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Kodomo No Jikan Period 36

Hooray For Misleading Title Cards That Have Nothing To Do With The Actual Chapter

We start this chapter from where 35 left off and Aoki is pondering to Shirai is pondering how she has come to like Aoki for being a good man.  Meanwhile Aoki has launched into a tirade about the school board and how he feels it’s an injustice to be called before them merely for looking out for his students best interests.  Things get fiery when Shirai gives him a slap. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 36’

Barack, Hillary, John….What The Hell Are You Guys Doing?

Now Canada has had it’s questionable political campaign TV spots.  I think everyone remembers the old Progressive Conservative Parties shot at Jean Chretien for what they saw as broken campaign promises that was called “Jean Chretien’s Red Book Boogie” and was played up like a corny CD Album advertisement.  How about Stockwell Day’s old spots that tried desperately to play him up as some sort of down home family values sort of guy and featured him ice skating on a lake with his wife and kids when to our horror the camera zoomed in right under his legs.  Well step aside Canada because once again the U.S has beaten you in showmanship.  Why do I say this….well let’s just say I’ve just witnessed what may be the corniest, cheesiest most desperate plea for votes in the history of modern national level politics.  And here it is: Continue reading ‘Barack, Hillary, John….What The Hell Are You Guys Doing?’

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