ChäoS;HEad, Episode 5

After an unexpected confrontation against Shogun, Takumi is literally in despair. However, despite his distrust harbored to her, Rimi was able to support him, and ultimately, make Takumi to reconsider his thoughts about her, being a “demon girl”.
As he has more or less overcome the situation, he is also getting more and more clues about the Di-Swords.


Takumi has a weird dream about Rimi. He is suddenly awakened by Seira. Fed up with his slow awakening, she draws out her huge spiked club, Samurai Condenser.
Taku plainly stretches wide his arms and greets her good morning. Dressing up for school, Taku is wondering about this dream.

*thumb up* I was afraid they could skip this point but they didn’t. This will be very relevant to the story much much later.
Meanwhile… errr, why Seira has her previous outfit…?
And speaking of her… what the hell are these proportions? Her head looks retardly tiny compared to the rest of her body in the third cap.

Sena is standing in a crowded place, eating another of her favorite ice pop. Listening to the people’s thoughts, she gets irritated and leaves.

Kozue is going upstairs but trips miserably while Takumi was passing by. He doesn’t pay much attention to her and Kozue is bleeding slightly. Curious about her demeanor, Taku observes her a she is pulling a gerofrog bandaid. She then turns her head and notices him. Bewildered by her crying face, Takumi leaves.

Game scene and it gives a straight and early “introduction” to her demeanor.
I wonder how many people will be surprised later about her, fufufufu.

Daisuke tells another gossip: this time, it seems he and Rimi were able to eavesdrop some discussion of 2 police detectives at the principal’s office. Switching the topic then, Daisuke mentions about Kozue, but her name doesn’t ring him a bell. Upon hearing about her being transferred last week, Taku figured out it was that girl at the stairs.
Speaking of the devil she arrives in the class and both Daisuke and Rimi notice her state. Daisuke, being the usual womanizer goes checking her, while Rimi is still concerned about Taku’s weird behaviour at the crosswalk the day before last.
Suddenly, Kozue is next to Taku’s desk and has a crying expression, stunning Taku in the process. She is actually giving a gerofrog bandaid to him, but she is still bearing such expression. Trying to ease the mood, Rimi pats Taku’s head, claiming that he is pretty shy and always averts his eyes from people’s.

I’m more concerned that they show Rimi more like a “friend” than a very close and caring girl here. Well she is easygoing and all, but she seems rather on the friend side here, while she would “normally” go more affectionate/concerned about him.

On his way to the cyber café, Takumi notices from afar a Di-Sword, obviously Sena’s. Hiding himself behind a UFO catcher, Taku wonders where she bought hers and tails her.

Nanami is playing Tennis during the P.E lesson, but she is so hungry that she suddenly sees a fishburger instead of the ball. Not expecting this, she misses her service and falls flately.

I don’t exactly see the relevance of such scene, but it is actually amusing to see Nanami fancying about fast food so much.

Takumi lost track of Sena. However he suddenly notices a chain on the ground. Curious about it, he is following it and ends up in a empty railroad car in front of the station, where Sena was waiting for him.
Frightening that this might be a trap, Takumi tries to run away, but the doors suddenly close by themselves. Due to the lack of enmity from Sena, Taku approaches her. Sena asks him where is the “error”, but he is completely clueless about what she is talking about.
Realizing that he wasn’t coming for that, Sena wonders who he is and suddenly talks about the perception of the world by the human brain, merely a result of electric signal by the nerves. Consequently, if it is possible to convert images from a camera into nerve pulses, one would be able to control people’s five senses and by such extent, their will as well, in theory.
Upon hearing this, Takumi can’t help but get scared by her thoughts, even thinking these are delusions even more crazy than his or Yua’s.
Sena then tells him that the world is corrupted and that some people wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice others for their own benefit. Leaving the place, Sena tells him the world isn’t perfect and wonders if the one he sees is the real one.

One thing to say: the animators don’t know jack about perpective for the legs…
That said, they didn’t skip anything important for Sena’s lecture. It is ironic that she was originally saying all of this suddenly in the game as well, so the scene is meant to confuse Takumi and the readers, stirring a “what the hell is she talking about?”.
Note that what she says makes sense, though of course, in reality, it is borderline impossible for the time being. But this discussion is extremely relevant to what’s going on.

Yua is trying her best to type a proper e-mail to Takumi in order to have another discussion with him, face to face, tomorrow at 7PM. She has the courage to send it after scrapping again her message before.
On his side, Takumi is obviously not expecting anything good with her, and as suggested by Seira, he is going to lurk in the room 37.
The very next day, Takumi is indeed waiting in the cyber café, and it is already past 8PM. Taku has the resolve to stay there overnight so he would be safe, however…

Yua outwitted his strategy and barges in the room, silencing him right from the bat. Using her usual deranged and repeating pattern, Yua forces him to remain silent and he has no choice but nods.
Yua is reverting to her normal self and apologizes for her rough approach. She is again begging him to stop killing people, bringing again the identity disorder. She admits she wanted to make the police get him and should she fail, she would have taken care of him personally.
However, she admits she also understand his position and pain so she would like to bring him to the hospital and help him.
Takumi is speechless and believes Yua has far worse delusions than himself, though after pondering a bit, he is not confident about himself. But in the end, he believes it is ridiculous and concludes she is his enemy.
Takumi incapacitates her and tries to run away, but Yua grips his pants, asking him to wait. Hetare as he is, Taku is running away.

Ugly arm quality is ugly. Well, that’s nothing new I guess…
It is amusing how Yua looks so physically strong compared to Takumi: yeah, he is a sissy, but she almost slamed him with one arm only XD.
I can’t help but laugh at Taku’s expression in the fourth cap… it looks so wrong in the context that it might rather fit a comedy portion instead.
Once again, they adapted the original game scene here and they didn’t screw with the mood I think (especially the unexpected intrusion).

