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Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 3 ~ Maido Lovu!?

*cough* credit goes to Klash for the cheesy Title. And here comes another helping fof Kamen maid guy. This week, we tackle a more important problem for Naeka which had to come sooner or later; the subject of love (or lack of) in her life. Well, don’t expect much of a summary (seen as I hardly do them on time in anyway) but here are some nice screencaps instead ^^

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This makes Higurashi look like…*gets gagged*

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Two Great Licenses, One Company And One Hell Of A Steal

So by now many probably know about the whole Gundam 00 and Gurren Lagann licensing by Bandai Entertainment, and if not then they do now.    If you go here you can see a page with two links to “Something Awesome” and “Something Incredible”, but unfortunately nothing to “Something Awful”.  Great website that last one by the way.  Anyways, Something Awesome takes you to the information on Gundam 00’s license and Something Incredible takes you to Gurren Laganns.  I find the later particularly amusing because this is the second time ADV has had a popular series stolen out from under them, the last being Funimations quick move to snatch up the Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid license.  This one was arguably even bolder though as ADV had already announced the license, then did nothing and now it’s in the hands of Bandai Entertainment.  Of course Gundam 00 was a given and it was only a matter of time before it made it to North America, but the latter one is hilarious.   Continue reading ‘Two Great Licenses, One Company And One Hell Of A Steal’

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