Katsuki was unable to tell properly to Misae about Igaarashi and various worries ensue. However, Misae will stay strong and despite how awkward both of them were interacting at first, Katsuki and Misae will share a bond that even reality would fail to sever.


Katsuki is still waiting for Misae at the school gate. Upon Saki and Yuki’s arrival, he is worried to see that Misae is nowhere. Both girls tell him that Misae won’t come, as she told them through a phone call that she has a cold.
Obviously knowing what’s going on, Katsuki is depressed. Saki and Yuki figure out that Misae was dumped by Igaarashi but believe that Katsuki would be a better match for her. So they will call her out to the park later which will permit him to comfort her.

Misae is indeed waiting at the park, and Katsuki joins her soon enough. Trying to comfort her through Saki and Yuki’s guidance, Katsuki is however punished for his foolish “cheering” comforting attempts.
Katsuki can’t help but apologize, thinking he is at fault somehow, but Misae assures him it is not the case, and wonders if he is taking his chance. Obviously, Katsuki never thought of such thing and Misae wasn’t expecting otherwise either as he was just returning the favor. However, Katsuki cuts her thinking short, downright confessing to her.

Still together on the bench, Misae asks him what’s good about her and Katsuki tells her that he likes the way she scolds, worries and also her scent.

As expected, Shima is way too pure and goes through all the troubles and embarassement when saying such stuff ^^”.
I must say this “confession scene” was really unconventional, yet very effective nevertheless: it doesn’t take have to be the usual “I have something to tell you” and things go as simple as it is, which fits well their relationship.

I would however complain that the scene feels a bit too off with that BGM. I understand this was also used in the original game, but the same syndrome is applied here: it is a bit out of place or pushing a bit the drama while Misae is kinda “fine” here.

Afterschool, Saki and Yuki are inviting Misae to check a new ice cream shop, but the later declines the invitation as Katsuki is waiting for her so she doesn’t want to let him alone, pretending she would feel sorry otherwise.
As they are walking, Misae tells him that she became the student council president and she mentions the autumn festival that will occur soon. So she is wondering if he would like to come with her if he doesn’t have any plan. Naturally, Katsuki is looking forwards to it.

Blooming two sided romance incoming. I was actually expecting Saki and Yuki meddling about the future couple, but I guess their playful side will show up later

Another day, Yuki and Saki tells to Katsuki that Misae is busy with her duty as the student council president, hence she will be late. He is quite curious how it would be and this sparks a “nice idea” to both girls.
He is then invading the school… crossdressed so cutely that Yuki rants about that.
On their way, they are distracted by a loud singer who is no one else but Yushino Yuusuke during his high school life, quite the lady killer.
As they are observing the situation, a guy shows up and instantly hits on Katsuki. Saki tries to make him give up while Yuki tells Katsuki to run away already.

Bwahahahahaha. I was wondering if they would be bold enough to do that, and… they DID it! No really, I’m not a trap lover at all, but Shima was helluva cute that it was really criminal (holy, okay as a guy, cute as a cat and hot/lovely as a girl… good lord XD). Main attraction with the conclusion of the arc, I tell ya!
And of course, this scene merits the brand line of Admiral Ackbar:

It’s a trap!

*Ahem* that aside, they didn’t forget about our ROCK ‘N ROLL idol… That sure looks promising for his arc as well as they will obviously let Midorikawa Hikaru abuse his insane side (he has the knack in going all nutty). Too bad he was going all exagerated “ROCK ‘N ROLL” just like in the game XD

Katsuki manages to find “her” way to the student council room and is impressed by Misae’s work. He is however startled by a teacher, Kouko. Wondering if “she” is having some business with the student council, Kouko assures “her” that “she” can simply come in. Kazuki is losing his calm and unable to prevent kouko to call out Misae.
As she is coming, she notices how cute Katsuki-ko is, then tells “her” that if “she” has anything to ask or tell. Katsuki is completely lovestruck and tells her “she” would be glad to be always with her. Misae is caught off guard by that while Kouko is wondering what kind of relationship “both girls” have. Katsuki realizes his blunder and runs away.