Exhausted by the mad run, Taku is trying to get his breath at the park, but he notices a eerie atmsophere. Then he sees Yua who is pointing him to a policeman.
Cursing her, Takumi is running for his life, desperately trying to flee from his pursuers, refuing to be set in jail for 10 years or more.
Trying to rest a bit, he is then assisted by Ayase.

They could have polished the mood a bit better: there were supposed to have more people in the park and even Takumi notice something wrong, then only they make their move once Yua arrives. The “army of dead” like scene is a bit weird as the park seemed pretty void of people so.

Both run towards the subway and they are resting a bit. Having a closer look to Ayase’s assets, Takumi is imagining her in a racing swimsuit and even with the usual otaku fetish: a school swimsuit. Back to reality, Ayase asks him who was chasing him and she figured out that it was the police.  She is in the very same case because of the lyrics of her songs and was always interrogated because of such coincidence. As she is asking the reason, Takumi explains he was being framed as the New Gene culprit by Yua. As he claims he didn’t kill anyone, Ayase suddenly says that it must be the guidance of god or something. Clueless about her random stuff, Takumi however reacts again when she tells him to find his sword as soon as possible. Of course, she tells him that his was a fake, a mere toy. Desperate, Taku begs her to tell him how to get the Di-Sword. After a long silence, Ayase then “breaks the scenery” and draws out her Di-Sword from the nether or something.
She explains the Di-Sword is made of grief and is meant to be another possibility in the same dimension, so basically a delusion. Unable to believe that revelation, Takumi is asked to turn around, and sees “another” Ayase in a school swimsuit. Flustered by such bizarre situation, he apologizes and Ayase tells him it is the delusion he wished for.

They certainly decided to be very faithful in this episode.
Well, I was expecting a close up for Ayase and her Di-Sword, but bah…
Interestingly enough, this scene indirectly explains what happened at the concert.

At the same time, Ban and Suwa are investigating again the crime scene of the staking incident. Suwa believes they should rather tail Takumi, but Ban notices the elliptical shape of Suwa’s pendulum, which was the result he was expecting for.
He then asks to Suwa why Shibuya manages to attract so many young people. While Ayase, coincidentally asking the same question to Takumi, believes that it is the will of a higher existence, Ban brings up the fact that the gravity is unbalanced in certain locations in Shibuya, which is called GE-rate. Suwa wonders what it has anything to do with his senpai’s previous question. Ban explains that human and gravity are connected so a certain extent: biorythms are affected by the moon. From there, Ban believes that if all teens are subconsciously attracted by Shibuya due to this, that would be a reason why they are gathering massively over there.
Still, it doesn’t exactly ties well with the murders cases, but Ban asks Suwa what would be the conclusion if all New gene cases had happened on locations with abnormal GE rates. Suwa obviously figured out that it would allow them to predict the possible locations of the next cases. However, this will only be applicable if their researchs are confirming such hypothesis.

That is really a sharp contrast to my usual ramblings, but once again, they weren’t frugal with explanations (they WERE necessary anyway). It is the start of the “parallel plot”, which will have a heavy repercussion on Takumi’s side.

Takumi begs again Ayase how to find the Di-Sword, but it is something that cannot be taught. Ayase doesn’t know actually how to get it, but only those who have the power can see them. Takumi is trying to figure what to do with Ayase’s information, but it is no good.
She then introduces herself properly and asks Taku’s name, and then leaves.

Taku really wants to skip steps to get his Di-Sword heh. Actually, it is actually surprising he isn’t even trying to imagining a delusion of a random Di-Sword… So desperate that he bought a toy, yet he isn’t even trying the thing he is the best at XD

Back at his base, Takumi has received a mail from Grim. Once again, Grim found out another interesting piece about the New Gene culprit and sends Takumi a link to a streaming video of the group dive case (1st New Gene case).
Takumi hesitates as it might finally confirm if he is the culprit or not. Facing what Yua said before, he brushes it off and click on the link.
He is stunned to see the “future” victims in a complete erratic and sobbing state. Taku can’t help but beg them to stop, but they are then holding each other’s hands near the edge of the building. But right before the jump, one of them faces the camera, muttering the rampant phrase “whose eyes are those”.
Once again, Taku is freaked out by that occurence and goes all depressed after watching the video. However, something popped in his mind and as he replays it, he notices a weird sound. Judging it with the camera angle, he is certain that Shogun did that.

They kinda toned down Taku’s reactions but it wasn’t really a problem here, in comparison with the Vampyre case.
That is to say, I would give them some credits for the foreshadowing elements they have put here: I’m sure lots of people saw something noteworthy in the group dive video. If you really don’t know what I’m talking about, the second cap says it all.
That hint is quite big actually.




Overal Thoughts:

Once again, my apologies for such late entry: I was really busy with IRL matters and was waiting for M33w release.
Well, this will be a totally different rambling: they did a fair job in this episode, that is not something I would deny. Even if they still went awkward with the quality and the lack of “tension” (except Yua’s scene), they managed to keep the essence and the reasonable and useful explanations (these are critical to get a proper understanding later on, especially Sena and Ban’s, as they bridge many points altogether). No wonder why I didn’t use any white trigger for this article.

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  1. 1 annabelle Goldsby November 16, 2008 at 10:32 am

    hello i see you blog very nice and i think you feture better post

  2. 2 keikakudoori November 19, 2008 at 3:13 am

    I wish Yua would get more screen time. She’s just too awesome for the little amount of screen time she gets in the anime.

  3. 3 Mujaki November 19, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Excellent. Thank you for the comparisons, this makes the show even more fun, I’m enjoying the history and info about its game roots.

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