite easily one of the best endings seen this autumn season and I am glad that they went out with a bang. Yomi has to be one of the biggest tragic characters of the year, Kagura being the most depressive (if you don’t consider a certain character from ef~ to be so).

Continue reading ‘Ga-Rei Zero episode 12 – End ~ Last paradise’

Mishizuma Strikes Back


……And The Demotivators Aren’t The Only Thing That Are Getting People Demotivated Where It’s Concerned Either

Okay, well demotivators have nothing to with it really, I just needed an opener.  What we’re….or rather Hajime Yatate is talking about is the negativity in online communities, you know the variety I like to mention from time to time.  Don’t take it from me though since apparently I don’t actually need to try and speak for Gundam’s producers anymore and am sick of playing the Superior Defender role anyway, take it from the director himself who has taken the task of defending his teams work upon himself  by checking out the comments he made in an interview with Dengeki Business Online. 

Sankaku Complex the unofficial hub of all things Japanese (including the unsettling underground aspect of the culture) was courteous enough to give us the low down on the interview where Mishizuma talked about the “knee-jerk reactions” against Gundam 00 that you often find on the internet that are (were?) getting the staff down a little and demotivating their efforts.  Though I have to wonder, if the latest episodes have been the result of low morale efforts then I can only wonder at what high morale Gundam 00 is like.  Mishizuma would do well to shut that stuff out from the offices so his team can work at full capacity, but I digress. Continue reading ‘Mishizuma Strikes Back’

Tales of Abyss episode 13 ~ Exiled from royalty, damned lies of a pope

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and that isn’t one of them…

Whow and am I ever late to write about this episode…or even watch it for that fact. But now that my stomach is full from that christmas dinner and most distractions have finally left I can start concentrating on getting caught up with back logged entries. First up it’s Tales and boy oh boy is the world ever a mess here. Seems like Mohs have managed to get his way with the king after Natalia and Co’s departure but I didn’t expect this…

Continue reading ‘Tales of Abyss episode 13 ~ Exiled from royalty, damned lies of a pope’

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