And speaking of Yuusuke, this little glimpse of Misae’s reunion is enough to hint what kind of troubles Yuusuke dealt to her when they were in their younger days. Ahh, to be young again.
And… “uber cuteness”, act 2. Fake yuri, but still great XD.
I’m amused how they changed Kouko’s reaction from shocked (game) into “interested” with her MILF gesture (hand on her cheek). Pretty much like the Yuri scene between Nagisa and Ryou in season 1 episode 4, it was damn hilarous and a major improvement from the game ^^

Saki and Yuki are laughing to their heart content, while Katsuki notices the charm as he is changing. As he remembers of his primary objective, Saki and Yuki would like to have fun at his place.

The trio are on their way to Katsuki’s house, but the later has hard time to figure where it is. As they arrive, Katsuki’s mother opens the door and asks them if they are Katsuki’s friends. Yuki and Saki cheerfuly confirm but strangely enough, Katsuki himself is completely in shock while “his” mother invites them to pick up an incense stick for Katsuki. Realizing the inconsistency, Katsuki realize he isn’t the real “Shima Katsuki” and runs away.

“Katsuki” is completely crushed while both Saki and Yuki are checking him up, wondering what’s going on. Even if they don’t know the details, both girls believe in him and still consider him as “Shima Katsuki”.

Alone on the bench, Katsuki remembered about Shima Katsuki, his most important person and the last wish he entrusted to him.

“Ayu’s effect” anyone? Well Shima probably doesn’t work totally like Ayu, obviously but it is pretty much a given that he isn’t as “Shima Katsuki” all the time considering the “house issue”.
Good to see the friendship touch with Yuki and Saki here: the situation is overly difficult to swallow for anyone, so such trust is sure welcomed.

At the autumn festival, Katsuki got late and joins Misae who was waiting for him. She obviously figured out that the girl this afternoon was Katsuki himself, though it wasn’t a bother especially it was certainly Yuki and Saki’s idea.

A little after having fun at the festival, Katsuki presents the charm to Misae, asking again her wish. However, they find out that the light that was supposed to grant the wish isn’t in the charm. That said, Misae doesn’t mind because the most important point is that they are together.
Katsuki insists it is important for him, and so, Misae finds an appropriate wish: she asks Katsuki to always love her. Stunned by this, he is crying to his heart content even if their time together was short.

Misae is wondering why he is crying but Katsuki simply apologises and thanks her from the bottom of his heart. Bewildered by this situation, Misae leaves to get some drink.

Totally original, and yet more romantic and touching improvement, nice move, scripters (and sly (or rather good?) service from them to allow us to see Misae in her yukata). And yet, unlike the first part of this episode, the BGM used here is perfectly matching the mood: sweet happiness. Even if the watchers probably know it won’t turn well, I’m sure most of us would still consider this scene touching than rather “dramatic”, even if it is both.

As for the Light orb in the charm, this is kinda new and actually a nice follow: the orb was required to grant happiness to Misae through a wish, but that happiness was already done by Shima himself, as he could be with her as “Shima Katsuki”. So in a sense, the wish was granted beforehand (not cancelled out as Misae believe she doesn’t need it right now), so the orb effect was still effective.

As she is back with some cans, she is however surprised to be unable to find Katsuki around. Running through the crowd in the festival, she finds him but as she approaches, Katsuki tells her something she can’t hear at all. Suddenly he disappears in front of her eyes, greeting her his farewell and vowing to love her for the eternity.

And now, Key and their custom with the “bad end” on the face. Well, since the festival was original from the start, I’m glad they didn’t drag much about Shima’s disappearance. Originally, both were discussing about his crossdressed intrusion afterschool and Shima quickly brings again the fact about the wish. Exactly like the anime, Misae asks him to love her eternally. But the next day and onwards, he doesn’t show up anymore. I think this kind of separation is more painful but also less “meaningful” compared here: at least, Misae understood Shima disappeared because of some circumstances that are abnormal etc, while she is really in the dark in the game.
In any case, it wasn’t any melo/pushy drama which was certainly the best for Misae’s route: it isn’t about a sad love at all, or it would miss entirely the message behind it.

Some time later, Misae came back to school and is taking care of the male dorm. Discussing with Saki through the phone, Misae didn’t forget about Katsuki though it isn’t exactly a matter she can help about. She wishes to meet her and Yuki again then cuts the call.
Noticing the cat around, she comments how it caught up, wondering if it wants to be with her that badly. The cat is seemly confirming that, which left some impression of fairy tale to Misae. As the cat is really interacting with her, she comments how strange he is.

This part is however a bit questionable: until people do take notice of what Misae says, it would make her interaction with kitty Shima harder to grasps.
In the game, when “human” Shima disappeared, a cat was always following Misae afterschool etc. Then when she came back for the male dorm, she is surprised to see the cat waiting for her again. This is actually why she tells to him now that he caught up, and why she mentioned a “fairy tale”: the cat was always waiting for her, hence why she can conclude he really likes her, despite she has no specific love for cats.
The symbolism is lost a bit, but I guess the episode is already that cramped so heh.

Tomoya is still dozed off and awakens thanks to Nagisa. It is almost 10PM already, so it is back to go home.
As Nagisa is still discussing with Misae, Tomoya “discusses” with the cat, wondering about the dream he showed to Tomoya.

The next day, lots of people are attending the festival. Nagisa is still wondering what’s going on with Tomoya, as he seems to be thinking ever since last night. Tomoya is still wondering how he would tell “that” to Misae, leaving Nagisa completely clueless about that matter.
Suddenly, Misae’s cat join them, and soon enough, Misae herself who was chasing after it. Nagisa wonders if they intended to go to the festival, but the cat just ran out all of a sudden and she didn’t have much choice but to go after him.

And this time, the cat struggles from Nagisa’s arms and goes somewhere again.

Guaaah… I said that I liked how they animated Shima last week and even before? Well again, that thing screams “PET ME!” XD.
Kitty aside, again they really don’t want to leave the “life cohesion” in the clannadverse, seeing the Fujibayashi twins with Kotomi, Rie and her friends (AND the guy who asked guidance from Misae!) and Yukine. Yep, more details is never bad ^^

Misae tries to reach him, but Tomoya begins to tell her that “he” wanted to come with her to the festival a long time ago. He further explains that he felt like “he” spoke to him while he was dreaming.
Katsuki apologized that he could stay with her to the end of the festival. Misae is struck by that and asks Tomoya if there was anything else. He tells her that Katsuki stayed with her all the time as she wished.

Even if she didn’t make a date with a cat before, she tells to katsuki that they will have fun today.
Tomoya adds that Katsuki wanted her happiness and that he worries about her. Admitting it is certainly his style, Misae is fine with this and feels she would go more onwards from now on.

Nothing climatic, yet very very poignant. Well it is certainly a “weird romance” now as Shima is a cat after all. But the symbolism here is quite meaningful I believe. This is even more evocative with Misae speaking about herself blooming.
And again… more cuty kitty animation

Pretty much like Fuuko’s arc, they showed quite blatantly the light orb. I hope this will give you some food for thought, for those who didn’t play the game ^^
This epilogue is again an improvement: mere words are indeed effective, but showing Shima’s path was much better. As usual, this simple BGM evoke the fuzzy warm feeling, and this is certainly giving the touch for Misae’s route.




Overal Thoughts:

Misae’s route was the shortest route in Clannad. Not the best, but certainly not void of good material and all. Although I was fine with it originally, the adaptation was splendid, really.
Touching, yet simple and not overly corny, it gives a really interesting mood but also many food for thoughts with its various details, tieing with other routes as well.

Even if tis arc looked quite secluded and stand alone compared to the rest, I believe it is still a piece that should be kept for the whole mood and progression of this franchise.
Well well, next week, it will be Yukine’s route, which is probably the one of the best non main route, if not the best one, seriously. Look forwards to it!

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  1. 1 Myssa Rei November 10, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    I think it’s just right for me to think that many of the scenes in this little sub-arc feel more poignant, by the mere fact that, well, we actually SEE Shima, instead of just playing through his (or Tomoya’s) eyes in the game. Still, the episode wasn’t perfect — the initial scene with Misae’s mood swings felt out of place due to the serious BGM — but it went pretty well for the adaptation.

  2. 2 Roland November 10, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    very touching epi.

    kinda, inconclusive.. oh well… 😛

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    This episode made me angry… He comes into her life, makes her love him and then he just leaves her? Fucking logic.

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